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Episode 147 – Tips for Life – 11/15/2012

On this week’s show, Joey gets a big update, Will avoids uncomfortable situations, and Norm wants a sandwich. All that, plus the latest on Stephen Sinofsky, the Wii U’s launch details, Nokia’s mapping service, Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

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  1. to answer the old why buy a phone off contract question:

    a) if you get a contract without a phone you usually can “get the subsidy” from the provider ( 20-25€ off the monthly fees or 400-500€ once from the provider) and buy any highend smartphone after the first price drop for ~350-400€ while paying 20-3x€ per month.

    b)you just go prepaid pay 10-20€ for 1-5gigs of data and and per usage for texts/minutes.

    and thats just germany, if you are a austrian you get 2000minutes,1000texts and 2gigs of data for 10€ and can cancel every month.


    its also the reason for many people are not getting a iphone, they have a fixed price until the next one comes out. if you pay significantly less per month the 700-900€ for a iphone are suddenly noticeable, especially if other highend phones are significantly sub 600€ and drop in price pretty fast.

  2. I work for a big futures exchange and we have pretty all moved over to iPhone except for our UK and Asia offices. I would say our American offices user primarily iPhone, our UK offices are split 60/40 in favor of Blackberry and Asia is all Blackberry. This has come about because of IOS getting better with exchange support and the zeitgeist and brand awareness off the iphone (executives want to feel like they are on the bleeding edge). If you told me in 2009 we would be off blackberry and on Iphones I would have scoffed. The future does not look bright for RIM.

  3. I have never heard an English person pronounce Nokia any way other than “noh-key-ah” which it seems is how the Finns pronounce it too.

  4. Forget all the technology talk, I came to comment about public restrooms. I wish that custodians were able to quarantine restrooms and hose them down rather than having to clean up after people who are so insensitive and arrogant as to believe that they should not clean up after themselves. It’s really disgusting what some people will do when they know that someone else has to clean up after them.

    Well, a little technology talk. When people in major positions at a company resign like what happened at Microsoft it can be both good and bad. Good = passing the torch, bad = dropped the torch. In this case I think that its dropping the torch because there was little to no news about why he resigned or whether he was preparing someone else to take over.

  5. As an east coaster, I can say I see dozens of Prisuses every day, not to mention plenty of other hybrids. There’s even a couple of Chevy Volts in my garage at work. I certainly don’t disagree that $50k is still a lot of money for a car and still out of the mass consumer range, but I don’t see that as an East Coast/West Coast thing, purely a wealthy area/poor area thing, regardless of coast.

  6. Hey Will as a man who owns and frequently carries a pocket watch they do not fit in the pocket you are talking about.

  7. We should have a This is Only a Test Drinking Game where you do a shot every time someone makes a wildly broad generalization about what “people” want.

  8. Sure if ya wanna die from alcohol poisoning..

    I was actually really impressed with Will when talking about the cars.

    In response to the question about those still using Blackberrys

    The salesmen where I work still prefer them for the following reasons when I asked them. (My work does not require they use BlackBerrys)

    1. Most of the customers and contacts they have still use BlackBerrys and use BBM a lot.
    2. The security/encryption they feel is still the best. (not sure how true that is today)
    3. They like having physical keyboard.
    4. Of most of the people they know on other devices they have had less issues in remote locations.
  9. Oh god, I’m unintentionally correcting all the Beast Wars information. I’m in too deep!



    The Starcscream antihero was called Dinobot.

    I could be a guest if you wanted to hold a Beast Wars podcasts.

    Edit: Then you guys went back to it! I feel like I should post a spoiler block of addendum but I’ll just let it go. Maybe Norm should have a Beast Wars marathon in the vein of that Star Trek marathon, however it might not hold up without nostalgia.

  10. Oh man Norm you let out the big reveal of Beast Wars.

    That took almost TWO seasons to become evident. That where they were fighting was Earth, in the past. Realizing what the REAL stakes were in the fight, not just bad guys being bad (motivations that might have been expected by those that thought Beast Wars was a cheap cash in on the storied G1 Transformers franchise), but literally the “historical” Autobot victory over the Decepticons in their millions year long war…we’re talking helping the Nazis win type stakes here.


    For all the guff the Beast Wars Megatron got for being a purple dinosaur ala Barney, he accomplished no less than the original model.

    EDIT – Also, going through all the names and NOT using Black Arachnia? That name is simply too awesome regardless of where it’s from.

  11. This is interesting because an American would say the pronunciation given by Will was nah-key-ah. I’m curious if that’s a difference of the actual phonemes between the two.

  12. The word you were searching for to describe the Wii U’s gameplay is asymmetrical, not asynchronous. An example of an asynchronous game would be Words with Friends.

  13. Norm was correct. Transformer: Beast Wars took place on ancient Earth while the Autobots and Decepticons slept in the Ark after crash landing. The reason the Maximals and Predicons were there was because Megatron (the Beast wars character who took the original’s name) stole the “Golden Disc” from the Cybertronian Archives. The golden disc is the Golder Record that was sent into space on the Voyager probe. Megatron (BW) wanted to come back in time in order to pillage the raw energon from Earth.

  14. Man, Phish shows have ruined my opinion on General Admission. Its a nice gesture and all, but screw GA. I’ll take seats anyday of the week. No dealing with people invading your personal space, no one stealing your seat when you go to take a bathroom break.

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