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The Hamilton Movie SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/7/20

The long-awaited release of the Hamilton movie is upon us! We have an in-depth spoilercast discussion about the film, compare it with the live performance, and discuss the details we noticed from watching it at home.

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9 thoughts on “The Hamilton Movie SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/7/20

  1. Am I missing something? So often Norm or one of the team says they will leave a link below, but I can never find any links. Am I doing something wrong? At the end of this podcast, Adam mentions a Millennium Falcom website and Norm says we’ll put a link below but I can’t see any link?

  2. Hi guys
    It was great to listen to you two geek out on the film like I do! I was all set to see the Canadian tour of the show in Toronto when Corona stopped everything. Like most, I know every second of the soundtrack. I even went and bought a new 4K tv to watch it! Just so brilliant!
    I watched it with my wife and was blown away. The next day I watched it by myself and cried like a baby thru the whole show. Such a gift. Thanks for letting us bask in the experience with you!

  3. So glad you guys covered Hamilton this week! I had no experience with the show at all until the movie came out on Friday. I looked into getting Broadway tickets a while back but was turned off by the price. If only I had known what I was missing!
    I was completely floored by the performance in the recorded version. The line that keeps sticking in my mind is when Hamilton says to Seabury “Don’t modulate the key then not debate with me!” I don’t know if it was the subtle 4th wall break or the unique humor I found in it but that was the first line that made me realize I was watching something special.
    My wife and I decided to use subtitles like Norm mostly because neither of us had listened to the libretto before and the subtitles were hugely useful especially for some of the faster rap numbers. Now that I’ve seen it, I agree that listening to the libretto first would have been the better choice. If we had done that, I would have been 100% invested from the first scene on the first watch which is how it should be.
    I also appreciate you guys covering the choreography which I don’t have a very astute eye for. I’ve already watched it twice, but now I’m going to watch it again and pay more attention to choreography since that clearly adds an important element that I didn’t notice before.
    Finally, I know there’s no way to fully match the in person theater experience but I was very impressed with how close the filmed version came. My wife and I found ourselves clapping and cheering at the end of every song mostly with tears in our eyes. I have never felt that close to a recorded performance before and it was fantastic.

  4. I like that they brought up the actors making different choices on portraying grief. I saw Hamilton in Chicago twice, with Miguel Cervantes as Hamilton. The first time, the Philip death scene and Quiet Uptown, there definitely was some emotions coming from Miguel that was different than Lin.

    However, it was nothing compared to the second time I went. This performance was only 4 weeks after Miguel’s little girl passed away from a rare form of epilepsy. I can’t explain how emotional the whole theater, from Miguel to the other cast members to audience was during those two scenes. There was a rawness that came from the stage that I have never experienced in theater.

    I can’t imagine what was going on in Miguel’s mind every day he had to perform those scenes. I wonder if he enabled him to release those grief emotions? So heartbreaking.

  5. In regard to Morricone, the podcast “The Soundtrack Show” has a great set of episodes on his work – particularly on The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

  6. I had no experience with Hamilton before my wife and I watched it on Disney plus, and that was intentional. We decided we really didn’t want to get heavily into the music of the show because we like to experience a movie for ourselves the first time we watch it. I really don’t feel like I missed much of the story by not listening to the soundtrack before watching the performance. It seems like this thrill of going into a performance of anything and not knowing what exactly is going to happen is so rare now that just being able to watch the brilliant performance by great actors and follow along for the first time, without always referencing a soundtrack, was amazing!

    We will go back and watch it again and look for many of the things discussed on the podcast.

  7. As a dutch fan, I am not familiar with the history nor the play, but you do what tested does best as conveying a level of enthousiasm that is still entertaining to listen to during a boring work day.

    PS: did you know that “norm mcdonald” is listed as the co-host of this podcast according to apple’s podcast player…?

  8. My wife and I both got really into the libretto, but I loved revisiting it on Disney+, because despite listening to it so many times, watching it (once with captions, once without) I’m really noticing and internalizing the layers, with phrasing repeating and changing meaning in so many different ways between different characters and at different times. Like when Mariah Reynolds sings the word “helpless” – it’s not even the same melody, but the choice of word seems so intentional.

    Interestingly – when we couldn’t get tickets to the touring company that came to our hometown, we got creative and checked for tickets in London during an already-planned vacation, and wound up getting to see the London Original Cast. One bit that really stuck out to me was that they actually changed a line in “Take a Break”: from “Angelica, tell my wife John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway” to “Angelica, tell my wife Vice President’s not a real job anyway,” presumably to add a little more context for a foreign audience who might be less familiar with the history.

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