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Episode 197 – Maybe We Won’t Talk About Her – 1/16/2013

This week, Will, Norm, and Jeremy revisit all that CES had to offer, including an in-depth talk about the Oculus Crystal Cove prototype, the latest from Makerbot, the problem with UHD, the net neutrality situation, and SimCity’s offline mode. All that, plus your questions answered and fake outtakes! Enjoy

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22 thoughts on “Episode 197 – Maybe We Won’t Talk About Her – 1/16/2013

  1. Re: Nidhogg:

    Nidhogg is a dragon-like being in Norse mythology that gnaws on the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. It is a worm, or wyrm, like the more famous Jörmungandr (aka. the Midgard Serpent).

    Nidhogg is trying to kill the tree, but its damage is repaired each night by three Norns who pour water from a well onto the wounds. Nidhogg sustains itself by eating corpses.

    Really, you would never *want* to be eaten by Nidhogg as that fate is believed to have been reserved for dishonorable and disgraced men and women, guilty of the worse sins.

    The name means something to the effect of “malice/contempt strike”, it can be either someone who strikes with malice or contempt, or a malicious/contemptous strike itself.

    There is some info on wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%ADðhöggr


  2. Wow! That is very interesting, but it still doesn’t explain why it’s the goal of the game. I guess I need to boot this up and get to the bottom of things.

  3. Or to the bottom of Nidhogg’s belly. My guess is they found a cool word that was related to striking, Hogg means strike or chop, so it fits a fencing game I suppose. 🙂

  4. RE. Digital vs Physical copies

    I would love to go all digital with games and other media however one of the bug bears I have is the cost of the digital versions, games for example, which I have always been confused about, maybe someone here can enlighten me, for example a copy of battlefield (PS4) on the PSN store is £54.99 GBP but on amazon its listed as £47.00 GBP for Fifa 14 (PS3) on PSN is £59.99 GBP on amazon its £30.00 even in some high street stores the price for physical is always cheaper, why is this so, surely it costs more to manufacture the game to a disk with box than it does hosting a digital copy on a server, ok 8 pounds PS4 difference doesn’t sound like a lot of difference but £30.00 for a PS3 game is astounding and absurd to pay that much extra, you could basically buy 2 PS3 games for the price of a digital, WHY?, HOW. Is this just Sony plus others (MS, Apple) trying the milk the most out of the consumers, and the fact that you don’t have wait for it to arrive gives them the justification to charge extra, just a random annoyance I have .

  5. LOL! directed at the 23 and me news blurb. 2 week turnaround for Will??? when did you get that test done, cause the lead time is longer then 2 weeks. pretty interesting podcast(watched on Youtube) overall.

  6. I agree with Jeremy on 4K. Watching The Hobbit in 3D with passive glasses on an 84 inch was the best 3D at home so far. Almost zero crosstalk, which kills 3D for me. This was the closes to the theater 3D experience.

    I’ve seen the same content on many 1080p active 3D TV with 240Hz panels that is not as clean as the 4K passive implementation.

    I would not touch a 30Hz TV.

  7. The easiest way to clean out printer nozzles is to burn them out. A propane torch and some needle-nose pliers to hold the nozzle in the flame. No need to fight cleaning them, or hurting yourself unclogging them.

  8. RE: Digital Content

    I am fully aware of the limitations of digital content with DRM, but I’m not one of those people that absolutely will not buy anything digital because of it. It’s a drawback and I keep that in mind when deciding how much I’m willing to pay. I am okay with Steam games because they tend to be much cheaper than the console versions (and seem to be playable for longer than the 5-7 year life span of console games despite the DRM). I tend to only by comics on ComiXology when on sale because the digital files are less convinient than physical copies (can’t lend to my friends, they are tied to the platform) and I refuse to pay the same amount for digital; I’ll pay more to anyone selling CBR/PDF comics that I can download.

    On the other hand, I’ll by mp3s from Amazon all day long. They are more convinient than CDs, usually cheaper, and I can download the actual files, send them to Google Music, play them in my car, whatever I want.

  9. Does Will hate Gary? I’m still not sure if their twitter beef is a joke.

    I highly doubt that Will ‘n Gary hate each other..

    Gary just loves telling Will to f*ck off, and of course Will replies in kind.. lol

  10. I just got an all in one pc with passive 3d AMD watched the hobbit yesterday.

    Man, I almost wet myself it looked so amazing. Even my wife wouldn’t stop after giving it a try and she hates gimmicks.

  11. I have a similar story about eating spicy food and then touching one’s man-parts. It involved ridiculously hot wings, beer to quench the spiciness, having to pee because of too much beer, and being too drunk to remember to clean my fingers beforehand. The sensation was not pleasant.

  12. A raspberry pi with octoprint will get you remote 3d printer access. It’s super easy to install and you get live video feed, time lapse recording, print data, and the ability to control a print from any browser. $35 well spent to be able to start a print and walk away without wondering if you are going to return to half a print and a desk full of plastic spaghetti! http://octoprint.org/

  13. The Tested podcast feed is no longer in my Downcast list for some reason. I search for it and it doesn’t show up. Anyone else having this issue?

  14. wooo… Starting 2013 all over again.

    Off subject on subject. Last year I signed up for a year of premium. Did that end at the end of the year or is it 12 consecutive months I signed up for? I know you guys are busy and maybe you have not posted anything else that is, “premium”, but I am hoping my $40 was not for one month.

  15. I actually totally think that this is the year you can start buying 4k displays. Now that we know Vizio’s will be a grand, I don’t see if you’re in the market to buy a new TV why you would go with that one. The overall image would have to be pretty bad, and everyone at CES was saying that wasn’t the case. Also while Dell’s $600 monitor is only 30hz, both Asus and Leenvo have one thats 60hz for only an extra $100. At these prices I think it makes sense to be an early adopter.

    Also with the 3DS and digital content. Games are actually tied to the card and your account. You can move an SD card to another device with no issues. I did this when I upgraded to an XL.

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