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Institutional Knowledge – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/16/20

Adam talks about a recent shop incident getting a metal shaving stuck in his eye, and the close calls he’s had in the past concerning eye injuries. We also talk about the institutional knowledge that isn’t retained and the cases in history where it’s come back to haunt us. Plus, a renewed interest in recording unauthorized commentaries, and anticipation for Adam’s participation in Sci-Fi’s Great Debate show!

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11 thoughts on “Institutional Knowledge – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/16/20

  1. How the hell can you pay $40K for health insurance? That’s insane! The U.S. healthcare system is unbelievable.

  2. This is too long for a tweet, but I suppose it has more chance of being seen here.

    The Tested team and their friends have an unmistakably vast experience with film. I would love to see a Tested “Criterion” Collection; a set of movies selected by everyone involved with Tested, however ancillary, that are, as Adam put it, in their personal “canon”.

    More specifically, I’d love to see two lists of films with exceptional commentaries, and with unfortunate commentaries. I think that the cast commentary for Fellowship is fantastic. While I believe it fits in the category Norm doesn’t like, where anecdotes are dropped in, the interaction between the four Hobbits is awesome. Sean is gamely trying to tell stories about what happened on set, Elijah is talking about film theory and his acting process, and Dom and Billy are doing everything they can to derail any thread of conversation. Jon Favreau’s commentary on Elf is wonderful too.

    My dad and I love the movie Whale Rider. And I think it has one of the most unfortunate commentaries. It’s such a complex and touching movie, and the director basically narrates the whole thing and just says what’s happening on screen, which is…obvious and unhelpful.

    And I’d be curious to know what your favorite, if any, RiffTrax/MST3K commentaries are.

  3. I’d love to see SavageWiki, or maybe TestedWiki – curated semi-structured info about Adam’s projects and obsessions; it would laregely end up, I suspect, “the only place on the Internet with this information”. I feel like you could maybe employ an editor or technical writer to sift/organize/extract info from Adam’s legendary research archive and turn it into some kind of reference. Or I’d definitely love Adam and Ryan Nagata to collaborate on a coffeetable ‘overalls of the future’ book that’s a tome on the history and construction details of spacesuits.

  4. oh man the drops they put in your eye when you literally can’t do anything to alleviate the pain is the most magical stuff on planet earth! They left it in the room with me one time after they had put it in and i was seriously considering taking it but a bit of eye pain aint worth jailtime. However a scratched retina will make you think of doing some craaazzy things.

  5. Stories involving someone being brought out of retirement to do something a little odd always sadden me. It generally means that industry has lost knowledge of how to do something without even realising it.

  6. I do not mean this in a shaming or judgmental way, but, is it possible that you got such quick healthcare service because you are a celebrity? Worth considering.

  7. Have y’all seen Memories: The Origin of Alien? There’s a lot in it that other docs have covered, but with some great new insights. I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned it on the podcast already.

  8. He said it was with One Medical, right? They are an expensive, private service. It probably has less to do with celebrity, and more to do with being able to pay more, and pay quickly.

  9. Hey Norm, my friend Melissa was co-producer in the film “The Vast of Night” you recommended. Glad you dig it.

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