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The Prototyping Impulse – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/19/20

The gang discusses their strategies for design and prototyping when embarking on a build, and the growing collection of shop tools Adam is fabricating while in lockdown. We also talk about the latest episodes of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian and the role technology played in making the Star Wars show. Plus, which of these two movies would you prefer we choose for the next spoilercast: The Raid or Snake Eyes?

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17 thoughts on “The Prototyping Impulse – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/19/20

  1. My recommendation for designing parts to laser cut is to do it in 3D. Onshape is a wonderful 3D cad program that was created by the founder of solidworks and works in any web browser, I use it for all my laser cut projects. What I do is I design my entire project in 3D with everything fitting together like it would when cut out and then I lay those parts out in a drawing which I can export as a dxf file and import into Corel Draw or illustrator. Onshape lets me draw all my parts in context of one another and I can assemble it in the program so I know everything fits, I assume most cad programs will let you do something similar.

  2. My approach to sorting LEGO:
    Forget color… that’s easy to find in a bin of same parts.
    I sort like this:

    A) 1 pin wide bricks
    B) 2 by X bricks
    C) 1 pin wide plates (incl. modifieds, separate these later if needed)
    D) 2+ wide plates (incl. modifieds, separate these later if needed)
    E) Figures and Accessories (Hats, helmets, tools, weapons etc.)
    F) Small modified bricks and special parts
    G) Large modified stuff and special parts (incl. Technics)

    If that doesn’t suffice, drill down from there… color is the last thing you sort. As everyone keeps saying it’s easy. You can do it ad hoc.
    In my case, the F box was the messiest and needed a lot more sorting.

  3. you may want to try FreeCAD. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you get it, it’s so much better than sketchup.

  4. I’ve got to agree with olla, sorting by color seems insane to me. For me it’s so much easier to pick out a given color from same pieces rather than find a specific piece in a bin full of all the same color.

  5. I can second onshape – it walks a nice line between easy to use but fully featured. Also lots of good, findable online help.

  6. Fusion 360 is ok (ranging from super frustrating ( try modelling a NPT thread from scratch.. aaaagaggghhh! or this works great !) and I managed to design reasonably complex stuff without spending ages to figure it out.

  7. This impressed me. Precision tools? Hammer, chisel, file, probably about it…

    Maria Barberini Duglioli by Giuliano Finelli – 1627

  8. I know a lot of the Disney + documentaries are kind of over glorified advertisements for Disney properties, but I feel like Prop Culture is another new series worth mentioning on Tested. I was not expecting to be so taken back by the episode on Tron. Plus it’s pretty crazy actually seeing some of the Disney archives. Being a Disney geek, there were a ton of freeze frame moments for me.

  9. Hey guys! been listening to the podcast and watching on youtube for years and finally joined the website. I had a question for Adam, and for the community. I just purchased my first big tool (Table Saw) from a garage sale since moving out of my parents house and was wondering if there are any tips you can give me for working it. Such as proper safety tips and other tools to get in junction with the saw. Thanks for all you guys do and keep it up!

  10. Tree jeremy, kishore, and i discussed Prop Culture in depth a few weeks back on This is Only a Test! We loved it!

  11. Our local theater in Hamilton, MT just opened up again. They are planning on having a drive in theater open in the next month. Since there are no new movies out, they are playing a bunch of old series for $3/show. They are playing Raiders this week. I am hoping to find time to go to that. It’s one of my favorites and will be cool to have the chance to see it in the big screen.

  12. I’m not quite clear what Adam is referring to in wanting to draw a line to a specific dimension in Illustrator since that’s a pretty basic function of the line tool (single click with the tool, type in the length and width in the pop-up). If it’s a line on an angle and you need it to cover a particular distance (ie the length of the line is different than the horizontal or vertical distance it covers) I’d just have a lower locked layer with a red or blue rectangle to the desired dimensions. There’s probably another way to do it, but that works in an intuitive way for me. The same approach makes for a super easy way to scale your whole design as well.

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