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Episode 117 – A Voyage of Discovery – 4/19/2012

On this week’s adults-only show, Will continues his battle against the squirrels, Norm finds a VCR, and Gary answers a question. All that, plus your questions answered, the latest on Windows 8’s official name, and another episode of fake outtakes.

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28 thoughts on “Episode 117 – A Voyage of Discovery – 4/19/2012

  1. Korwin just replied to your comment:

    You guys have been using that same picture for every Windows Phone 7 articles and for some reasons, everytime I get hypnotised by the lady. 


    Its the smile. It suckers me in every time. 😛

    I think Wes has a shrine to “Windows Phone 7 Girl” in a cupboard at home.

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    WP7 Mango Leaks: Audio Recognition, Windows Messenger

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  2. I did a spittake due to the dubstep intro.

    *Edit* Also Fez > Journey. Not that Journey isn’t a good game but it’s got all the emotional impact of a Hallmark Card commercial.

  3. Will’s hatred toward Ikea is really weird to me. For example, Gary is right when he says that Ikea’s kitchen are really good. Not only do they look good (they have so many designs that it’s hard to not like any of them) they’re really solid and their appliances are top-notch. Because of their supply chain and bulk (something Will appreciates when it comes to Apple) they’re able to offer excellent quality for prices that can meet most people’s wallets.

  4. Cool article about the original Windows XP wallpaper.


    And about the money he maid with that picture:

    So how much did O’Rear get for taking what is considered one of the most famous photos of all time? A non-disclosure agreement prevents him from revealing the actual figure, but according to Napa Valley Register, O’Rear stated that it was:

    “extraordinary” and second only to that paid to another living, working photographer for the photo of then-President Bill Clinton hugging Monica Lewinsky.

    Oh and here’s the exact link to the spot in Google Streetview:


  5. Reading between the lines it seems to me that Will hates being dragged around IKEA (probably by his wife) more than IKEA itself. Whether he can say that within earshot of his wife is a different matter entirely.

    BTW, the Windows Wallpaper thing? This is quite literally 50 yards from where I work:


    Anybody else live/work near one of those places?

  6. I saw the Enterprise on the launch pad when I was young.

    I was really into space and my parents took me to Cape Canaveral, so we’re on the tour bus and I started shouting “The Space shuttle is on the launch pad the space shuttle is on the launch pad!!” (in French mind you), The tour lady is trying to explain to me that it’s was a model they used to fit the launch pad and test the piggy back rides, but I was so excited I could not remember any English and kept answering her in French :).

    I also argued with the lady when she said that this was the buggy the astronauts had ridden on the moon until she admitted that it was one just like it since they had left them there. (I was a very literal young man 🙂 )

    It is sad that the excitement towards the space program has gone away, those are cherished childhood memories.

  7. After all the Windows phone love you guys still choose Android over it because of apps? I like what Ryan said on the bombcast… he went back to iphone but found himself using the exact same apps that he had on his Windows phone. Who cares about the quantity of apps if most of them are garbage. I enjoy Windows’ OS quite a bit (thus why I’m defending it). Spotify was the only must-have app for me which is, indeed, on Windows Phone.

  8. I think Will is dramatically missing the point of the “That’s racist” joke. Or maybe missing the joke is the joke? That’s probably too deep.

  9. I got sick after eating the meatballs at Ikea (in France, if that matters at all). They weren’t all that terrible, but after feeling THAT horrible, I couldn’t look at meatballs for a year.

  10. Great podcast, I will come out in defense of Red Box though. If you live nearby (I’ve been in walking distance to a few at old apartments) it’s really not a bad way to grab a $0.99 rental for a night, especially if you can summon the Hal Jordan-esque willpower to return it the next day. The benefit to Red Box is that they usually have titles available that get pulled from more convenient rental services like Amazon and iTunes, and are typically cheaper.

  11. I love Tested, and until now, I had thought that everything they have done since the change was great. But this new theme…


    That is all.

    Also, I agree that Captain America is a MUCH better movie than Thor.

  12. Does Android really need be the same across all devices? Why can’t each brand be considered a distro of Android? Then you would only expect the same experience between phones of the same brand. Like if you had a DINC, you would than expect the Rezound to be similar; or if you had a Droid X, you would expect the Razr to be similar. You wouldn’t expect the same experience between different Linux distros, like Ubuntu and Oracle Linux.

  13. Gary must not have birdfeeders. Squirrels are the fucking worst. They go through birdseed like crazy, and that shit ain’t cheap. Little bastards are crafty, too. Will is right in his anger, and I have seen others go much crazier than he over squirrels stealing seed.

    Also with Norm on Thor. While I didn’t think Thor was incredible (though it was good), it was way more interesting than boring Captain America.

  14. I don’t like Ikea either, but for entirely different reasons. I can’t agree with their labor practices here in the US, due to lax labor laws. Just google “Ikea labor practices” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  15. I am behind in my podcasts… But I have to say, Ikea’s food is horrible. I do not understand why people like it. It’s not even mediocre, it’s just terrible.

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