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Episode 155 – Reveling in ExCES – 1/17/2013

This week, Will, Norm, and Wes chat about the latest Facebook news, digest CES, and discuss the real problem with throwing up. All that, plus another episode of fake outtakes and Will uses a brand new mixer. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “Episode 155 – Reveling in ExCES – 1/17/2013

  1. Great stuff AGAIN! Thank you for doing what you all do. Greatly appreciated and waited for with coffe baited breath.

  2. Hey just some FYI about the Hopper: it has 3 tuners, and the ad-skipping thing only applies to their kinda bullshit “Primetime Anywhere” feature. Most of the stuff you’re going to watch can’t take advantage of that feature at all. If you watch a lot of primetime NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX I guess it’s great? Doesn’t help with my Justified watching.

  3. Here in DC, a LOT of grownups bring those roller-backpack/luggage things to work. And not just lawyers or gov’t employees that carry a shit-ton of important documents. I see assholes bring that shit on the metro to go to work at grocery stores, and other retail places.

  4. Trend for characters to become ridiculous caricatures of a personality trait…by TV Tropes

    Flanderization, Flanders from the Simpsons started as just a successful straightlaced white bread neighbor.

  5. Ozymandias is not depicted as evil in the comic, he is arrogant and off-putting, but definitely not evil. The Watchmen movie should have done a better job concealing it.

  6. As someone who lives in a household with more than two people all of whom have their own disparate set of shows they watch, we have issue with recording more than two things all the time.

    Also, for skipping commercials, just set up your skip forward button on your comcast remote to be a skip 30 seconds ahead thing so you just hit it 5 times and you’re at the next section of the show without worrying about going too far/not far enough.

    Rolling backpacks have been around for years and years. Not new for little kids.

    I fucked up with backpacks, I only ever used one shoulder and as a result one of my shoulders had a lot of issues for a while there. Since I got out of school, that went away of course. But I had to go through about 4 months of pain in that shoulder after some… activity… behind the school. That sucked.

  7. Yeah, Will obviously isn’t thinking about that oh so rare situation where more than 2 people live together. We have a Hopper. It is connected to 4 TVs in 4 different rooms. It can record up to 6 things at one thanks to the innovative way they encode the 4 biggest broadcast networks onto a single channel, recording all the primetime programming with a single tuner, leaving two open to view live television or record shows on other channels.

    It’s pretty great. Having all the prime time network programming record automatically is surprisingly handy. It’s a lot easier to give new shows a chance, since you don’t have to set them up to record ahead of time. Usually heavily contested time slots will involve programming on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, so you never have to worry about managing priorities there. In fact, you don’t have to have a ton of timers set up for those 4 networks at all.

    The only bummer is the DLNA support is pretty broken in my experience. When they installed it they put in a small box that plugged in to my router and bridges my network with the coax network used by the Hopper DVR and Joey client boxes. There are on demand shows they’ll deliver over the internet, and there are some apps, etc, but I can’t find a DLNA server that works reliably with the Dish Network hardware.

  8. Gotta love SF political correctness, where saying someone is from India, and that he may eat Indian food, is “racist”..

  9. Uhm you do know that the Xbox thing was a concept video right? You made it sound like it was a real demo. Maybe I’m missing something. My point is that it’s really hard to judge until you see it actually working, not just in a fake video. Also, to me it does seem incredibly stupid and not something I would use or want in a console.

  10. Hey , you were mostly correct when talking about the density of rods and cones being highest in your area for central vision – the fovea or macula, however you said these were located in the cornea, when in fact they are in your retina. One additional point of interest pertaining to the IllumiRoom is that your side vision is less likely to notice detail, but will pick up on motion quite well, so having objects come in from out of frame through your peripheral vision would be an interesting and immersive potential use for this technology.

  11. How come in the photos on the wall, all of you guys have your glasses off? Are you somehow trying to avoid being “too” geeky? Pshaw! Let your Geek Flag Fly, brothers!

  12. I know Will had a baby but why is there no podcast whatsoever this week? Norm couldn’t do one with Whitta or Wes? Or even Joey? It’s strange, did I miss a tweet or something`?

  13. No podcast this week?, you think something would of been mentioned, and where is Gary?, has his wife locked him in the house or something?

  14. WIll’s kid was just born less than two weeks ago. You gotta give them a little slack especially considering than Will generally does all the production for the show and Gary’s extended absence would drop it down to a one man show with the possible addition of Joey.

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