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The World Right Now – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/2/20

As protests are happening around the world in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, we try to have an open discussion about systemic racism and how we can be better allies and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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15 thoughts on “The World Right Now – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/2/20

  1. Thank you for the conversation. Not having it because it’s uncomfortable is not an option. Not having it because you are afraid you will say something wrong is not an option.

    Tested is not a how-to website. And here is no how-to here. You just have to get the reps.

    The only way forward is together.

  2. Thank you for talking about this. I was impressed by all of your authenticity and willingness to be awkward if that’s what it takes in this larger conversation. Black lives do matter

  3. Thank you for this conversation and for posting content related to this from the official Tested twitter account. In the past this type of content seemed restricted to the individual accounts of Tested staff. Seeing this change brought me to tears last night.

  4. Norm, gotta take my hat off to you especially, for carefully navigating and steering a really difficult conversation with two hotheads back to the practical and constructive. I think that outrage, while appropriate, is rarely constructive, and realistically, the most important things that are going to come from this situation are the discussion and education. Very important episode, and presented in a way that I think even those who disagree will not find offensive.

  5. As someone looking in from the outside, I really feel sorry for the general public of the US. It just seems like so many problems are created from the top down. I hope the next election creates a better outcome.

    is right, Norm did an amazing job.

  6. It’s difficult to talk politics in the US right now because things have become extremely polarized. Especially for people like yourselves who depend on attracting and keeping as many listeners as possible for your livelihoods. As influential people who garner respect from others, it is people like yourselves that have the best chance to help people think twice and try to understand what is really going on here. Thanks for this.

  7. I am shocked and disappointed that Adam thinks that a “small percentage” of the tested community would disagree with him politically, or the corollary, that conservative people would not be maker minded and have an interest in their content. I always felt good that the maker movement is something that can bring us together, something we can share, to have a common ground. I think I should be able to share Adam’s passion even if I’m not part of the echo chamber. I was appalled by a lot of their characterizations in this podcast, but I listened, and I don’t think I’m alone. I do have to call BS on “they are shooting rubber bullets so wear goggles.” That’s propaganda and fear mongering, like saying you’d better lock your doors while driving through a black neighborhood.

  8. Thank you for this conversation.

    I live in Minnesota, close to Minneapolis. This has been an insanely stressful week, watching police routinely (almost insanely) escalate to violence against peaceful protests (and medics, and journalists), and then disappear when agitators, rioters, and looters appear.

    But change is happening, at least on a local level. Several major institutions have cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. The city council is talking about defunding the department.

    Thank you for your anger, and thank you for setting aside normal nerdery in order to talk about these things.

  9. Hi guys. Thanks for talking about this. Will mentioned wanting resources for talking to your kids about race and the school my son goes to here in Seattle had some suggestions from the head of diversity and inclusion and the school counselor. Not sure if the links will come through but hopefully googling them will lead you to the articles.

    How to Talk to Children About Race

    The University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education: An Interview with Dr. Howard Stevenson – “Talking to Children After Racial Incidents”
    Teaching for Change – “Teaching About Race”
    Washington Post – “We Need More White Parents to Talk to Their Kids About Race, Especially Now”
    Teaching Tolerance – “Beyond the Golden Rule”
    USA Today – George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. What do we tell our children?

    How to Talk to Children About Tragedies and Current Events
    American Academy of Pediatrics: Talking to Children About Tragedies and Other Events
    Greater Good: Nine Tips for Talking to Kids about Trauma

  10. Milwaukee? And you all just nod along?

    I guess only the coasts of the USA actually matter… This minor inaccuracy is actually part of the reason the middle of the country feels ignored. Even when we end up with a crisis or tragedy it becomes immediately about how it applies to the coasts in some second order effect. It’s much like how you discussed white people making racism about themselves (obviously less egregious but it’s the same type of slight). It’s part of why you struggle to have a conversation with some people.

  11. i’m going to take my own advice i’m going to give and ignore it.

    we should not post and give it our view as white people, because that is the issue at point here.

    now is the time to listen. like really listen. and not pick out one point we don’t agree with and then debate that, because that is how we loose sight of the other 99% said that was more important. So talk with someone black and ask what we should do, and how. because the reason we are here is because we have always tried to improve the system for them. by doing what we think is good for them. it’s not our time to think. it’s our time to listen. just that. listen. really good.

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