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Episode 128 – The Squirrel Suit – 6/28/2012

On this week’s episode, Gary doesn’t like parties, Norm gets spherical, and Will revisits the past. All that, plus the latest from Google I/O, the Nexus Q, the Nexus 7, the Nexus 6, and a whole lot more. All that, plus the latest episode of fake outtakes!

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20 thoughts on “Episode 128 – The Squirrel Suit – 6/28/2012

  1. Yay podcast! Google did not acquit themselves well after Microsoft dropped bombs last week. I will be interested to hear the discussion.

  2. Kindle Fire is totally fine with ICS on it, of course it takes a fair amount of effort to put it on.

  3. Yay! Something to listen to while I play Dead Island. I am not looking forward to them shitting on the Windows Phone stuff, because I’m tired of whining on the subject (IT’S NOT THAT BAD YOU GUYS), but I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable podcast regardless.

  4. Ok, you really need to stop pretty much talking out of your ass, and saying “Windows Phone 8 apps won’t work on Windows Phone 7 devices.”

    THAT IS NOT TRUE. Those apps can (probably very easily) be made for the fucking Windows Phone 7 phones, and I am really disturbed by your lack of understanding here. I get why you have a distaste for this, but STOP acting like the fucking platform is dead just because they can’t natively run the exact same fucking app code. Sure, you can’t. But you know what can be done to get around that? Use the feature of Windows Phone 7 and metro that makes those apps so goddamn easy to move between the two platforms. And if it’s eaasy to go from Windows Phone 7 to WIndows 8, why the hell would that be different? You are spouting crap you have no idea about. Second of all, the brand new phones, even the lumia, isn’t going to be brand new when WP8 comes out. It’ll be 6 months old. And it’ll probably still be the best device for the Windows Mobile OSs for a good few months after that.

    ON top of that, 7.8 means that there will be a real attempt to bring core feature parity to WIndows Phone 7 folks, something that Apple never does: in fact they just decide what they don’t want you to use for no actual reason. At least Microsoft as a reason, and we can probably assume that next generation won’t have the same issue, because of how long the Windows core has remained, so if WP8 is using that core, then WP9 won’t be this same cut off.

    I’m just sick of people just assuming the absolute fucking worst and just plain making shit up. No one said “those apps won’t be available” just that the windows phone 8 app code won’t work. That doesn’t mean they can’t move the app over, that doesn’t mean the apps won’t exist on Windows Phone 7 in some way. Sure, some of the beefier ones won’t go to both, and maybe I’m wrong about the portability of the software, but you know what? Apple does the same thing every generation, cutting off the last generation from using all of the new apps, shitting on the 3rd gen phones, for example.

    Wait until you have a reason to actually fuckin think that Windows Phone 8 apps won’t ever see the light of day for WP7 folks. Stop acting like those people will have a shitty experience just because of that. By the time that a decent WP8 exclusive apps marketplace comes around, most people will have had even their lumias long enough to get a cheaper upgrade (most mobile plans I’ve looked at give one at a year, and a better one at two) and most of the handsets came out well before the lumia.

    You are just jumping to conclusions and coming off as an uninformed asshole who just wants to hate on this even though all of your hatred is based on unconfirmed crap.

  5. In fact, here’s the page on porting WP7 apps to Metro style apps, and a little excerpt:

    In many cases, your code will remain the same or nearly the same. XAML-based UI APIs in the Windows Runtime are modeled closely on the Silverlight for Windows Phone versions, although there are some differences. Additionally, the .NET APIs for Metro style apps are available, which are a subset of the full .NET Framework and are similar to the APIs in the .NET Framework for Silverlight. In some cases, however, familiar .NET APIs have been moved to the Windows Runtime and have a somewhat different design.


    Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. Welcome to the club.

    <- Android user still on Gingerbread.

    Haha, I kid.

  7. Jeebus, Will gets back and the negativity goes through the roof, also i don’t feel all that fucked having bought a Lumia because the phone is really good already, sure it’s not perfect but i don’t have a strong reaction to not getting WP8

  8. Awesome my comment got eaten by the system. Grrrreat.

    Since I don’t feel like typing it all again: Episode was pretty much as I expected apart from Gary’s claim about getting a Nexus 7, a bit tired of the all the hate on the Nexus Q which from the interviews I’ve read is more a niche hobbyist device, blah blah blah.

  9. “There’s ways to make hydrogen safe”

    In a blimp? Really.

    I agree audio level is a little low.

  10. I’m having trouble imagining how someone’s accent (re: the flight attendant) could be obsequious.

  11. This site is associated with Jamie and Adam, not the show Mythbusters or the Discovery Network. For at least a good two months after the relaunch of the site there was always a disclaimer at the beginning of the podcast that this isn’t something for children. A “Tested after hours”, if you will. Hell, even Adam will curse on his podcast on the site. Listen to more than one show and it’ll become apparent that these guys are smart.

    This is not going to ever change. Sorry.

  12. I really don’t think Gary can eat 100 nuggets, but goddamn I would pay good money to see him try on the next OCTOBERKAST. For the children!

  13. I don’t know why people were recommending Lumias when they didn’t know about the upgrade path. Months ago I wrote a post on here for someone looking for phone advice and I said “hey, WinPho is great, but upgrade path isn’t announced, and there is a chance you won’t get WP8”.

    It was a really bad idea to preach L900 as the best phone ever and recommend it to everyone unconditionally. Sure, MS is responsible for leaving users behind, but I’m not sure what gave anyone the idea that any of the current gen phones would be upgradable to WP8. Even if they didn’t say it, it should still have been a very clear and very real possibility.

  14. I can’t listen to this episode. The audio levels are too uneven. If I set mu playback volume high enough to hear the lowest parts, I jump out of my seat whenever someone speaks at normal volume.

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