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We’re Back – The Adam Savage Project – 9/1/20

After a summer break, we’re back with new episodes of the podcast! Adam and Norm discuss the changes we’re making to the show, including finally giving it a title: The Adam Savage Project. We’ll be joined by a guest each week to talk about their creative inspirations, and share our own journeys in making during these past months in lockdown. Plus, we announce Tested Channel Memberships and explain how you can help us continue to make build videos! Thanks so much to Will for being a great co-host with us for the past eight years, and please check out his Tech Pod podcast here: https://techpod.content.town/

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14 thoughts on “We’re Back – The Adam Savage Project – 9/1/20

  1. Thank you for a really refreshing episode! Sometimes having limitation imposed on us, on purpose or not, can have great outcome for the creative process. Tested has produced amazing maker content during the summer that has helped me a a lot.

    I’ll remembers Norm’s words about being aware of what I love about a project. Now that you said it, it was so obvious that it’s what Tested is all about.

    Thanks to Will for his faithful service all these years and all his interesting perspectives.

  2. Great to see you guys back. Sad to see that Will won’t be continuing, but understand his reasons. He has always been an interesting voice on the pod.

    I would love to hear more from Joey. Always love to see videos with Joey in front of the camera.

  3. I’m having some real mixed feelings. On the one hand hearing about others on the Tested crew sounds amazing. On the other hand, the name change implies this podcast becoming more of a vanity project for Adam, which isn’t good for anyone.

    Will was willing to challenge and tease out what was discussed, to the point I sometimes cringed(in a good way if that’s possible). I think that constant voice served this podcast well, and this shift in interpersonal dynamics could be a recipe for you guys taking yourselves too seriously and losing the good served by being challenged. The risk of becoming your own echo chamber, something you’ve wisely advised against in variously contexts, becomes very real for you if this is your trajectory.

  4. The podcast has always been called “The Adam Savage Project”, they are just removing the “Still Untitled” from the front of the name. Which I suppose is fair after 8+ years, even if I’m not sure it is really necessary in order to change up the structure.

  5. Re-visit the first 3 minutes of the podcast and Adam himself refers directly to the change. My point was not about the name change per se, but rather there is clear intent that this change/modification signals. It is this editorial change in voice and narrative and the accompanying personnel change that is my point. Trees, meet forest.

  6. Will has always been a guest on this podcast he stepped away from tested to work on his own VR podcast and has then stepped in as a guest role for the podcast. people might have thought will was a normal member of this podcast as he stepped in during the beginings of the lockdown as a 3rd person and stayed throughout most of the podcast (i did always find will and norms banter interesting though and would love to see him step in at times).

  7. Thanks Adam and Norm for the last 8 years, and the years yet to come, of course.

    I am one of the people who has benefited from Adam’s encouragement to dig into the hobbies I like and not worry what other people like. This has lead to my collecting many Star Wars and space Lego kits, and building some of them many times.

    Tested has also encouraged me to look at everything I make as a prototype. It takes away the pressure of perfection because nothing has to be ‘finished’ but each time I make something, it can be a variation on the previous one and there is always an option to make another one if I think of something else I want to try.

    I prefer the dynamic with 3 people. It seemed to me that Will’s job on the podcast was to make Adam’s stories last longer by introducing digressions along the way, and I hope you will look for ‘3rd chairs’ who are willing to interrupt.

  8. Are you thinking of the This Is Only A Test podcast? Will’s always stayed on Still Untitled even after leaving Tested, until now. Hell, whenever he was on, he would do the intro, that’s hardly being a guest.

  9. first off, good podcast, guys! lots of good talk, not just chitchat. (chitchat is great, too.) what you mentioned about momentum and closure events also ties into the checkbox lists from every tool…, or simone’s calendar. there is satisfaction both in being on a roll, lining up those complete streaks of implicit or explicit checkmarks on our lists, and also in the payoff of having fully completed a thing, whatever that means for a person.

    and i’m happy norm found the unexpected joy in seeing somebody else find what you did good enough to use. it really is a great moment that feels like free cake for everyone.

    regarding the old premium programme and new channel subscriptions: while it won’t be something i can continue supporting you on (for me, it’s not so much about the pricing – and those tiers can get adjusted anyway, should they make too many people unhappy – but about it being tied to the google ecosystem), i see where you’re coming from. you’re not running a big ship and you can’t easily leverage enough staff to roll your own solution. the lack of work on the site’s infrastructure over the years shows that clear enough. outsourcing the payment programme to youtube makes total sense.

    of course i’m sad to see will go, because i enjoy him a great deal. i hope we’ll get to hear the dubstep intro often in the future. what i’m not fearing is that the lack of will on this podcast means there won’t be anyone putting adam on the spot occasionally. back when will and norm co-ran tested, it has always been the social dynamic between the two for will to be more forward. and ever since he left, norm rose to the occasion of filling that spot in his own way. still untitled was the last holdout for that old-tested dynamic between will and norm. he’ll rise to this occasion as well, i have no doubt.

  10. Yeh, I’ve got the same question as Darren

    I’ve been a premium member since 2015 (although I notice my credit card expired and it didn’t renew).

    The forums have been useless (either full of spam or non-functional) for that entire time, only 7 premium video this year which is less than one a month.

    I love your content, but you are making it really hard to support you.

    And now it is erroring while I try to post this!!!

  11. I like the changes, although I am one that likes things to stay the way they are. Still untitled was also a good title in my opinion. 🙂

    My FAVOURITE episode is the Halloween one about Snakes and gene sequencing.

    I can’t wait for more of these kinds of episodes. Also I am very curious about the commentary on older video’s that sounds like a real deep dive.

    KEEP IT UP! I have a feeling that the next 8 yeas will be even better!

    Hoppend (Huib) From the Netherlands.

  12. Happy to have you guys back podcasting, you have been missed over the summer and Will will be missed here as well.

    I understand what you say about the projects that move you to make being from your own perspective and therefore within your own gaze. And that is great, because anything done with enthusiasm is interesting to hear about. I personally would appreciate if you then try to bring in guests with the same enthusiasm for making that you have, but that share a very different gaze to yourselves. I think in today’s society, it’s good for all of us to reach outside our little bubbles and get new perspectives.

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