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Simone Giertz – The Adam Savage Project – 9/8/20

The very first guest on our relaunched podcast is none other than our dear friend Simone Giertz! We check in with Simone to talk about the development of her Every Day Calendar, embarking on projects during the lockdown, and an impending change to her workshop.

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6 thoughts on “Simone Giertz – The Adam Savage Project – 9/8/20

  1. It’s great to see Simone back on the podcast! It’s also easy to see why people would be supportive and understanding during her Kickstarter project. She’s so lovable, and we want to see her reach her goals!

  2. Hi Adam:

    Heat wave eh!

    I thought by this time you would think about a Heat Pump.

    They are 300% efficient,(cheap), And as well as cooling the house, they dry the air.

    Does Sanfrancisco cool down at night time, like BC?

  3. This is great. I was just thinking the other day… “Haven’t visited Tested in a while. I wonder how Simone is doing.” So glad to see her creating new things.

  4. I sometimes think crowdfunding sites should have some kind of professional project manager/consultant who does a sanity-check on every project on the site…. some of the timelines are totally unrealistic, and some are only _somewhat_ unrealistic – very few are totally realistic.

  5. My rule of thumb for hardware crowdfunding is to expect at minimum a 12 month extension on the expected delivery date listed, and more realistically, 18 months.

    I work in product development, and know that unless the company already has at least one product in the market, they will not release anything resembling a consumer product in less than two years. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

    Hell, even for a book I’ll automatically assume it’ll be delayed 6-9 months for printing and distribution issues alone unless it is from an actual publisher.

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