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Episode 276 – Baller Time for Charity – 10/30/2014

Gary Whitta joins Will and Norm for his twice annual visit to the show. We discuss last weekend’s Tested stage show, the third wave of Marvel movies, the Antares rocket explosion, 5k iMac reviews, and the re-release of X-Wing and TIE Fighter. All that, plus what we’re testing and more. Enjoy!

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50 thoughts on “Episode 276 – Baller Time for Charity – 10/30/2014

  1. *Sits in the corner in fetal position rocking back and forth..

    What is happening?! Everything is changing! The world is getting scary! Please don’t do this! Make it go away! Make it go away! Cries! :'(

    Hmm, it’s actually quite nice. Nice job guys! But I’m sure that gap between the tables is going to annoy the heck out of Norm 😛

  2. I so happy Gary is back ! I thought we would have to wait till the star wars spin off to hear from him again

  3. I can confirm that there exists a parallel universe where the room didn’t get painted and Gary sits camera left

  4. Will, the Wallops Island launch facility is on the Eastern Shore of VA (also known as the DelMarVa pennensula). The Outer Banks is NC.


  5. Gary back makes me so happy! SO HAPPY. The podcast is so much better with Gary on it!

    I’m sad that there won’t be an Octoberkast this year but Baller Time for Charity sounds incredible.

    Love the new set!

    Also I don’t get the love for The Winter Soldier. I didn’t like it, found it boring. The Nick Fury car chase scene was great but the writing overall felt dumb. What’s up with having the main bad guy not really be a part of the movie? To make you watch another movie? I loved the first Iron Man movie and The Avengers but other than that not so much (Iron Man 3 was pretty okay too).

  6. Love the set!

    Regarding your old set looking like a TGI Fridays, my friends and I use ‘Applebees’ as a verb for when you just bolt some stuff to a wall for display, “How about we just Applebees this canoe on the wall above the stairs?”

  7. Also, the rise in dinner/bar theaters, with age limits, the theater is becoming a whole evening destination. The AMC by my house does not have a concession stand, it has a bar call McGuffins. It also has assigned seats, and a rewards program that counts tickets, food & alcohol purchases. We get a big group together, offer to buy all the tickets at once, get all that credit on the Stubs card and use it for drinks that night.

  8. YEAH Gary back also when norm described situations of what will happen when Will get some private time with gary new 5k imac started working on this on bus home. hope you enjoy also hope this image not too inappropriate. if so i post it else where but if seen spooky ghost with randy from south park image then its that but modified.


  9. I can’t properly express how happy I am that Gary’s back! Even if it’s not going to be a regular occurrence…
    Did they completely skip over Inhumans during the Marvel segment?

  10. OK, you probably know this already, but the framing is too wide, the colour balance is off, the shot is underexposed, and the plain desk face at the bottom takes up too much space.

    Fix your shit, Smith Fameli!

  11. should get neon tested logo for front of desk and have you thought about putting old ipad into desk to make your self star trek control panel.

  12. Change is always bad right?

    Well it’s great to see Gary make his return, the new set is nice but I think it needs more work. The shelves behind the desk seem a bit pointless since you can’t see them, I understand the old set could have been distracting, but it broke up the walls. The new design looks unbalanced to me, and the front of the desk needs some lighting, or a logo or something. Too much plain grey and blue!

    As said, work on the colour balance, framing etc.. and this could be a huge improvement!

  13. Just a couple Marvel movie points:

    Regarding Cap’s shield, wouldn’t Marvel not be able to use adamantium due to rights issues?

    Also Norm you left out Inhumans, which comes out between the two Avengers movies.

  14. I gotta be honest: I haven’t listened to the podcast in months (sorry guys), but seeing the announcement on Twitter that Gary was back = instant download.

    I guess I’m a Gary fanboy. More tangents!

  15. As a new listener who enjoyed the past Octoberkasts in the archive, I’m looking forward to Baller Time for Charity. I’m not in the US and my donation wouldn’t be tax-deductible anyway, so spin that wheel.

  16. The new set looks great and Ballertime for charity sounds like an awsome idea (though it could go horribly wrong)! Overall, I really like where tested is going!

  17. Gary Whitta joins Will and Norm for his twice annual visit to the show.

    Good one.

    Has the totally different set been explained at all?

  18. Ok,

    A) get an LED strip and attach it under the desk, get the pure white, not the color changing shit. It’s like 22 dollars really easy.

    B) The chocolate chip cookies were apparently the worse ones flavor wise, the orange Cardamom are fucking delicious.

  19. Great to have Gary back! I like the new set, although when Will said they were blown away with virtual sets at NAB I was waiting for reveal that it was in fact virtual.

  20. How could you forget Inhumans!? The films and current comics might be using them as crappy mutant replacements because they don’t have the rights for the films but if they adapt this story it could be amazing. Eisner Award-winning book right here:

  21. You had Rebecca Watson on the tested live show? That kind of leaves a sour taste for me

    Also, the interesting thing about the rocket explosion is that Elon Musk critiqued them using old Russian rockets a couple of years ago.

  22. regarding waterproof e-ink devices: kobo brought out the aura h2o that is waterproof to 1m depth or something and has a 6.8″ 1430×1020 display.

    obviously, whether that’s a feasible product largely depends on how married you are to the amazon ecosystem. if you are not, you get better file format support (no epub = no kindle for me), better customisability (import your own typefaces), and a memory card slot. the pixel density is a little lower (250ish ppi to the voyage’s 300), but to me, the larger screen is more valuable.

  23. ABSOLUTELY the last twelve hours of Octobercast are what i’m donating for…..Watching a bunch of sleep deprived nerds is priceless….

  24. Why is Will always so loud, is he deaf to his own voice? Crank up the Whitta next time so I can turn you down.

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