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Children of Makers – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/30/20

On the 25th anniversary of the release of Apollo 13, we talk about the impact of the film, the great late Bill Paxton, and our hopes for Comic-Con at home later this month. Plus, a discussion about the ways parents try to encourage their children to be makers and find the interests and pursuits that’ll resonate.

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4 thoughts on “Children of Makers – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/30/20

  1. I was really enjoying that discussion. Such a shame it had to end.

    You all sound like wonderful Fathers

  2. Hey Norm,

    I have been a long time follower of you and the Tested gang.
    I love all the content you folks produce and will continue to watch for a long

    The one thing I was hoping you might be able to talk about on
    one of the podcasts is your reasoning for liking and recommending the play Hamilton.
    I live up in Vancouver Canada and haven’t been able to see the live show but
    was intending on eventually doing so after hearing you, Jeremy and Adam have
    such rave reviews over it. I am not as familiar with American history as so
    many others are and have to intentionally avoid it sometimes as it is easy for
    it overshadow our own politics and history as there is so much American content
    broadcast up here that it can be difficult for Canadians to weed through it
    all. That being said and what little I do know about American politics and
    history, after researching the storyline of Hamilton, I was a little surprised
    at how tone deaf the message of the play is when there are so many issues
    arising globally after the senseless murder of George Floyd.

    Is Hamilton a diverse cast making light of the horrible
    decisions the all white American founding members made and the exclusion of
    many other key people in the story that is being told?

    I still might watch on Disney+ but would love to hear your
    opinions on the story being a person of colour in America and that the rest of
    the content your team has provided has been so positive and uplifting to hear while
    we are seeing such a significant change in the worlds perception of race and equality.

    Please be aware this is not an attack or accusation of any
    opinions you or other Tested members have expressed, just a concern that there might
    be more issues attached to recommending this play to everyone other than a
    catchy soundtrack.

    Love to hear your thoughts,


    Tested Member since 2016

  3. I attended the SFWA virtual Nebula awards and conference. They did a very good job and you guys should check out their production.

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