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Episode 168 – On Carbonated Beverages – 5/2/2013

This week, Wesley explains why Haswell is exciting, Will wonders why anyone thinks Mars One is possible, and Norm explains why Mountain Dew isn’t a cola. All that, plus the latest on Netflix, Microsoft Surface, and Google Now on iOS.

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21 thoughts on “Episode 168 – On Carbonated Beverages – 5/2/2013

  1. Cola uses Cola Nut extracts. Mountain Dew doesn’t have Cola Nut anything as far as I know.

    I do appreciate low carbonation but I also enjoy high carbonation. If it’s something like sprite, which is more refreshing, I would want less carbonation, but root beer I like high because I don’t feel the need to guzzle a good root beer.

    Also, the few DSLRs that I’ve used have had 3 output format options: JPEG, PNG, and RAW. So PNG is an option out there at the very least.

  2. Tebow went unclaimed over waivers after he was cut. Honestly, the Jets cut him at the worst moment possible because immediately after the draft all the teams that needed backup quarterbacks signed undrafted quarterbacks already. The CFL isn’t exactly a good choice for him either since, as pointed out, there are only 3 downs, meaning passing the ball is especially important, and as we know, his problems come from his inability to throw the ball precisely. Teams actually contacted his agents asking if he’d change position, and he said no.

    Never thought I’d post about football on Tested, but what do ya know…

  3. Wow, Youtube is STILL chewing on it at 10:15 EDT. Is it me, or has Youtube sucked more than normal as of late?

  4. As I can recall on my last reading on the subject after Raleigh (he only spelled his name like that twice if memory serves) established the colony on Roanoke, some trouble started with Spain and England. Raleigh being very good at his job was in more demand against the Spanish armada and therefore couldn’t return to resupply his colonists. It wasn’t because it took a long time (it did compared to air travel but not that long) to return. From what I understand current belief is that some of the settlers either assimialted with local aboriginal (Native American/American Indian/What is the PC term) groups while others may have made their way to other settlements while others also perished. What was it like 150 people? This period is not my area of expertise so this is just stuff I kind of remember from my curiosity in Roanoke.

    As an aside I did a paper on Sir Raleigh’s trial when James I/VI took the throne for his supposed part in the “Main Plot” which is just a cool name for an assassination especially if it ended up being the B plot to a movie. My favorite quote from which was from one of the judges which went something like “We do not interpret the law, we_know_ the law.” It’s a pretty interesting story all in all.

    As a podcast now interested in science Tested should address the Flat Earth Fallacy, as one of the things we teach youngsters to let them think we know better than someone who was born in 276 BC. There are many other BS things that are still in Grade/Middle/High School textbooks, and even cited at College commencement speeches.

  5. Great podcast, guys. Any chance we could get some longer podcasts in the future?

    Also, the mispronunciation of the Montreal Alouettes (al-oh-ett) was grating on my Canadian ears.

  6. In the UK, what you guys call “soda” we call “pop”, “fizzy drinks” or just generally “soft drinks”. So there you go!

  7. Thought: Is 90 % of the people pirated Game Dev Tycoon, then the pirated version is the realistic one, isn’t it?

  8. We tend to call it “pop” in Canada too, but we do have our quaint folksy ways like incorrect football and almost speaking French.

    Ask us how to pronounce “lieutenant” some time.

  9. The thing with the Mars trip is that they are/were proposing to send a whole load of crap to Mars first then the people follow on. So if you make it you could be fine, the main problem would be a load of people going apeshit on day 15 when they realise they are in a tin can and you can’t go outside and it doesn’t land for 2 years. Sending food would be quickish just purely because you can send it on a high g burn that no manned ship could perform.

    I love the unnecessary ‘F’ in lieutenant we have that in the UK.

    Spanish lottery = El Gordo, and speed tape is not duct tape.

  10. Great podcast, guys. Any chance we could get some longer podcasts in the future?

    Also, the mispronunciation of the Montreal Alouettes (al-oh-ett) was grating on my Canadian ears.

    Exactly. The name comes from the song “Alouette” (which means Lark, a kind of bird), which I suppose is sometimes sung using the pronunciation that used, but the word should rhyme with “baguette”.

    Also, for anyone interested, the two teams with the same names were the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders (which folded in 1996 unfortunately as one of the oldest professional sports franchises in North America, being founded in 1876). It came about because the two teams were originally in different leagues (the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union and the Western Interprovincial Football Union) before the two leagues merged to form what is now the CFL in the late 50’s.

    Other interesting CFL team name facts:

    The Toronto Argonauts got their name from originally being a rowing club that formed a rugby team for the offseason.

    The Hamilton Tiger-Cats were originally two teams (the Tigers and the Wildcats) that merged.

    The Winnipeg Blue Bombers did not have an official nickname for the first few years of it’s history and the team was just referred to as “the Winnipegs”. Eventually, some member of the press referred to them as the “Blue Bombers of Western Football” (referencing boxer Joe Louis’ nickname “the Brown Bomber”) because they wore blue jerseys and the name stuck.

  11. The Roanoke colony is not nearly as much of a mystery as it is made out to be. The settlers merely assimilated with a nearby Native American tribe. The word “Croatoan” carved into the tree was the name of a nearby island, which was not investigated at the time the colony was deemed “missing”. In addition, years after the disappearance, pale-skinned, blue-eyed Natives were found populating the Island of Croatoan.

    It’s only a mystery if you ignore the evidence.

  12. It was great that you guys included a news bit about the EFF privacy report, but unfortunately what was read on the podcast was the 2012 results (p. 17 on the link below) and not the 2013 results (p. 7).


    Thankfully, they improved the chart this year, making every column all or nothing. It appears as though both years use the same criteria internally, but the previous year combined similar points into the same column, resulting in half stars that are difficult to interpret.

  13. Up here in Canada we almost universally referred to sodas as pop.

    A cola is a drink made of the cola nut, a citrus oil extract, usually orange, and is carbonated.

    Soft Drinks is a term that means any drink that isn’t “Hard liquor” or significantly alcoholic like beer and wine. In some countries (I am told Russia and Italy are ones) wine and beer are considered Soft Drinks because they are not Hard Liquor. In North America the cola (and later other soda) companies co-opted the term.

    Here in Canada Mountain Dew is not caffeinated any more than their natural levels in the base ingredients because of a law that was passed ages ago that juice like drinks (like citrus blend sodas, orange sodas, tropical punch sodas, etc) because juice flavours were targeting kids and caffeine is bad for kids. Several other countries do this and this is often sited as the reason most cola’s have a “secret recipe” so that they don’t have to disclose the orange extract oil and not be able to sell caffeinated versions of their colas.

    The CFL team, which you are looking for is the Saskatchewan and Ottawa Roughriders. Also the Montreal Team you are trying to pronounce is AL ew ets.

  14. About putting a European SIM card in a Verizon iPhone, I can’t find that anywhere. I’m not sure if I’m using the right terminology to search it on Google. anybody have a site where I can read about it or was wrong about that, at around 1:17 ?

    Is it just 5 or 4s too?

  15. On the podcast you mentioned, that standing desks are only good for you if you alternate between sitting and standing and that you should have a stool for that purpose.

    This might just be the perfect solution:


    I’d love to see you test it, since standing desks have been a popular topic on the podcast.

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