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Episode 268 – Listener’s Choice/Rumor Mill – 8/21/2014

This week, Norm, Jeremy, and Will discuss Ballmer’s big purchase, what we’d like to see from Windows 9, iPhone 6 rumors, sweet tea, foaming milk, and the hidden costs of ordering coffee from your phone.

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30 thoughts on “Episode 268 – Listener’s Choice/Rumor Mill – 8/21/2014

  1. 2 hours and 25 minutes? I am a happy man!

    Yup! That’s like TWO days worth of commuting listening…

    However, of course I started watching the video at work…

  2. you’re texturing your milk backwards. You should make the air injection at the start then raise the pitcher covering the tip, starting a whirlpool that draws the bubbles down through the milk incorporating air right through the milk. That’s how we were trained at barista school. Our trainer was trained by an Italian in Melbourne (I’m aussie) and he said whilst learning, the grumpy Italian would pour the coffee in his sock if it wasn’t made properly. He said he learnt very quickly to do it right!!!

  3. Thank you, yes. Unfortunately I couldn’t even read the word right from Wikipedia, and I called them Tandigrades. Neil deGrasse Williams, I am not.

  4. agreed, everyone has a method and an opinion on what is ‘nice’ coffee! We have a sunbeam cafe series twin thermo, easy to clean, super consistent. Reasonable price point for a home machine ($700 AuD ish).

  5. I have a Breville BES900. It has double boilers so you can texture milk and pull your shot at the same time. Does a very decent job. Paired it with the smart grinder that was marketed with it. Set me back around $1300 with grinder but I’ve used it flawlessly about 6-8 shots a day for the past few years.

  6. Hey Jeremy,

    The only way I can get rid of studder in many Oculus Rift applications is to disable all the other monitors on my system so the only thing hooked up is the Rift itself. This makes starting the apps a challenge of course. I still get drops while in a space station in Elite, but flying around it’s nice and smooth. Similar for Half Life 2 — unplayable until I unplug in the monitor, perfectly smooth.

    I’ve also heard that if you can run your regular display 75hz you don’t have to do this.

  7. This episode is brought to you by Virgin Airlines. The official airlines of Will Smith, and parents with babies everywhere..

  8. I don’t tend to fuck around with coffee making. The delonghi is a pain to keep clean and for maybe double the price a professional cafe machine (with some servicing thrown in) was my upgrade preference… Little agricultural for the install but cafe coffee ‘on tap’ is worth it.

  9. Plex does indeed support DNLA – I’ve the server running on my Mac Pro, picking up video files from it, and a NAS – love it, although the DNLA client on my TV could be a bit better.

  10. 0:00:30 intro

    0:13:50 news

    0:14:00 windows 9

    0:33:10 apple

    0:48:40 cd

    0:56:20 hyperlapse

    1:03:30 ps4

    1:08:20 oculus

    1:20:30 omote

    1:29:30 iss microorganisms(interesting)

    1:35:00 we’ve been testing

    1:35:10 yosemite

    1:41:30 elite

    1:45:30 dk2

    1:48:10 phantom

    1:50:10 70 rx3

    1:53:50 nvidia shield

    1:55:30 amazon firephone

    1:57:00 octoprint

    2:01:40 tinkercad

    2:08:30 questions

    2:10:30 babies vs planes

    2:16:00 plugs

  11. Hmm, I’ve never tipped the Starbucks barista before. If I sit at a table and am served, then I tip. If I stand in line and am handed something over a counter, then I don’t. If I’m supposed to tip at Starbucks, am I supposed to tip at McDonalds? Or is this just an SF thing because of the whole cost of living thing? (These are honest questions, if they don’t sound like it. I try to be a fairly generous tipper.)

  12. To Will

    Thanks for the awesome comments about my Radioshack in Sebastopol! Come by anytime and check out my 3D Printed Stratocasters, the giant, super High res, 3D Printed Yosemite Valley map made using LIDAR data and our collection of large multipart statues. Also, I invite you to listen to our podcast, 3D Printing Today.

    Andy Cohen

  13. I can’t wait until Microsoft put out the Windows 9 beta so you guys can ignore it and discuss iPhone 5.5 rumors some more.

  14. Tipping in general is a really bad practise, the employer should be responsible for paying a living wage and pricing their products accordingly. I never tip for anything, ever.

    I realise it’s a big difference between America and the UK, though lots of people here do still tip for waiters in restaurants etc.. But the practise itself is bad.

    It encourages tax evasion, and why should the server who carried your plate to the table get a tip while the chef who spent far more time and effort preparing and cooking it get nothing?

    What makes someone who brews you a coffee more worthy of a tip than the person who totalled up your groceries in Walmart? Do you tip the person who stacked the shelves?

    Tipping is bad, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

  15. Tipping is always something I have to really think about when going abroad. It’s math my brain isn’t used to.

    Here in Finland there’s practically no such thing. Employers are expected to pay their employees as much as they need to make a living. Most restaurants don’t even give you a chance to leave a tip unless you pay in cash, and that’s increasingly rare.

  16. Harmy’s Star Wars is an amazing edit. And I believe mostly legal to acquire. They are on the edge of fair use, as long as you own source material such as the Blu-ray. Lucasfilm has been very active tracking down those which they believe are infringing, and Harmy’s is not one of the edits which they have taken down through legal efforts. The community surrounding it at originaltrilogy.org (no video distribution on the website) are very adamant about never making money off of it and staying within the legal bounds, or at least the fair use grey area. If a new release that actually contains the original cuts is release, they will likely be taken down right away, as it would then be considered a pirate copy, but currently there is no release in that state so it stays considered a fan-edit.

    I don’t actually use the Facebook messenger app, but people are freaking out over nothing. The permissions that it asks for are all necessary for the features within it. You want to voice chat with someone? It needs microphone use. You want to send pictures? It needs access to the camera. You want to automatically verify with two step verification? It needs access to the messages. Oh and you have already likely given these permissions to a half dozen other apps too. Especially if you use other social media. In fact the old Facebook app already had most of these permissions. It is nothing new, and not that scary. The ‘permissions’ it gets are just a different way of Android displaying them. The iOS app can do everything that Android can. The app functions identicaly.

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