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The Mandalorian Season 2 SPOILERCAST – The Adam Savage Project – 12/8/20

With just two more episodes to go in the second season of The Mandalorian, we get together for an extended spoilercast discussion of the season so far, going episode by episode to discuss our favorite moments, reveltations, and portrayals. Spoilers within, so make sure you’re caught up before you listen! How do you think this season will end?

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2 thoughts on “The Mandalorian Season 2 SPOILERCAST – The Adam Savage Project – 12/8/20

  1. Okay, here’s the list of what Clone Wars and Rebels episodes are worth watching if you want the background on The Mandalorian, but don’t want to go through the full Clone Wars or Rebels.

    Episodes to Watch:

    Potentially watch these…mostly just related to the first must-watch block:

    Clone Wars S2E13: The Mandalore Plot
    Clone Wars S2E14: Voyage of Temptation
    Clone Wars S2E15: Duchess of Mandalore


    Clone Wars S4E14: A Friend in Need

    Definitely watch these:

    Clone Wars S5E14: Eminence
    Clone Wars S5E15: Shades of Reason
    Clone Wars S5E16: The Lawless

    One of the better arcs of Clone Wars, but really only background on a side character:

    Clone Wars S5E17: Sabotage
    Clone Wars S5E18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
    Clone Wars S5E19: To Catch a Jedi
    Clone Wars S5E20: The Wrong Jedi

    Setup for the next must watch episodes:

    Clone Wars S7E7: Dangerous Debt
    Clone Wars S7E8: Together Again

    Definitely watch these:

    Clone Wars S7E9: Old Friends Not Forgotten
    Clone Wars S7E10: The Phantom Apprentice

    Not related to The Mandalorian but completes several of the the arcs of the recent episodes:

    Clone Wars S7E11: Shattered
    Clone Wars S7E12: Victory and Death

    Probably want to watch these as well:

    Rebels S3E11: Visions_and_Voices
    Rebels S3E15: Trials of the Darksaber
    Rebels S3E16: Legacy of Mandalore
    Rebels S4E1-2: Heroes of Mandalore

  2. That list is a good start.

    You are missing SO much watching Mando without having seen Clone Wars AND REBELS first. The first time I saw the Dark Saber I wanted to know what happened to Bo-Katan… It belongs to her. The history of Mando’s warrior sect that Bo-Katan laid out for him in “The Heiress”… We know many of those characters and understand a lot about what makes Mando tick because of all the Mandalorian history in Clone Wars and Rebels . When you first saw two white light sabers light up seconds into “The Jedi” my house broke into cheers and tears of joy to finally see Ahsoka brought to life. Yeah it was a cool fight, but you missed the joy that we experienced seeing an old friend in action. I would argue that Ahsoka Tano is the deepest, most developed, most complex character in the entire Star Wars universe brought to life. She was side by side with Anakin as he drifted towards the dark side, she followed him down that path for a while, but when the time came she chose the light path. When she refused to train Grogu its because she watched her master turn evil. In the end she is the anti-vader… and all of that story has been told in animation. You also have no idea how significant the conversation between Ahsoka and the Magistrate was because you don’t know the major character they discussed and how he connects to the fate of another Jedi in Rebels. I could go on and on.

    In my opinion, Mando is influenced more by the context of Clone Wars and Rebels than it is by the films. In many ways it picks up right where Rebels leaves off.

    Note season one of Clone Wars is pretty weak. Season two is iffy. But Jar Jar eventually disappears and I guarantee you’ll cry by the time we get to the season seven finale. Rebels equally has its rough moments at the start, but is even more important in that we see the very beginning of the Rebellion form. By Season two it’s a great show.

    And coming soon we’ll have “The Bad Batch”… You’ve gotta watch Clone Wars to know their story.

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