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Episode 292 – Optical Vaseline – 3/12/2015

This week, Will, Norm, Jeremy, and Gary discuss the latest in virtual reality from GDC and the news from Apple’s March 2015 event, including Apple Watch, the new MacBook, and Broadwell updates to the rest of the MacBook line.

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44 thoughts on “Episode 292 – Optical Vaseline – 3/12/2015

  1. I’m sorry guys, but as I see the success of the new MacBook so I think that the watch will be the first flap since the nineties. They showed a lot of good ideas, but watch that you need to charge two times a day. Because wifi or bluetooth will have to be turned on all the time. Of course, at the moment it’s just my speculation. Do I have a right we’ll find out after the premiere.

  2. wow, is it just me or is that sound really peaking out!? Its been like that for acouple of podcasts now. Thought id just see if its me or is anyone else finding this…It seems like most of you are speaking to close to the mics. I notice Garys mic is the best because he is backed away by 3 – 4 inches…I dunno…

  3. Apple just seem to be making the same products over and over in varying sizes with tiny iterations every year and pushing people to drop their “old” stuff and buy the new for fashions sake. The watch is just a crappier version of your phone with a strap, a nice outward sign that you’ve got too much money and are probably an easy target for a mugging.

    On the VR stuff could the lighthouses be used in a garden or yard?

  4. I paused the podcast to go and listen to Thomas the Tank Engine and I got lost in that magical world. This results in a really, really long podcast this week!

  5. All this VR talk makes me think about Johnny Mnemonic browsing the web in 3D and Sword art Online. MMO’s in VR are going to be awesome. VR could add so much to current technology. Great time to be alive.

  6. Coincidentally, I realized shooting this podcast that I could never handle Octobercast. That takes a special kind of stamina.

    I picked up a Johnny Mnemonic pinball machine recently and so finally watched the movie. There’s a pitiful amount of VR in that movie, but I liked what I saw.

  7. I went and checked out inkshares after this podcast and came across Gary’s book on their homepage. The only problem is that they misspelled his name. Gart Whitta!

  8. Listened to half the audio podcast today…One of your best yet! You guys have so much enthusiasm for VR that its become infectious! Can’t wait to run on my treadmill while on the Great Wall of China or along Kaanapali Beach!

    Lots of great tech out this week between apple’s new Macbook and the Pixel…I might not be able to justify the cost, but I do appreciate the engineering.

  9. Will – regarding Apple Watch security – my understanding is you enter some kind of security code when you put it on. Take it off your wrist and it’s locked.

  10. Correction for Norm: SteamVR is a Steam only API. Valve will also roll out the same API without the need for Steam


    Our SteamVR APIs are free to use and come with everything you love about Steam, but they can also be leveraged without it. We call this alternate version of our APIs OpenVR. OpenVR includes all the same great capabilities, minus Steam.


  11. Just my personal opinion but I don’t get the apple watch, it seems like an entirely stupid and unnecessary product to me.

  12. I watched the last Octobercast as it was being broadcast live, from start to finish. It nearly killed me! 😭😅

  13. Think about how when you walk with your eyes closed you cannot walk in a straight line. Adam and Jamie did a piece on it. Now imagine that the virtual space is warped or shifted just enough so that you don’t notice that you are walking in circles. That is how we can get a real holodeck with infinite movement in the real world.

  14. Did anyone else see that Jeremy said he was going to get more coffee, then come back with no coffee?

  15. I see the watch as something similar to the iPad where people will be okay buying one every 3 to 4 years rather than every year. The main reason, the cost. Asking people to spend $350+ (more like $550+) on a watch each year is ridiculous. Considering I can get two Android watches that look at least as good for the same price as a single Apple Watch is a major problem for Apple. The even bigger issue and sales decision though, the ridiculous cost of the bands. These aren’t handmade bands, so charging people up to $450 for a band that probably cost $30 to make is obscene.

  16. That’s actually a great idea. Besides the ridiculous price, there are some great software-based ideas that I’m sure Google will implement into Android Wear.

  17. I still totally convinced that the VR fad 4.0 will just be for very few extreeeeme nerds, even more so after hearing this. You have to put a giant ($300+) box on your head, preferably have an assistant to hand you the correct controller(s), maybe wear a belt in your specially-set-up room will laser towers… And while wearing this thing where you can’t see or hear what’s going on around on around you!

    I rarely play a game for more than 15 min at a time without my wife or kid (or dog) needing my attention. Who are these people who can “jack in” for 3 hours at a time?

    I like the occasional video gamez, and VR looks neat (tried a DK2 for 3 min), but have no time or desire for all this hassle. It’s on the level of lunatics who build 747 cockpit replicas

  18. Man, listening to Gary talk about how he thinks people use phones makes me think of a drug addict who thinks everyone else is also into hardcore heroin. (Or am I the only person in the world who often doesn’t even look at his phone except maybe once or twice a day? Am I the weird one?)

  19. Not at all through the episode but here are my comments so far…

    You’re going to have to wait at least another year to go up to Tahoe to see snow… and hopefully there will be some next year, though we have been saying that for the past 3 years now. I went on two trips to CO snowboarding this year (flew back today). CA is hopeless.

    I remember those white Macbooks, Literally everyone is college had those (except for me). I don’t know if the macbook is still hugely popular with college kids but I feel that if it is, it’s absolutely the wrong place to start forcing new standards. It seems a Pro would be better for the college kid now, but I feel that any mac is way too expensive. And I don’t get what place the Air has now. There seems to be little distinction int he macbook line now.

  20. If you guys think the Steel Batallion controller is awesome, wait till you see the Battletech Tesla pods. I grew up a huge fan of MechWarrior (why this game hasn’t been rebooted, I’ll never know…). When I finally had the opportunity to play this, it was a dream come true. It’s an enclosed pod with tons of lit switches and controls to pilot your mech. Multiple monitors were arrayed your viewport to show your targeting computers, weapon systems, maps, etc. Talk about immersion…




  21. Gary – Dickpics in Pictochat are a staple of going to PAX conventions. What else is there to do in the Queue Room?

  22. Are your lives -so- important that you have to check for messages every 20 minutes? Luddite that I am, if someone wants to talk to me they can send me eMail (gasp!) or call me. If I want to, I’ll answer!

    –Paul E Musselman

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