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All Good Things… – The Adam Savage Project – 1/15/21

Adam and Norm have an announcement to make–this will be the final episode of The Adam Savage Project. After 8 years of recording the podcast, we’re refocusing our energies on other Tested projects including the bi-weekly livestreams. It’s been a wonderful and amazing run–thanks so much for listening!

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23 thoughts on “All Good Things… – The Adam Savage Project – 1/15/21

  1. End of an era, I’ve been listening every week since 2014. It’s like hanging out with friends. I don’t watch many of the livestreams because I don’t have time, but I can listen to podcasts while walking to and from work. I’ve enjoyed the interviews and spoilercasts a lot and I’ll really miss it.

  2. Really going to miss the podcast. Felt like a friend group with me as the silent one. Good luck in your endeavors!

  3. I’m very disappointed, certainly it was a major way to help get thru 2020, and many many years before. I am weeping! 🙁

  4. I hope that, in choosing to refocus your energies, some consideration is given to the bias effect of doing more of what the people who choose to interact want. The fans who are willing to reach out on a live stream or something more interactive are not everyone. So much of the current media landscape is dominated by people shouting me me me and content being created for that small loud group. The podcast was a way that the rest of us could feel like we were participating. You have fans who are shy, who are somewhere on one spectrum or another, who would never think of talking to you in a live format. Even fans for whom video is inherently uncomfortable because of how much closer it is to personal interaction. Please do not forget us.

  5. aw, this is indeed sad. i appreciated the different foci of this podcast and this is only a test as really good complements to each other. while the live streams i’ve managed to catch are interesting in their own right, i don’t think they quite hit the spot for me. but we’ll see what comes of it all when we get there!

    many thanks for nine (nine?!?) years of really good podcasts! and here’s to adam hopping in on tioat every once in a while! now that i think of it, i realise we haven’t had much of adam and kishore talking to each other at all, and that really sounds like a missed opportunity in dire need of unmissing itself.

  6. I’m sad to hear the podcast is ending. There didn’t seem to be mention of it on any of the recent episodes so it really caught me by surprise. I love watching the other videos on Tested but I’ve found that the podcast is the one thing I’m able to fit consistently into my schedule. I haven’t discovered anything else that covers the same combination of movies, TV shows and maker topics. I look forward to what Tested has coming but will definitely miss the podcast.

  7. I will miss the podcast greatly. I’m one of those listeners who has heard every episode, with the sole exception of the one with Tom Sachs, which I had to stop halfway through because I couldn’t stand his self obsession. Other than this rare blip, the quality of the guests and topics has been great. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next!

  8. I have to say, it was a bit of a shock when I listened to the announcement. I came into the podcast at around episode 5 or 10 when, to get personal for a moment, I’d not long split up with my girlfriend (we got back together not long after and everything’s been great, yay). I’d moved back into my parents house and was, needless to say, pretty depressed. I stumbled across the Tested site, and the podcast, whilst idly browsing one evening. I’d never listened to a podcast before and didn’t really know what they were about, but I was instantly hooked. I could barely believe (still can’t sometimes) that I could sit in on these awesome conversations about all kinds of cool stuff…..FOR FREE! Lol. Still Untitled (yes, I know you changed the name, but that’s how I’ll always think of it) was a jumping off point for me for podcasts in general and the maker movement and a lot of the other topics discussed.
    Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to give heartfelt thanks for all of the education, entertainment, distraction and cause for introspection over the past eight or so years. It’s been an awesome ride and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Thank you.

  9. Well, i’m clearly not the only one sad about this. Of course we all will keep giving you all on tested our support, but this one specialy was on the small group of shows that I waited to every week.
    Being honest, it wasn’t the same since you came back from your hiatus. But still i’ll miss the shop talks with your friends

  10. Really sad to see the podcast end. I’m not a maker, more maker adjacent and liked hearing about a lot of what was discussed on the podcast. I really enjoyed some of the spoiler casts and the book recs. I learned a bit, laughed a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed the weekly 30ish minutes I spent with Will, Norm and Adam. I am going to miss this podcast. But, I appreciate the decision to prioritize what is important to you guys, alas, it just won’t include me.

  11. Honestly, the maker/cosplay stuff is what I’ve always been least interested in from the podcast, as a listener from day 1. The only Tested content I consume is this podcast and This is Only a Test. It’s sad to see this podcast go (I’ll miss the media recommendations and discussions), but increasing politicization of some of the discussions has been off putting, to the extent that I don’t listen to episodes immediately anymore.

  12. Noooooo. Not now. Not in the times we live in now. I’ve been working from home for almost a year and these podcast are like having colleagues talking in the background.
    The water cooler conversations.
    I watch the video’s and livestreams too but those are media that you can’t ‘consume’ while working.
    Sometime podcasts are the things that keep me focused while working.
    I will miss this podcast.
    It will always be untitled…

  13. I’m really sad at this news! This was one of the first podcasts I really got into and I always look forward to new episodes. Thanks for all of the great conversations, I’m really going to miss this podcast. (And I’ll keep my fingers lightly crossed for a renewal in the future).

  14. Really bummed at this. I get it. I’m not mad. Lord knows, the world *sucks* right now and have forced LOTS of changes. But I will realllly miss this podcast. It was my Gateway to Tested. It is the reason I became a supporter via YouTube (which never really worked, BTW – never knew when live streams were going to happen/were happening/had happened) but … well, I’ve ended that because while I watch other content from Tested, to me Still Untitled was The Thing.

    But I get it and I’m not mad in the same way I wasn’t mad when Will left.

    Good luck guys!

  15. I will really miss this podcast. I have been listening since the very first episode. I hope you guys can still do spoilercasts. I will follow what I can on YouTube, but as other people have commented this was something I could consume on the go. I can’t watch YouTube while driving.
    Please do a new podcast maybe monthly or bimonthly with spoilercasts.

  16. Thank you guys having listened to the entire catalog over the years. I am a little sad to no long have you guys with me on my commute to work. It’s been a pleasure to get to know all of you even if it’s been a one sided conversation. You make great car pool partners.

  17. Thank you so much for all the great years! I’m in club full catalogue, and listening to you helped me through many tough points in my life! I guess I’ll start again from the beginning!

  18. Ah, so that is what happened. I’ve been watching the podcast on YouTube and never saw this episode show in my queue. Very sad to see the end, but I am still listening to back log and enjoying the other Tested series. Thanks for the years of listening content.

  19. Been listening for years and so sad it’s coming to an end. Many times Adam’s talked about his dining experiences with other people and the conversations they’ve had and this series has been the closest I’ll ever get to having that experience. I am seriously going to miss it. Due to circumstances I fell about a year behind on Trsted and am now catching up quickly.

    Hope you bring something like it back in the near future.

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