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Episode 266 – The Green Bathmat – 7/31/2014

This week, Will, Norm, and Jeremy discuss game subscriptions, Uber ratings, octocopters, 3D printing, the Oculus DK2, and Amazon’s terrible Fire phone. Enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “Episode 266 – The Green Bathmat – 7/31/2014

  1. This is one reason that I love this state. We have people who pump our gas for us. It’s so baller! 😇

  2. Sounds like someone was trying to pull the Coachella hipster non-existing band bit on you,

    Adam and Jamie tested gasstation explosions in the first season of Mythbusters, it is very common that fires start from static if people get in/out while gas is filling. In Europe, I’ve never been to a station that allows you to, you have to keep the pump pressed and firmly attached to get any gas flowing. I’m expecting a thing where the engine has to be off and doors closed in order to open the lid coming soon.

  3. Holy Crap! I’ll bet money that Hawkcat really is Stephen Colbert in disguise! , you could be on tv right now if only you had signed that release…

  4. That looks like Michael Jackson wearing a new fake nose, and the skin and horns of a buffalo he just killed.

  5. British actor and electric car advocate Robert Llewellyn recently made a video showing what happens when an electric car runs out.

  6. I don’t know about the rest of Europe. But in Sweden we have switches on the handles of gasoline pumps so you don’t have to hold the handle while you’re filling up the tank. However they are also equipped with a fume retrival system which retrives the fumes that can ignite. As a side note, gasoline fire will seldom reach the tank because of the relative high steam pressure in the tank. Therefor a fire would be contained outside the tank, however if the fire would start when the tank is low on gas you could have a problem.

  7. I’m Norwegian, the one time I filled my car in Sweden I don’t remember the pump being different than what I was used to. Might have missed it. 🙂

  8. Maybe the term lock is a better one, when you press the handle on gas pump (ethanol pump lacks this ability) you can manually lock it in, so you dont have to hold it, and it will automatically unlock when the fuel tank is full. Its located where the edge of the handle meets the fuel line. Try it out next time, it make the experience more convenient 🙂

  9. Hey guys please can you test xplane on oculus. I love serious flight sims (especially fast jets in the mountainous regions) and would totally buy this kit if there was a serious flight sim I could enjoy feasibly.

    Furthermore perhaps you could do some further testing on the controllers as I’m unsure which you think would work best for this use.


    And what do you think of emojli? Have you reserved your username?

  10. Frankly under the circumstances you described I can’t imagine any sane person signing that release. I would never sign some random document forced in front of me in that manner. It’s a wonder anyone EVER signs those things…

  11. Look at the wrinkles below (and around) his eyes! You can still see them, even though he is wearing that white makeup…

  12. I’m against one user degrading hundreds of other users’ experience. Managing people’s connections on shared networks (like every wireless network ever) has nothing to do with network neutrality, it’s just network management…

    Network neutrality is about filtering and throttling packets based on service or type.

    Is Verizon going about it the right way? No. They should apply the same criteria to all customers, not just the people on the old unlimited plans that they’re trying to get rid of.

    Here is the issue a simple as I can put it:

    – A tower is under heavy load (BTW, how does Verizon define this? Two simultaneous users could meet their criteria. This is completely opened ended.)

    – A contingent then goes into effect which artificially throttles specific users who have an “unlimited” account who, in the past, utilized what they have paid for.

    This is REGARDLESS of how much data traffic they are responsible for at this congested tower.

    This has nothing to do with network management. Proper network management would throttle all users equally were connected to the congested node. Once the load has lightened, those limits are removed. In the 90’s I owned/operated a web hosting company where are the clients were on shared servers. (My username is a byproduct of that venture). Load balancing/throttling was occasionally necessary.

    Your network neutrality definition needs to be further expanded. It should be: Network neutrality is about filtering and throttling packets based on service, type or user.

    These are discriminatory practices which are cloaked under “network management” to try to force users to change their service. The fact that the lobbyist-lead FCC is questioning this policy shows, there are internet altering consequences. But what really concerned me is that either you didn’t see through the cloak or you’re fine with the discrimination. Discrimination of any type should not be tolerated. This is the first stage of a multi-step plan by Verizon to break apart the internet for their gain. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  13. I used to work an ambulance and at the end of the shift we would pull up for gas, leave the rig running, fill up the unit, and take out the trash. The unit was diesel so I was told that it wouldn’t ignite. 2 years of doing this daily and nothing bad ever happened.

  14. Sorry, Will. I’m not trying to pick a fight. It just didn’t sound like you were stating that in the podcast. It sounded quite different. Maybe I missed something in the podcast. Love the podcasts and site. Keep up the good work.

  15. I’m so glad you guys are checking Elite: Dangerous out with DK2 – I was thinking of sending you an email about it, having just started out in the Beta myself. I’ve heard really good things about the Oculus experience in E:D, and would love to hear your views (or see a video) – I’d really like to hear Gary’s views too, as he’s British and of an age to have played the original Elite games.

    Not that I’m going to be getting an Oculus any time soon, but I can dream…

  16. and I’m gonna try and speak to the Bill Murray side of you two, but If you’re never been in Belgium, there is a little convention called FACTS http://www.facts.be/ , Now in the insane case you would ever consider to come to our little spec of a country, I would be glad to be the guide to the more historical places of our country, plus we have great food!

  17.   that’s a shame. According to the internet (therefore it must be true) it is in development. It is probably one of the oculus use cases I’m most excited about esp. as I’ve never played a flight sim which handles free viewing well.

  18. It was Colbert, I used a facial recognition program we had built at work….77% chance…..18 points… most northern states in the us require the vapor retrieval systems at gas pumps for self service.

  19. We have a Fiat 500e (the electric Fiat 500), and we got it down to the point that it said it had 5 miles range once. I don’t know how far you can go when you get to 0% battery, but a relative who also has one claims to have been able to drive about 1.5 miles up a hill to her house on 0% battery and “0 miles” estimated range, so there must be a bit of wiggle room there.


    Considering everyone on Colbert is made to look like an idiot I’m not sure why you’d want to..

    All PR is good PR?

  21. I read about that comcast call a while ago but had no idea it was Veronica Belmont’s husband. I work with costumer support and I can tell you that it is our job to keep the costumers and keep asking why they want to cancel so that we can figure out a way to keep them. It is just as annoying for us to ask why when the costumer refuse to say why but we need to. There has to be a reason why you want to cancel and then we can talk about if we can lower the price or whatever it is that you are unhappy with. Comcast blaming the guy working is low when they most likely trained him to do that. I know companies where you have to turn a certain amount of costumers (make them change their mind about canceling) or else you will be out of work pretty soon.

    I don’t work for comcast but another telecom company in Europe but I imagine it is pretty much the same.

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