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Episode 181 – The HyperCast – 8/15/2013

This week, Loyd Case joins the show to talk about the Hyperloop, the ineffable Xbox One, the release of Windows 8.1, and the FUTURE!

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19 thoughts on “Episode 181 – The HyperCast – 8/15/2013

  1. Blaming the delay of the Xbox One in the Nordics on localization issues is either stupid or a lie. We are quite notorious for not wanting translated stuff anyway and we wouldn’t mind. Especially as they can deliver it via patches later. I think the real reason is that they wanted to consolidate the limited amount of units they can get off the line to bigger markets like the US.

  2. Lloyd always has such a chill stoicism about him. Whenever he’s on TiOT, I want to draw a bubble bath.

  3. I think the Hyperloop could be operated more like a Disney ride. There would be people to assist and make sure everyone gets on and off safely. There could also be a separate loading area for people with disabilities.

    Most Disney rides will pull a vehicle off the normal route into a special load/ unload area, then once they are ready to go they can rejoin the normal route.

    I really don’t think this thing needs to be all that comfortable. It’s only 30 minutes. If we are talking about the larger version though that can fit up to 3 cars on it, surely be able to fit some bikes.

  4. Loyd rules. He’s… cool. I can’t explain it beyond him being the uncle your mother doesn’t want you to hang around because he’ll invariably teach you things she’d rather you not know.

  5. This luddite attitude that many are taking towards the Hyperloop is pretty disappointing. So what if the cost estimate is not completely realistic? It would still be faster, cheaper, safer, and orders of magnitude more efficient than the alternatives.

    Clearly Musk was expecting that people would see the potential, and be enthusiastic about seeing the details fully fleshed out. That may end up being his biggest miscalculation related to this.

  6. EOS-M had it’s AF fixed in the recent firmware updates but, unless you’ve already got a bunch of EF lenses and don’t mind spending some extra $$$ on the adapter, there’s not much point to get one right now. There’s probably a refresh coming soon so if you really want to get into one then just wait.

    It’s a little big but not much larger than Canon’s point-and-shoot lines like the S# and the G#.

  7. 1:11:00

    Does anyone know what game is in that little box? The one that was around $15 on kickstarter?

    I can’t make out the name of it for the life of me….

  8. I will never buy that Sony lens, but to play the devil’s advocate, I think it’s for people that don’t like transferring photos to their PC. You can directly share and upload photos with the phone.

  9. I don’t normally comment on podcasts, but I had to say this (even though I should have forgotten about it by now.)

    I completely disagree with Norm on the new HTC Robert Downey Jr. ad. It is absolutely horrible and makes little to no sense at all. And i’m sure they paid him a pretty penny for it too.

  10. It seems you were a little unclear on the purpose of the SpaceX Grasshopper tests. Sure, they could be used for lunar/asteroid/mars landers, but the main idea is building reusable rockets.

    One of the main costs of rocket launches with curet technology is that you need to build a new rocket for each launch. The Dragon capsule is pretty close to being reusable as it is, but the rockets get completely destroyed when they fall back down.

    The idea of the Grasshopper is to test using spare fuel in the rockets tanks to bring it down for a soft landing, so it can be reused. (They aren’t planning to replace heat shields with retro rockets, as suggested in the xkcd article you mentioned. In fact the first stage never goes high enough to have to worry about re-entry, and the second stage will have a similar heat shield as the Dragon capsule.)

    SpaceX actually made a video demonstrating this capability a while back. It’s worth a look, if you haven’t seen it already:

  11. If I remember correctly they published the video before their first trip to the ISS, and the choice of music was a direct jab to the harsh criticism they were facing.

    As Elon said at the time, the video does have some inaccuracies, since it apparently wasn’t made within SpaceX. The the most obvious ones being the design of the landing struts, the arrangement of the Merlin engines on the first stage, and the arrangement of the SuperDraco engines on the Dragon capsule.

  12. Loyd was such a negative Nancy talking about the hyperloop and spaceX. I got tired of hearing him complain and whine about why everything doesn’t work.

  13. I whined about SpaceX? Really? I think they’re doing cool stuff.

    The Hyperloop, OTOH, is pure vaporware.

    I was down with some cold water being splashed on it. That it could be done hypothetically at some indeterminate future date on some functional scale is one thing, but the claims were complete nonsense.

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