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Episode 124 – Brought to You By Starbucks – 5/31/2012

On this week’s episode, Gary shares medical terminology, Norm is ambivalent about the Beatles, and Will peels a banana. All that, plus Windows 8 Release Preview, Facebook, RIM, Space X, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “Episode 124 – Brought to You By Starbucks – 5/31/2012

  1. Eh, I used to like Denny’s, but the last couple times I’ve gone have been completely miserable. Norm’s(a SoCal chain), however, is the bomb diggity.

  2. Two thirds of the Jimi Hendrix experience were English, can we claim them too?

    As for the baby poo thing? It’s been said a million times before but it’s different when its your own kid. You dont see smelly poo, you see your own flesh and blood needing to be cleaned. It’s this weird chemical thing that cant be explained completely until you experience it for yourself.

  3. I am going to be yelled at for saying this but I am 23 and have no interest in The Beatles. The only album I have any affinity for is Abbey Road otherwise I find their stuff kind of bad which is weird because I am always told I am someone who should love The Beatles.

  4. Two awesome things have just returned. The first being Gary and the second being the Dub-step intro.

    Love the dub-step intro.

    also from Will “we are talking about shrouding a lot, I don’t know if people care”

    I for one find it fascinating and would like to hear more.

  5. Just wanted to comment on the RIM conversation. A concern with RIM going down the toilet is that from what I can see is that the competition is only beating them on the handset side of things. One of the major reasons businesses use Blackberrys was due to the easy of integration of the BES systems in to corporate networks and the level of security of the devices. Also when someone upgraded a handset it all they did was update the BES with the new pin and all the persons contacts, calender and other tasks were pushed to the phone. I have not seen what Apple and Google’s answers are for a replacement for a BES in a corporate world. I would assume Microsoft’s answer would be a system that is apart of the the Windows server systems.

    If anyone know’s of the equivalent of a BES for Android phones I would like hear about it since most of the people using smart phones where I work are using Androids and we’ll soon be needing a synced system like that soon.

  6. So the podcast that has some amazing moments that we’d have to see to believe (the banana part) isn’t accessible or archived on video ANYWHERE?! I have to see this banana thing Will did.

    Also, yes, keep the intro. I really, really hate the canned production studio sound of the Tested music. Keep the dubstep+meme intro!

  7. Will, I don’t know how Denny’s are on the West coast, but on the east coast they are considered the rock bottom, back-alley, scum of the earth restaurant. I once waited 35 minutes for a short stack of pancakes. Never went back.

  8. Slow down buddy. So you trash King Crimson a few months ago and I let it go, but insulting Rush is the ultimate offense. Fuck you Will. You are now basically Neuman to my Jerry Seinfeld. You are just a nuisance and that I never, every want to have anything to do with. If you do not like Rush, then you have no soul. You probably listen to Yanni or some gay shit. And how can you judge a band you don’t even know. They have like 20 fucking albums. Have you heard every single album and every single song from this band. No? I didn’t thing so. Only 5 of their albums are the “Pretentious Prog” that you detest so much. Many of them could even be considered mainstream. But regardless, I have now truly lost all respect for you. If anyone is pretentious its you and your damn coffee.

    Now Gary on the other hand, I love the fact that you are open minded. You actually have decent musical taste, so Start with Moving pictures to get into Rush. Then get 2112. Gary I think you will really enjoy them. Here’s three little samples. Keep in mind they have a few different eras and styles. Enjoy 🙂




    Keep in mind that all these songs are under 5 minutes, but to Will, anything over 3 minutes is considered pretentious. Gary, Rush is my favorite band in the world, and I know you will love them. They are going on tour in the fall and If you want to get into Rush, just go see them live. It the experience of a lifetime. But will is not invited though. He can go see Nickelback.

    And also Gary here is a site that ranks all 20 of the albums. It helped me out as I was getting into them


    Enjoy Gary, You have just taken your first step into a much larger world.

  9. Holy hell dude, I don’t think a single comment could drive someone away from Rush as much as yours did. I love Rush, Moving Pictures is pretty much a seminal album in my eyes, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  10. More music talk next week please! I’d love to hear you guys talk more about concept albums since you left out one of the most obvious ones *cough cough* The Wall *cough cough*

  11. First person horror games are terrifying. It’s why I couldn’t get through System Shock 2.

  12. The Banana thing blew my mind. I have always peeled bananas by breaking and biting it in the “throat” to break the top.

  13. I go through 14 GB/day of bandwidth at home, minimum, thanks to my unlimited settings on my Backblaze backup service. No pirating involved. My computer is just connected to a great deal of data every day via external drives/VM images, and everything it sees gets fired off to Backblaze servers as soon as changes are made. For example, every time I boot a virtual machine, that modified image gets re-uploaded. It is wasteful, to be sure… but at least I have confidence in my data security. If my cable modem over-heats and burns down my flat, I loose nothing but a bunch of expendable (insured) hardware.

    For a while my internet usage was nuking my flat-mate’s connection, but this was solved by piggybacking a private Airport Express network off of a WRT54G router’s Ethernet jack ($20 on Amazon), and setting the QoS level for the port serving the Airport Express to “low”. QoS on a per-jack-basis works beautifully. The machine running the backup software connects to the invisible (no SSID broadcast, so as not to confuse), throttled, Airport Express, and everything else taps in directly to the SSID broadcasting WRT54G box. I get to have my cake and eat it too!

    I also have uncapped internet, no Comcast.

  14. Not to be pedantic, but cashews aren’t technically nuts either. They’re the seed of the cashew apple. Neither are almonds, walnuts or pistachios.

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