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Episode 151 – Uncrossing the Feeds – 12/13/2012

On this week’s show, Norm gets a package, Wes doesn’t say monitor enough, and Will insists on something silly. All that, plus the latest on the Tested redesign, Microsoft’s problems, next-generation consoles, the most popular Google searches of the year, and another edition of fake outtakes.

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29 thoughts on “Episode 151 – Uncrossing the Feeds – 12/13/2012

  1. It’s a bit confusing that this video doesn’t show up in the videos tab and also doesn’t show up on the main page. Same goes for Still Untitled. I’m no expert, but intuitively I’d suggest to fix that.

  2. In response to the Microsoft store…. The one in the Mall of America was basically where they were pushing ultrabooks. From the looks of it, they were ones you’d actually want to recommend. Also hey look, surface and kinect.

  3. I worked outside all last winter and I loved my Thermos. The opening cap of the Zojirushi ones is handy, but it doesn’t seal it and keep the heat in as effectively as a normal fully sealed Thermos. The Zojirushi is probably perfect for the office environment though or taking in the car. My Thermos worked great up until I had discovered that the cap had accidentally fallen into the sink when I turned the garbage disposal on.

    Here is the model I had, it’s only $20 right now.


    I also had this food container and it worked pretty great for soups n stuff aswell.


  4. I was listening to octoberkast 2011, and they talked a little bit about the Zojirushi. So naturally, I ordered myself one!

  5. If you click the WATCH Video button on the homepage podcast entry, it takes you to the video. The videos should show up in the video page though.

    Ah yes, I seem to have missed the “watch video” button. But that’s perhaps the thing, when I scan the homepage for new stuff I just look for the youtube video. It’ll take some getting used to, I guess, I just wonder if new visitors will click through to see the video.

    The other thing, though, does not seem to be the case. If I click “videos” at the top of the main page, I’m taken to /videos. When I scroll to the section “recent videos” and select “all videos” Episode 151 is not among the videos shown. Episode 150 is, though.

  6. Listening now. Interesting how many of the requests for the future of Xbox from Microsoft you guys talked about are literally things Sony is way ahead on. They had a big push this fall with day 1 digital availability of a bunch of the biggest retail releases through PSN. The Vita, of course, also offers every single game digitally day one. PlayStation Plus as a service has also been hugely successful offering a “Steam Sale” type effect where members not only get all the free games added each month, but spend more on PSN content than non-members. Additionally, they’ve been experimenting with preloading and midnight releases for big titles. I expect the next PlayStation home console will, like Vita, offer a pure digital path on all games for those who want it.

    I’ve also long been a believer that system level streaming of live gameplay will be a major feature from both Sony and MS next generation. I expect partnerships with Twitch.tv, Nico-Nico or YouTube and the ability to record live commentary via a standard headset.

  7. oh new site design. Is that why I haven’t seen any Tested stuff in my RSS? I just realized that last I have there is from August.. :S Also; is it bad that I didn’t notice it missing? I haven’t been to the site in months either. Don’t know why I don’t find the stuff more interesting Maybe it’s just to much videos, which I can’t watch at work, and at home I never remember to stop by.

  8. I feel that there should be a mention or recognition of the people that put in the effort of posting the download link for every previous podcast. Oh well, thank you guys for your effort ! ;D

  9. Thanks, now I don’t have to keep deleting episodes of “The Adam Savage Project” in Instacast!

    What I think about the site after the relaunch:

    + Podcast (tho I miss Gary)

    + Videos in general, especially videos on location which are FANTASTIC, like “Will and Norm meet The Paper Air Plane Guy”, Modernist Cuisine, the nuclear reactor, Maker Faire, Tintype photography, the flight sim guy, etc. Also mail bags, office tours, third person camera, Makerbot, slow motion video and all the other great stuff.

    – Videos about products like the new Macbook Air.

    – Videos about apps.

    – Articles, especially those that just repost Youtube videos or articles from other sites. Still don’t like these. I don’t come to Tested to read.

    – Most of the stuff with Adam and Jamie. I don’t know, I’m not feeling the chemistry between Will, Norm and Adam/Jamie. It feels forced and fake.

    I feel myself drifting away from Tested, it is no longer my favorite site on the internet. I guess that has to do with me, I’ve lost interest with new products. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and new technology is awesome. But I don’t need to know about (or buy) every new Apple product, or Samsung product for that matter. A video where you spend 45 minutes talking about a tablet is really boring to me.

    I still love the site and visit it often but not the way I used to.

  10. So, is Gary done? Are we ever going to see him on the podcast again?

    Wes seems cool, so I don’t want to be insulting but..

    Gary is honestly a big reason why I repeatedly listen to the Tested podcast.

  11. I’m ok with a Whitta break. Wes is infinitely more interesting from a tech geek perspective, but I’ll miss Gary’s random nonsense eventually.

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