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Episode 263 – That’s No Moon – 6/26/2014

This week, Will and Norm are joined by Dave Snider to discuss the news from Google’s IO event (yeah, that was an astronomy joke), the end of Netflix’s public API, China’s solution to a delicate problem, and drone news! Enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “Episode 263 – That’s No Moon – 6/26/2014

  1. USA! USA! USA!

    Oh, sorry. We just advanced to the Round of 16 in the 2014 Fifa World Cup. I guess I got a little excited. Where were we? 😆

  2. The unreal demo worked just fine it was getting the video to the screen that failed. It was running on a razer Android TV running nvidias new K1 processor

  3. I can’t believe you guys didn’t talk about Google bringing android apps to ChromeOS.

    I noticed they killed the data on my Pixel, and the $150 from Google was a fantastic gesture.

    The calls/text functionality will come to windows via a Chrome extension.

    I laugh everytime you guys knock Chromebooks as being the new netbooks, I’ve owned both and this is no netbook. Especially the models with the 2955U processor, they are blazing fast, and for probably about 80% of people it is perfect. The battery life is outstanding, the build quality of most models is great, and cheap. And for real production stuff I have my desktop.

  4. Dave, you can get your Android texts on your computer using MightyText. It is even integrated into Gmail via an extension within Chrome.

  5. You said you’d like to go to a car dealer and say you’d want the stereo that works with your phone. I’d prefer if it didn’t have to be an either or choice. So that all car manufacturers would support both Googles’ car interface and Carplay, and all you’d need to do would be to connect your phone. This way your car choice wouldn’t affect your phone choice, or hurt the resale value of your car.

  6. Did you listen to google’s examples of usage for a smartwatch? Ordering a Lyft and rating drivers, and looking up recipes. WTF? That’s the best examples they have?

  7. The Verge reported about the protesters. They were protesting housing evictions by one of Google’s lawyers and killer robots, likely due to the purchase of Boston Dynamics. Apparently the tickets were donated by a sympathizer to their cause. Whoever purchased those will probably be banned from I/O for life.

  8. Super quick mockup of my “vision” for the podcast logo, as you can see i have zero PS skills but hey might inspire others


    This idea is so good at ticking all the boxes I can’t imagine anything else. Somebody take this and smarten it up a bit, and it’s a winner, I reckon.

    Why thank you :> yeah if someone who is a bit more familiar with photoshop & stuff who could make a prettier/cleaner version that would be awesome

    you must know someone who could be the right guy for the job?

  9. By the way, I’m not a marketer. I was just responding to the podcast stated desire to integrate text messaging with your computer & Android phone. 🙂

  10. I just wanted to make a note about GPS especially now that it is coming “standard” in most cars that are coming out. This is going to make me sound older then I am but GPS is making us stupider and less street smart then before. I am one of those people who when I move of visit a town, I will purposely get lost over an over and over so that I can learn the city or area that I am in. I know my city backwards and forwards. I know all the back streets I can take when there is traffic, and the shortcuts I need when a stupid bicycle race is going on (I live in Portland, OR stupid spandex warriors).

    My roomy moved here from Hawaii over a year ago. She relies 100% on GPS to get around and still does not know how to get home from downtown without help from GPS. I know dozens of people who are like this. If leaving their neighborhood, they cannot get around without GPS or help from their smart phone/car. This is getting a little out of control.


  11. You should read “Blind Descent” by James Tabor if you want more info on deep cave exploring. Really cool.

  12. I do enjoy how videos don’t start until 30 seconds. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Don’t make people start skipping to 1 minute instead.

  13. Regarding Chromecast remote turn on – yes.

    My Toshiba’s either switch input to Chromecast when I’m on a different input and begin streaming, or they can turn the TV on if it is off if I begin streaming. This happens on both iOS and Android.

  14. Just wanted to chime in on the Automobile segment.

    Right now the majority of in car computing is run on QNX which is owned by BlackBerry. This is chosen because QNX is stable and reliable. This is also one of the main reasons BlackBerry chose to build BlackBerry 10 on this framework.

    Bloomberg – “BlackBerry’s QNX operating system, used to power its BlackBerry 10 phones, has become the technology of choice for mapping, communication and entertainment systems in cars from Ford Motor Co. to luxury German brands Porsche and BMW.” http://tinyurl.com/pasl7bc

    Bentley has also adopted the QNX OS.

    The interface for the Porsche is incredible, and so is BlackBerry 10. Sad thing is that most iPhone and Android users refuse to even pick up a BlackBerry 10 device to check it out.

    Porsche – http://youtu.be/KyBfY9g3IYE

    Bentley – http://youtu.be/J0rMb8qtcSs

    Mercedes and Kia – http://youtu.be/2MbXvyCTVV0

  15. The manufacturers will kill google and apple connectivity through sheer laziness and stupidity. Just look at the complete cock-up they made of the OBD2 and OBD3 standards. And the last two vehicles I drove with iphone connectivity (a ford and a dodge) both were very poorly done. I think the aftermarket will have to cover it. If the manufactures do any implementations, it will be full of proprietary crap, and will be inconsistent over the various platforms. If they can’t get basic bluetooth connectivity right, I can’t see full GPS and other data happening. At least not on an open standard. At best it will be a 200$ app from each manufacture, at worst the apps will be specific to model and year, and pointless.

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