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Episode 165 – In the Shower – 4/11/2013

This week, Will, Norm, and Wes discuss showerhead technology, Facebook Home, NAB, Google Fiber, and Roger Ebert. All that plus another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “Episode 165 – In the Shower – 4/11/2013

  1. That Early Edition/Martial Law crossover was awesome. Not least for introducing a little action to Coach Taylor’s life, but also Sammo commenting on the great burden of knowing what troubles are to come and being the type of good man who saw no choice in preventing them regardless of the personal cost. Also Martial Law had Kelly Hu going for it.

  2. Kelly Hu added to it, yes, but it couldn’t save it. Sammo was the better part of it.

    Oh no doubt. Just figured Sammo chunky, but hugely proficient old school HK martial artist was a given as awesome.

    Also, re: vaccuming, central vac all the way guys. Screw the bags or even the machine. Just bring the hose.

  3. growing up on megaman i would love to see anything 3rd person/1st person, i just havent played a decent megaman game in a long time.

    veronica mars season 1 was good.

  4. Wes talking about “Ghostriding the whip.” Heh.

    I was never a book highlighter, but as a used book buyer, I always grabbed the one with the most highlighting already in it.

  5. You can have up to 10,000 line feet for typical DSL between the POP and the DSLAM. You’re not measuring between the DSLAM (at a remove switch/concentrator) and the CO. That’s a fiber connection. The distance between you and the CO only matters if you are directly connected to the CO. Then the same line ft restrictions apply. 10k is a standard safe number. You can be much further away if smart coils are installed on the line. Naturally, the speeds are not all that great.

  6. While I can appreciate Ebert’s contribution to journalism, I thought he had horrible taste in movies. Case in point his review of Wet Hot American Summer.

  7. Those were my two favorite shows from that era. We watched them every week with my mom. Good memories.

    “This pizza, how thick is it?”

    “It’s thick. It’s Chicago style.”

  8. the way Wes said “Ouya” he sounded like how one of my Jewish friends pronounces it, or how Luigi in Dark Moon sometimes says ooya. LoL

  9. I would totally purchase an in shower head speaker. In my old apartment I setup a speaker system using an iPod dock and scavenged speakers from old cars and computers. I too enjoy listening to podcasts while gearing up for the day including in the shower. Great job again this week.

  10. Can you PLEASE put some time into fixing/ensuring audio quality? For a couple months now, either mics or the entire podcast have had some really grating quality issues. You’re clipping in some pretty significant ways in this one and it’s starting to drive me nuts. In the past, the quality has been fantastic generally. Whatever it is you changed recently that has caused problems, it’d be greatly appreciated by more people than just me if you could look into getting the quality back on track.

  11. I noticed quite a lot of clipping on your mic during the shower head and speaker discussion. Specifically 2:16:15, 2:17:15, and 2:20:55.

    I sometimes listen to it as I lay in bed before sleep, but I couldn’t listen to most of the end because you’re mic volume was so loud compared to Norm and Wes’!

  12. That Microsoft director of communications sounds like every Microsoft employee I’ve ever met. They have to point out they did it first except when they didn’t in which case they’re not slow, they’re “fast followers” O_o

    It’s a little sad that jcpenney strategy to remove some of the marketing bs has failed. I think this is just an indication that T-Mobile attempt to simplify mobile plans will also fail.

    you might be a candidate for implantable contact lenses. It’s exactly what it sounds like. No cornea is cut so its ok for people with high myopia. Also, be honest not “honest enough”, that’s just weak.

  13. Regarding the showerhead: I wonder if they could implement some sort of tactile feedback of the bass in your music so you could feel a pulse when you hear a kick. It would need to know your height, the height of the showerhead, your expected distance from it, and the velocity of the water to calculate how much to delay the speaker so both the sound and water pulse hit you simultaneously. Maybe have some sort of echolocation device to predict how far you are from the showerhead. I clearly spend too much time sitting in my bass chair.

    It would also be cool to have some kind of hydroelectric generator inside the showerhead so you would have to charge it even less.

    Regarding audio level compression: please try out Breakaway Broadcast Processor or Breakaway Live from Claesson Edwards. The lead engineer Leif Claesson is responsible for my previous favorite realtime multiband dynamic range compressor plugin for Winamp (Volume Logic) and is why I used that software up until last year when I found Breakaway. Yes some people in 2012 still use(d) Winamp for odd specific reasons.

  14. I am VERY interested in which showerhead Norm has!

    It’s funny Will reviewed the Moxie, I actually looked into getting one. I ended up buying a Grace Digital Ecoxgear bluetooth speaker and sticking it on a shelf in the shower. It’s SUPER loud, waterproof, I can re-use it on camping trips and its $100. Win win win.

  15. I’ll listen for some, but it was pretty much constant, any time you got loud, you sounded pretty bad.With enough frequency and intensity to start giving me a headache. And it was just your mic so I can’t imagine it was my side. Also played through your audio player, not locally. Maybe it’s not clipping, but something definitely was going on when you got louder.

    36:50-37:05 has a tiny bit of what I’m talking about, though it doesn’t sound like clipping. But it was a lot less severe than what I normally noticed. I got there just by randomly jumping in and listening for a short period of time.

    38:33 listen a bit past that at “Ericsson” and you’ll hear what I’m talking about, hopefully. Again, less noticable than other times I remember, but more so than the last.

    Other than that, the quality is back to where I like it, but that got reallllll grating.

    Just for reference, I’m running Logitech Z506’s (5.1), and have not had ANY similar issues with other podcasts or source of sound. I also hear it on my headphones. I’ll try it on my phone as well.

    I think I was just really tired and was convinced it was clipping for some reason. It’s not clipping, but it’s something.

  16. hey will, thought of an alternate idea for the podcasts in the shower…. radio w or w/o plastic covering to prevent steam damage + remote control in a ziploc bag (or double bagged if you are paranoid). No need to charge via usb nor chance you will electrocute yourself (that’s a nasty start to a day). BONUS: you can adjust volume/track/etc!

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