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Episode 288 – The Opposite of On Fleek – 2/12/2015

This week, Will, Norm, Jeremy, and Gary discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe joining the Spider-man universe, TVs that insert ads in your movies, and Tim Cook’s Goldman Sach’s talk. Plus: hands on impressions of Sling TV, Mario Kart 8, and board games for kids.

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43 thoughts on “Episode 288 – The Opposite of On Fleek – 2/12/2015

  1. It’s cool to hear the whole process of publishing Abomination. Glad to have funded it, can’t wait to read it!

  2. Sorry guys, all this guff about smart watches is just getting tedious. they look stupid. End of discussion. Early adopters will buy one because they are new, and soon realise it makes them look like a dick, (and stick it in the garage with the newton and the sinclair C5) and the rest of us won’t ever buy one.

    Though the idea of all the sheep in the building all standing up at ten to the hour is quite funny.

  3. Since the MCU seems to be mostly based on the Ultimates universe I’m holding out hope that Spider-man ends up being Miles Morales (whom is almost 100% guaranteed to exist after this the Secret War / Battle World event).

  4. Great ‘cast today….I would love to hire Jeremy for an app project that I am request bids for. What is best contact?

  5. Spider Man has been done to death. Fantastic four is going to be a Fantastic Snore. But I agree that there needs to be another High concept Sci-fi anthology show. Shows shot in Vancouver forests just don’t cut it.

  6. Troubling how quickly they went past the Samsung ad issue.

    From the article linked below:

    “…companies like Samsung and LG have proven time and time again that smart TVs aren’t about giving more control to consumers — they’re about taking it away; with obtrusive privacy policies, clunky software, and adverts, adverts, adverts. So much for the future: perhaps it’s time to bring back the dumb TV.”

    Here’s a link:


  7. Ah the old left vs right hand controller issue…

    I myself am a left hander. Cant write righted hand…not much I can do right handed actually.

    I now run my gaming in a sit down driving/flight rig that basically means I run in right handed mode (except for my mouse as my mouse in my right hand just dosnt work! lol)

    So many years ago, in fact when I first played the original Elite, I decided to train my brain to at least use a flight stick in a standard right hand layout. Now, I don’t even think about it. Its just natural to go to in this layout.

    Im with Gary though, Its very bloody annoying that us lefties don’t have more choice in product options. Mouses are hard enough to find alone! I guess that just makes us unique Gary 🙂

    I love my flight sims and particulary Elite now so Im glad I took the time to train my brain. This is exactly what an F16 pilot would do. If your intelligent enough to fly a plane, let alone an F16, then you have the brains to retrain you hands I think. I also think by doing this, Ive increased the amount of brain power I am using as Ive had to swap sides of my brian to achieve the use of right handed controllers.

    It makes me feel good to think that anyway lol

  8. Gary: At least you’re not flying a real aircraft. Mine is center stick. (You pilot from the left seat). As a result, you’re using your right hand for stick. As a left hander, it took some getting use to.

  9. The pedometer thing is true. I bought a Garmin Vivofit about a year ago and had been using that to track my steps for several months before Google released the “Fit” app for Android and I kept a comparison of the count between my phone (an older handset, the Nexus 4) and the pedometer and it was always within 10% over 10,000+ steps a day, sometimes it was within 1 or 2% and I think some of the discrepancy can be explained by just moving around the house without either the phone in my pocket or the pedometer on my wrist.

    I switched to an iPhone 6+ in December and have continued with the comparison and it’s similarly accurate. It’s 10am here as I type, I’ve walked my daughter to school and back this morning and the iPhone has 4876 steps while the pedometer has 4701. More than acceptable in my opinion. I’ll probably drop the pedometer at some point because I prefer the way the iPhone plugs into apps like myfitnesspal. The pedometer was very useful when I bought it but I agree with Will, smartphones and the rise of low power secondary chips which track motion will render them obsolete even if smart watches aren’t a hit. I certainly don’t see the need to buy a pedometer in 2015 unless you are seriously into exercise or organised sport and put yourself in positions where your phone or expensive Apple watch could get damaged. I play football/soccer and my pedometer is ideal for that situation where the phone clearly isn’t suitable.

    also re: trains – I’m a train driver in the UK (Birmingham – London) so I always get interested when you guys discuss them. It’s 401 miles from London to Glasgow on the train. There is an hourly service pretty much all day and it takes about four and a half hours end to end. One of the big attractions is that the journey is city centre to city centre rather than being dumped at an airport an hour out of town. I was always surprised to learn that a country as rich as the USA doesn’t have such a service between LA and the San Francisco bay area, it’s a similar distance and the population masses at either end of the line are similar (actually they are bigger) than they are in the UK.

    Gary missed out on the sleeper though, there is a London to Glasgow one in the UK. it leaves Euston (London) every evening for Glasgow just before midnight. You can board the train about an hour before it leaves London and it arrives in Glasgow at about 7am, again giving you about an hour to vacate your cabin at the other end. Coming back it’s the same deal but I think you can board the train two hours before it leaves Glasgow. Rooms have two beds, it’s easy to get a small child in with you too. It’s a cool thing to do once in your life.

  10. We had a maglev train in the UK until about 20 years ago – it ran between Birmingham International Rail station and Birmingham International Airport (BHX). It was only about a 1/2 mile long and didn’t run particularly quickly, but it was a free service. IT has since been replaced by a cable-car style system.


  11. That was the first open to the public maglev in the world as far as I’m aware. I’m only about ten miles from BHX and I remember going over as a kid (aged about six or seven at a guess) just to ride on it because it was pretty big news, locally at least.

  12. Gonna call Will out on Tic Tac Toe. You can always force a draw in that game if you know what you are doing regardless of whether you go first or second. The only way to win is if the other player makes a mistake.

  13. re BHX, me too – if we were picking people up at the station and had a spare 10 minutes or so we’d take a trip across to the airport and back. I was amazed that we weren’t touching anything when I was 10, I’m still very impressed by it now!

  14. You guys have 3D printers….make left handed retrofit parts for Garry. Would be a great project for the site. 3d scanning, 3d modeling, 3d printing, and finishing.

  15. Re. leftie joystick: Thrustmaster T16000. Left/right-handed convertible hall-effect sensor joystick for €40.

    Still need to find a throttle for it that don’t cost an arm and a leg though…

  16. Hey

    So kinda random question but what do you actually send to the publishers when you want them to publish/print and all that? Like is it just a doc file? A pdf? Some kind of special pro format?

    On a sidenote I tried to ask you on twitter but apparently you blocked me at some point in the past… Not sure why but oh well.

  17. – I’m so sorry to tell you this, but a Caesar is a Bloody Mary with clamato instead of tomato juice – so you drank some clams. It’s definitely the weirdest part of being a Canadian.

  18. This was fantastic. Everybody was engaged and hilarious, the topics were all interesting, there wasn’t a dull moment in the whole 2+ hours. This reminded me of the 2013 Octobercast. Please do your best to have all four of you on every week. Thanks for the great content.

  19. I appreciate the thought, and you’re welcome to email me (jeremy at ledseq), but I’m probably not the droid you’re looking for.

  20. Re: Gary hating iTunes and considering getting an Android phone

    I’m on a Mac and I have a sizable music library (~4500 songs), and the Android File Transfer app on OS X is absolute SHIT! If you want to transfer files over USB on a mac to an Android phone, you’re stuck using Google’s Android File Transfer app. The app only allows very limited drag-and-drop functionality (no synchronizing, no previewing files, etc.) and frequently doesn’t identify my phone.

    Since I also keep a backup of my music on an SFTP server, I thought maybe instead I could use an SFTP client Android app for synchronizing the music to my phone from the server. Unfortunately, Google updated the API rules so now Android apps cannot write to MicroSD cards. This means, I’m restricted to using the ~5gb of free space on the internal memory of my phone, despite having a MicroSD card that could easily fit all of the music.

    It feels like all of the big companies are trying to push us to only using streaming for music.

  21. Will, Norm, Jeremy are good together. Toss Gary in and it becomes something special. I like the discussions, the disagreements and the light hearted jokes. I hope the 4 of them for This is Only A Test is a regular thing now.

  22. I hate to say it but your vocabulary could use some improvement. Your on camera casual swearing is diminishing your professionalism and credibility.

  23. With the 3D printing “we” have nowadays maybe someone you know could print you a south-paw joystick. Or maybe Norm and Frank could mold your hand, then 3D scan it, mold it, print it so it fit you and only you.

    Also talking with fighter pilots and looking on some forums flying a F16 left handed is not a problem in real life. They actually do simulations where the pilots fly left handed only to simulate what would happen if your right arm was inoperable due to being wounded including landing the jet left handed.

  24. Gotta agree with Gary about iTunes. I recently set my iPad aside and bought a Tab 4 because I got so fed up with iTunes bricking the iPad every single time I plugged it in because it didn’t want to work with Win8.1. So when the email attached to my iTunes account got compromised and I had to change it, the iPad stopped connecting to the account because the addresses were different and the only way to change it in the iPad is to sync it with iTunes which bricks the damn… An hour later when I was finally able to get the iPad reset properly with my mother’s win7 laptop and and and old version of iTunes I said fuck it and bought the Samsung.

    They don’t need to rebuild iTunes, They need to scrap it entirely and just let the damn iDevices work autonomously. There is no reason for iTunes to exist as anything other than a media player on your desktop.

  25. Gary – I understand the rage, but as a lefty I typically give in an just get good at going right-handed for most things.

    What gets my RAGE up is those right-handed bastards unwilling to do the same. The prime example for me was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which mirrored a whole damn world and a traditionally left-handed hero so whiny babies didn’t feel the need to switch hands on a controller already designed for either hand.

    End Rage.

  26. Gary: At least you’re not flying a real aircraft. Mine is center stick. (You pilot from the left seat). As a result, you’re using your right hand for stick. As a left hander, it took some getting use to.

    (At least) Airbus pilots have to be pretty much ambidextrous, since the stick is on the right side for the co-pilot and the left side for the captain in a standard Airbus cockpit.

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