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Episode 293 – Unregistered Version – 3/19/2015

This week, Will, Norm, and Jeremy discuss the Carbon 3D printer, Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming, Apple’s plan for Watch sales, Windows 10 release details, Sony’s Vue over-the-top TV streaming service, and hints at the HTC Vive’s price. Enjoy!

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  1. what do you guys make of this update that microsoft issued?

    With Windows 10, although non-Genuine PCs may be able to upgrade to Windows 10, the upgrade will not change the genuine state of the license. Non-Genuine Windows is not published by Microsoft. It is not properly licensed, or supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. If a device was considered non-genuine or mislicensed prior to the upgrade, that device will continue to be considered non-genuine or mislicensed after the upgrade.


    Sounds to me like pirates will be able to upgrade to windows 10, but will then be forced to pay for it to actually work.

  2. Just wanted to clarify how the Carbon3d printer works. The information on their website is pretty confusing, but the paper they published in Science clarifies a lot (I can send it to you guys if you want). The way a normal SLA printer works is that light from a laser or projector shines through a glass window into the resin. The resin that’s right on top of the glass solidifies in contact with the glass. That resin would normally block the view, inhibiting the printer’s ability to print the next layer. What today’s SLA printers do to combat this is they have a peel step, which takes the layer off of the glass.

    Carbon3d’s inovation is to use oxygen to get rid of the peel step, allowing for continuous printing. As Norm said, they use a transparent membrane that is permeable to oxygen. But they don’t have spatial control over that oxygen flow, only a broad control of the total amount of oxygen that’s flowing into the resin. This oxygen inhibits the photo reaction, creating what the company calls a “dead zone” of resin right above the membrane. Whenever a new layer of the print is exposed, the printer can simply lift the whole print 1 layer height straight up, and new liquid resin will flow in to replace that space.

    Regarding resolution, in the paper they demonstrated 1 micron z resolution, and it seemed like it was limited by the physical properties of the resin itself. But z resolution is “easy” for SLA. The challenging part is x and y resolution. If you use a DLP, your resolution is the size of the print bed divided by the number of pixels (so if you have a 100mm x 100mm print bed and a 1000×1000 pixel DLP, you get 100 micro resolution). I’m not sure what kinds of resolution you can achieve with lasers. Anyways, exciting stuff and it seems simple enough that I was considering building one myself so I’m nowhere near as skeptical about it as Will is.

  3. I’m having trouble editing my comment. I just wanted to add that as far as I understand this processes will work with all the currently available SLA resins.

  4. Everything norm is saying about Netflix picking up bad shows is completely wrong. NBC has a record of canceling showing to early and canceling shows before the pilot ever airs. Unbreakable kimmy is exactly like 30 Rock in every way, if you go into it with a pessimistic view like you do with most things then obviously you’ll just say you wont like it. Netlix also picked up Arrested Development years after it was canceled and it was one of the best decisions they’ve made.

  5. Also Im pretty sure the carbon3d printer is just using the oxygen to not get a layer like you have in normal SLA printers. Instead it slowly cures so as you are continually lifting the print bed the piece “grows” from the resin as apposed to printing layers like normal 3d printers. This is why they are saying it is a new technology. Also Im pretty sure they use DLP projectors as the light source the horizontal resolution, or thickness of print with nor FDM printing is what you worry about not the layer resolution because there are no layers. The precision then comes down to the DLP projector, if you’re using a 320×320 projector it will be terrible if you’re using a higher resolution its better. I think is correct about any resin being usable. The only thing they are changing is that the resin is not curing into a layer straight onto the bottom glass, its between on oxygen layer that inhibits curing so it slowly cures as the bed lifts.

  6. I suspect Valve will reuse an existing 2D laser barcode scanners, and do some kind of modulation of the laser or something. Large area photodiodes like used on the Valve prototype go for about 50-60c each. If you are buying a million (entirely reasonable number) you should be able to negotiate a discount.

  7. , did you not see the live print during the TED talk? You can’t possibly call that vapor, I was baffled! (Unless they just hung a printed piece there beforehand in which case it’s pure fraud)

  8. I toss all my boxes.

    For manuals, I usually keep mine as they don’t take up that much space. But, now I download the PDF and put it into Evernote along with all the other pertinent information. If I need something, I generally look there before trying to find the physical manual.

  9. also have said paper, its where I got the image from 😉 Mayhap something will fall off the truck in your general area…

  10. Wow, demo scene. I used to go to the university library and download all the winners onto floppy disks, and then spend all afternoon tweaking my autoexec.bat and config.sys to get my memory allocated correctly to run them.

    Future Crew!

  11. You guys were talking at AR books. I absolutely recommend this short story, To Hie From Far Cilenia by Karl Schroeder. It is part of the METAtropolis book which I also liked quite a bit.

  12. I actually do keep most of my boxes, I at least don’t throw them away instantly. For smaller items like phones, I pretty much keep them until I get rid of the phone. Maybe it doesn’t increase the resale value that much, but I do think that someone is more likely to buy my phone over another phone that isn’t including the original box. For some large items like will said, I do keep the box. An example of that is my TV. I do plan on moving, and when I do I’m going to love that I still have that box. Also for some items that don’t get everyday use, its nice to keep them in their boxes for storage.

    I also keep a handful of different size amazon boxes around. I periodically sell things or just need to ship stuff and having some of those (free) boxes is way better than having to pay $6 for one at the post office.

  13. to me, that looks like a case of bad internal communication.

    if their goal is to get high adoption rates early, and have a grab at those with pirated windows, the initial announcement was not only a smart move, but also pretty much the only move they could make. when targetting people whose OS didn’t cost a thing, they’ll have to compete with that price point, therefore they can’t really charge anything more than a nominal fee, if anything.

    the update looks like a competing plan by someone vehemently opposed to rewarding those who stole from them with a legit license.

    both concepts have their logic, but they are opposed to each other. thus my guess that different groups of people are responsible for the respective concepts, and the whole thing obviously wasn’t communicated well internally, or else there would be no backpedalling now.

  14. Let’s say I fell asleep while I was using a VR headset. What if I then start dreaming that I am using a VR headset inside of my dream? If I awoke from my dream, how would I know I was awake? My dream becomes literally identical to my waking life.

    What about in-world ads – is this a possibility for Blipverts (Max Hedroom) to become real? Facebook has already demonstrated it’s capability of performing psychological experiments on users without consent – and now it owns Oculus. If you start performing experiments on people while they are wearing a VR headset walking around their apartment, they could jump out a window?

  15. I suppose it can be optimized for the stage and it’s true that they always print the same object… but it still looked epic 🙂

  16. Tesla vs BMW: You guys tend to shorthand Tesla as a $100k car but that is not fair. The base Model S is an f’ing amazing car to own and drive and with the state and federal incentives starts at closer to $60k. So if you can live with a ~200 mile range instead of ~300 you can get one maxed out with all of the options you want for about $70k. That is not *that* far off from a loaded BMW i3 but IMHO a totally different level of car. Yes, everyone would love a new P85D but people seem to just forget that you can get 80% of the way there for half the price. (Base model real world 0-60 is about 5.2s btw and has the same amazing torque curve… plenty of fun to be had).

  17. I assume Will has done the math, but I’d be surprised if the BMW i3 makes any financial sense, even with his extensive driving. Like all electric cars. A $60k german car with expensive maintenance, when a $10k used honda fit would do the job just a fine? I can’t see it making any sense.

    Assuming the i3 cost zero to run that is $107,000 opportunity cost over 10 years, vs a $10k car and his $250/month gas cost is $61k.

    So $46,000 more for the BMW! Or likely one year of college for your child.. And he would lease?? Ohgodno

    I also note that it sounds like everyone in SF is extremely rich, at least the people on this podcast. Jeremy most be loaded; he buys everything! Same with Geary. I make decently into six figures and I wouldn’t spend half of what these do on toys

  18. Finally?! That beard was the rock of my existence!

    ‘s unkempt beard was the cornerstone of your life?! Really? Lol

  19. Hey, no judging! We all need something to model our lives after.

    Adams beard is a minor deity. Might have turn to it now that Wills beard is failing me in my time of need.

  20. Norm is incorrect about the Netflix show. Internal studios get turned down by their own network all the time. It doesn’t make Netflix look bad or less than any other network. Shows are always shopped around.

  21. Wow, demo scene. I used to go to the university library and download all the winners onto floppy disks, and then spend all afternoon tweaking my autoexec.bat and config.sys to get my memory allocated correctly to run them.

    Future Crew!

    was correct about the demo scene still being a big deal here in Finland (and Sweden). should consider taking a couple of days off in the summer and visiting Assembly. Take your family with you, and have a great vacation along side seeing some awesome demos and perhaps even participating yourself. (The weather is usually pretty great that time of the year.)

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