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Remembering Grant – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/14/20

Adam shares stories of his friendship and time working with Grant Imahara at ILM and on Mythbusters. Still Untitled will be going on a summer break and returning this fall. Please let us know what segments you’ve enjoyed listening to in the past and what you’d like to see in future episodes. Thanks for subscribing!

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25 thoughts on “Remembering Grant – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/14/20

  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend, Adam. Grant will be missed by many people like me who only knew him from Mythbusters and the other places that he appeared, but still felt like he was a friend.

  2. I just posted on insta, but this seems a better place.

    2007ish we were down for makersfair, one of us is friends with one of your camera guys. Adam an Jamie were in South America for sharkweek, but we went to MI5, pretty cool, then to the other shop where they were working on superhero stuff, batmobile, etc.Grant immediately gave us the grand tour showing where they shot the grappling hook through the wall, and where the civil war rocket almost burned the place down, a baseball hitting thingy for an upcoming show (there was an “adult” robot that he was repairing for someone, but we swore to keep the secret, sorry Grant). So excited an happy to show his toys, made us feel just as smart and interesting. Like we were old friends, and not 3 yahoos he had just met. A rare breed, truly nice/kind. the world is lessened by his absence.

  3. So sad to hear about Grant’s sudden passing.

    As for the question at the end of the podcast: My favourite thing about the pod is when Will, Norm, and Adam just chat about current events, and things going on in their lives. I also love it when the guys talk about movies and television. The biggest moment(s) from the podcast is when they introduced me to “The Martian” book, and specifically, the audiobook, and then all of the moments that eventually lead to the Spoilercast about the movie!

  4. So sad to learn of Grant’s passing. He was always one of my favorite parts of Mythbusters, and loved hearing some great stories about him.

    As for the future of the podcast, I like the general mix of talking about current events/movies/shows. Love the spoilercasts and whenever there are guests. Maybe increase the length a bit and a bit of structure, kind of like This is Only a Test.

  5. Grant was a big part of why I loved Mythbusters growing up, and an inspiration with his incredible skills and personality. You could really tell he loved what he was doing, and was happy to be able to share that with people via the show.

    Even though he was a late addition to the team, I remember seeing his first few episodes and thinking it was incredible how well he fit in… and then I discovered that he of course knew everyone from before through ILM and fighting robots.

    He had an impressive range as a maker, and I remember finding out that he used to play C3PO for official appearances which also makes perfect sense.

    I have been lucky enough to meet 3 of the 5 main Mythbusters and tell them how much of an influence they have been, sadly Grant was not one of them. I’ll miss seeing his new projects pop up in my feed.

  6. Hi guys, so sorry to hear about Grant, condolences to his family and to you Adam, an idea for the future, how about having Tory or Kari on , not a regular gig but a catch up on what they are doing, and I know Jamie had a chance to be apart of Tested and passed , but maybe a catch up with him as well .

  7. I was so sad to hear of Grant’s passing. I’m so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy.

    -Anthony S.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Grant. Such a devastating loss. For all of us, really, in our own small way. Thank you for taking a moment today to let us share in your remembrance of him.

    Moments like this, today, are what have drawn me to your Tested podcasts. I only discovered the Tested site after the shelter-in-place began. Listening to you express the same fears and frustrations so many of us face, sharing in the joy of your makes, your space, your pop-culture references. These are the moments I have most enjoyed, just feeling connected to a kindred spirit.

    Thank you for so generously sharing your time and energy with us all. Will look forward to seeing you again at the end of summer. Stay safe.

  9. Condolences to Grant’s many families and friends, the number of lives he touched seem uncountable and in all of those people a part of him will live on.

    “The treasure of a life
    Is a measure of love and respect
    The way you live, the gifts that you give
    In the fullness of time
    A garden to nurture and protect” -The Garden by Rush
  10. Grant had best line of any Mythbuster episode. During episode where he, Tory and Kari had to dodge zombies and not get touched or caught. It was Tory’s turn and Grant yelled to the zombies just as he started, “I hope you like Italian food”.

  11. My Condolences to Grant’s Families and Friends.

    He really were creative and talented creator. I hoped He and Adam someday could make one day built here for Tested.

  12. Sorry for your loss Adam. I loved watching Grant in all his public appearances, equally as much as watching Adam. Watching Grant work with electronics and robotics truly allowed a connection that any electronics minded person would gravitate towards. He was a special gift to the world.

    As far the question posted at the end referencing tested podcasts; By Far the most interesting and eye-popping episode was “The Scariest Episode Yet” with Joe DeRisi … I still tell people to watch this entire episode. It has so many interesting details. I would LOVE to seem him back on the show. However considering COVID-19, I am sure he is extremely busy.

    A second would be the MIT series of episodes. That was also amazing to see all the new science an engineering going on at the center for bits and atoms.

  13. I was so sad to hear of Grant’s passing. He made it very clear on Mythbusters that he was not only a brilliant engineer but also somebody who was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge in a way that always felt generous. Thanks for the stories Adam, this episode was a great tribute.

    To answer your question about what I like most about this podcast, as somebody who spends almost all of my free time in the shop, I love the episodes where you discuss builds you guys have been working on or unique tools that you find useful. I also very much enjoy all the movie/show recommendations. I’ve watched a lot that were recommended here and many have become favorites.

  14. Nobody going to mention Geoff the robot on Craig Ferguson ‘s show that he created? He seemed like a fun person.


  15. Hi Mr. Savage, Mr. Chan, and the rest of you at Tested,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express it. I had sent a sympathy message on Instagram, but I feel compelled to write something here after watching your podcast video. Thank you so much for putting that together. I was hoping there would be some stories about Mr. Imahara from you, Mr. Savage, and this was really nice to listen to. All of you at Tested and from Mythbusters have been so inspiring to me over the years (grew up with Mythbusters), but the common love of geekdom and things (Walt Disney loved saying “things,” so it’s a valid generality) always made me feel I related to you and Mr. Imahara on some level. You are creative/geek heroes to me. Not only did I grow up with Mythbusters, but I watch/re-watch it regularly as a constant source of inspiration, enjoyment, and learning. It’s for those reasons that I guess I feel such a loss over his passing without having ever known him. I can’t imagine how you must feel having had such a connection. I lost a great friend last year who was also too young, and I know I don’t know how you feel, but I can certainly sympathize. Also, I’m sorry for the other losses you’ve had to grieve for already this year.

    What you said at the end really hit home, about making sure friends and family know you love and appreciate them. Always good advice on Tested. With that, I want to thank you and Norm for the massive amounts of inspiration I’ve gained from Tested and Mythbusters. It’s great for good and bad times. I could be having the worst day and/or be out of creative oomph (I’m a designer), and if I put on a Tested video or two, it makes all the difference. I appreciate you all, and thank you for everything. Yet again, you two have helped in a rough time just by talking and making all of us here feel a little better.

    Mr. Imahara will continue to inspire us all, and it sounds like his and all of your lives really gained something special by being interconnected that will always be with you.

    Take care,


  16. I will skip all the pleasantries because you receive so many just know that I could write a short novel filled with complements and gratitude!

    Your call for impactful moments, I need to express how meaningful the following episodes have been, I have them saved and downloaded and I listen to them often to help inspire and encourage when I have forgot the lessons they teach.

    5/17/2016 – Overcoming self doubt

    1/23/2018 – Week at WETA Workshop

    5/15/2018 – Mother and Savage

    10/23/2018 – Self Criticism

    4/30/2019 – Maker-in-Chief

    All of these moments feature important insight into the philosophy of self, life, relationships, equity, equality, respect, design, creating, making, learning, teaching, and understanding how to make sense of One’s place in this world.

    Norm said recently that he didn’t figure out who He was until he, “found his people”, a sentiment that resonates. I will share an anecdote that helps to inform my point. My wife was building ikea furniture recently whilst the children napped and I was working in the study (I am typically the one who does the ikea-ing). 30 minutes into the endeavour I thought I’d investigate her progress.

    My wife had spent the entire time knolling all the components. KNOLLING! I was tremendously proud – your influence permeates beyond your listener base.

    Thank you.

  17. Adam and Norm, thank you for taking the time during what most have been a really sorrowful day to record. As hard as it must have been (and continues to be as you mourn) I feel like honoring Mr. Imahara with raw emotion was something he deserved.

    I can say, through various hobbies, etc, that I have only heard immensely gracious things about Grant.

    In regard to the podcast, I can also say that I am so grateful to have this content in my life. The podcast started as I was wrapping up college with essentially no direction. College was really just a motion for me, as “the path” one must take to success. I was reassured through this podcast, that feeling like I was treading water trying to pursue someone else’s goals was not how I wanted to live my life.

    Finding Tested.com and the work that has been done between Adam, Norm, Will, Jeremy, Kishore, Frank, and on, really solidified the lessons I learned from Mythbusters. Mainly, that there are other people who think the obsessive need to make, the joy making brings to your soul and to others, is not only normal, but should be embraced and explored.

    Because of Mythbusters and the continued work from Adam (and the rest of the team – especially Kayte as of late!) has lead me down a path of self sufficiency in a way I didn’t think would be possible, and I am now not able to turn back.

    I really enjoy Podcast topics about challenges that need to be overcome, what is currently obsessing you hosts, and honestly, mundane stuff that makes the content feel grounded.

    You’ve collectively mentioned that the content of the site sits on the end of many workbenches – and mine is no exception.

    Please take care over this hiatus and I eagerly await the return of the cast!

  18. The absolute best thing about tested, and the podcasts, is your perspective. This includes the perspectives of those whom you bring onto the show. Share your experience, be excited about the things that excite you, bring amazing people on the show that are amazing in your eyes, and we all benefit. The stories shared about Grant Imahara are the perfect exemplar of this. I never met him. But I now know more about him than I ever could before. And we all benefit from sharing those stories.

    I love the spoilercasts when it’s about something I’m excited about, and don’t mind them when I haven no interest in the topic. I love the guests, and exploration into worlds and lives I’ve never considered. I love the discussions on topics I’m deeply familiar with, and the consideration that goes into the discussion.

    I mean – so long as you are sharing something that the team is excited about, you can’t do wrong. Which isn’t to say that there isn’t a huge amount of work in it – but more a recognition that the overall professionalism and dedication towards sharing in a deliberate and conscientious way has been in such evidence that I don’t have to worry about how the thing is done… it speaks volumes. Keep up the good work. I’ll be listening/watching when whatever comes up next arrives.

  19. Adam, Will, Norm. You asked for suggestions on the future of the podcast. All I want to say is, please keep it coming and change nothing. As an automotive engineer here in the UK, fellow nerd and maker, I find so much inspiration in every aspect of your discussions, from TV/film/book suggestions to tool tips and anecdotes. Although I’ve never and will never meet you guys, it always feels like a weekly meet up with a few mates at the pub where we chew the fat. My son and I shared many happy hours watching Mythbusters as he grew up and we share the huge loss at the passing of Grant. I just hope that you will carry on doing what you do, inspiring young minds to go forward to do what he, you and we love doing so much.

  20. It’a nice to listen to some up lifting stories after known about Grant.

    About the show, that’s what i’ll be missing, the good stories. I love to heare your shop and behind the scenes stories. But, to be honest, lately the podcast went mostly to a “How was your week” meet.

    I think you could bring some guest lets say every other week or so to chat about the stuff we all love to chat and heare. fx, mobies, books, games, work shop, etc.

  21. I couldn’t help but chuckle when Adam brought up Grant’s phobia of fish touching his feet. I remember watching one of the “Shark Week” episodes with Grant (safely) bobbing in the water yelling for help. I also learned of the powers of ginger to help with motion sickness thanks to Grant and the Mythbusters team. My wife has terrible motion sickness, but taking ginger pills allowed us to enjoy a cruise with no motion sickness.

  22. 2020 (and 2016-2019) have been rough in many ways. In these times listening to a few guys discuss their week has been a weird sort of ‘social interaction’ which I will miss.

  23. My favorite part of this podcast was the last couple minutes when Norm said “Love You Man” and Adam said “I love you man.” You could tell it was from the heart.

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