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Episode 285 – Meet Windows 10 – 1/22/2015

This week, Will, Norm, and Jeremy discuss Microsoft’s big Windows 10 announcements, Windows Holographic and augmented reality, the end of Google’s Glass Explorer program, and Nvidia’s new GeForce 960. Enjoy!

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34 thoughts on “Episode 285 – Meet Windows 10 – 1/22/2015

  1. I don’t mind the dubstep intro, though it could get irritating if you use it every week.

    How about getting variations, like the outros, but more about creating the theme in different styles?

  2. I think the dubstep is fun and could signify big news or special episodes, like big Microsoft or Apple announcements.

  3. It’s not that I don’t like Sonny, but come on Will. That is clearly a Kirk bridge atmo and not Picard’s Enterprise-D. Please leave your geek card when you leave.

  4. You guys have no idea how awesome it is to pull up your site in the morning round of news-reading to discover the day’s podcast is already up and ready to listen to – thank you!

  5. First off, I watched the Soderbergh cut of 2001 in it’s entirety the other day. While I generally did not like it and find the idea of recutting that particular film fairly offensive, I will say this in it’s favor: by excluding or compressing most of the Tycho monolith scenes on the moon, including all of the exposition involving Heywood Floyd, it dramatically increased the gravitas of the plot reveal in the form of the video which plays immediately following HAL’s deactivation. In Soderbergh’s cut, the (first time) viewer is literally watching the film with absolutely no idea of what is going on up to that point, which gives that scene added weight it never really had before.

    Other than that, this pretty much sums up my feelings of the re-cut….

  6. Based on youtube times:

    0:00:04 Intro

    0:02:41 Microsoft Windows 10

    0:15:58 Microsoft Cortana

    0:22:30 Microsoft Outlook

    0:23:10 Microsoft Universal apps

    0:23:35 Microsoft Project Spartan

    0:27:14 Microsoft Release Information

    0:27:34 Xbox Integration with Windows 10

    0:32:26 DirectX

    0:34:21 Cross Device Multiplayer

    0:35:25 Microsoft Surface Hub

    0:41:00 Windows Holographic

    0:58:44 Google Glass Explorer program

    1:09:07 Nvidia G-Force 960

    1:10:32 Disney Robot

    1:12:23 Stephen Soderbergh 2001 recut

    1:17:13 Falcon Nine

    1:18:51 Google global satellite internet

    1:24:37 Hyperloop

    1:26:39 Lightroom Mobile

    1:27:34 Apple Watch

    1:29:07 Voxel8 3D printer

    1:30:30 What we’ve been testing

    1:30:35 Dell tablet

    1:32:10 Riping BlueRay

    1:34:42 Eyefi camera

    1:36:15 Wearing a regular watch

    1:39:21 Jeremy 3D printer

    1:41:11 GearVR

    1:42:45 Questions

    1:43:23 Tech support for parents

    1:45:50 Tested app

    1:47:38 Smart Things

    1:53:04 White Elephant

    1:54:23 Housekeeping items

    1:54:33 CreatureGeek

    1:55:29 Rss and Bunch of Dads and Mr. and Mrs Smith on iTunes

    1:55:56 Bunch of Dads PAX East Panel

    1:56:20 Plugs

    1:58:05 Outro

  7. I imagine the satellite internet connections would work something similar to satellite phones – you don’t need dishes for those.. Not sure what the bandwidth would be like though.

    Significantly more satellites in Elon’s plans than current satellite phone providers too, could be talking to multiple satellites to get the bandwidth I guess.

  8. Hololens augmenting the Work Space will be a god sent for future IT guys everywhere. No more deploying dual-monitor solutions, quad-monitor solutions, large format displays. Which means no more lugging equipment around, no more video adapters, wireless hdmi, or alike.

  9. Do you think it’s sexist that all the different digital assistants have female voices? It seems a little sexist to me, like ‘that’s women’s work’ or something. I’m trying the male voice on Siri, but it’s still the same personality and it seems a bit weird to call ‘him’ “Siri”. I’m loving the Australian accent though – Apple haven’t done a New Zealand accent for either the male or female. I have ‘Fiona’ reading out notifications on my iMac – she has a delightful Scottish accent and I set it up so she calls me by my first name.

  10. I use TeamViewer QuickSupport because it is available on everything, free and easy to use. Just install and tell me the code.

    P.S. I enjoy the dubstep intro.

  11. I see what you’re saying, and it may well be part of it, but I think there’s also been research that shows that people respond better to a female voice? (I have no citation for that, so it may be rubbish).

    I do remember seeing a TV programme where they talked about choosing the voice for the verbal warning system in RAF fighter jets. It turns out that the (male, predominantly private-school educated) pilots reacted much better (more quickly) to a very prim, posh schoolmarmish female voice. Hearing pilots being scolded to “pull up” like a scruffy schoolboy was pretty funny.

  12. Seconded to the RAF story, though how effective that is as a Digital Assistant I’m not sure. Interesting experiment with Sat Nav if you can customise the voice – try male / female options and see if you are more comfortable with either – I much preferred the female to the male, but the Irish lady was preferable to the Prim lady. The worst voice on the satnav? Mine – I clearly didn’t know where I was going so how could I tell myself the directions??

  13. Having finally got to the end of the podcast (people will keep interrupting…), I’d like to give Will a huge thank you for “We don’t need an app … everything on the website works on mobile” – so many sites I visit pop up a “Download our App now!” – Thanks, but I already have an app for browsing information on the web – it’s called a web browser! What value does your app add for me over what I can see on your web page? Nothing? then GTFO.

  14. Thanks for the rundown of the Microsoft keynote guys! I’ll give you a view into the head of a crazy person who doesn’t charge their phone every night. I don’t charge my phone every night because after two years of using a Galaxy Nexus and its dismal battery life, I take joy in the fact that my iPhone 6’s battery lasts 2-3 days with my typical moderate usage each day. Basically I don’t charge it every night because I can.

  15. Will posted an article about the halolens with a link to a wired article where they wear the halolens and are told to install a light switch and a virtual person comes up and walks them through it so clearly what Jeremy said about working on a bike with it is doable…. you posted the article…. i don’t know how you didnt say anything about it.


  16. I love everything on this site with Adam in it; maybe its a bit of showmanship on his part but he presents as a genuinely affable, articulate & interesting person. Norm & Will however seem to genuinely despise each other. Its like having thanksgiving dinner with two relatives who hate each other & politely but passive-aggressively grind on each other thru clenched teeth until everyone else chokes down their meal & flees the discomfort. You can debate someone without being ugly to each other. Watching these two circle each other for a 2 hour (!) podcast is an intensely unpleasant experience; I had to click off.

    It must stressful to work like that; I hope for everyones sake one of them moves on to another project.

  17. It would be grate if could elaborate on the DVD ripping theme

    I am in the same situation my daughter isn’t playing nicely with her records.

    Now I an using Any Dv and just saving as Iso files tryed handbrace for a fiev times but it a lot of settings. guidens needed.

  18. I’m glad to hear it. I, also, am in the same boat with a young daughter that I can’t trust with disks yet. I’ve been using handbrake to rip some older DVDs, but trying to figure out the best workflow and settings for BlueRays is a bit overwhelming.

  19. The way you kill a window in metro is bring your cursor to the edge and hit the x? Awesome PODCast you guys.

  20. Watched black mirror………HOLY CRAP WHY WOULD YOU RECCOMEND THAT? it horrible…. its burn your eyes out, just wrong

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