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Good Days and Bad Days – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/14/20

This week, we talk about the need to take care of ourselves and how we each are dealing with the good and not-so-good days during this lockdown. Adam revisits the work of Elmore Leonard adapted for the big screen, Will finds comfort in binge-worthy television, and Norm recommends two offbeat comedies to stream. What should the guys watch for a Spoilercast next week?

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17 thoughts on “Good Days and Bad Days – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/14/20

  1. Watch Bacurau! Brazilian movie winner of the Jury Prize on Cannes. For the love of God, you will love this movie. It was available for free a few weeks ago…

    Same vibe as Parasite, but with a touch of John Carpenter.

    Won’t give the plot because the less you know, the better.

  2. Would love to see a spoilercast on any of the following: HER (2013), Zero Dark 30 (2012), Moneyball (2011).

    What do they have in common? Chris Pratt in supporting roles before he became a breakout leading man in 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy.

    …that and they’re amazing movies.

  3. the beginning of this really strikes home with me. my fiance attempted suicide on thursday. after a myriad of health problems and being out of a job for almost a year, essentially in quarantine in our house with no interaction with anyone but me. i knew she was depressed. but i didnt know what to do to help her. Shes in the hospital now, and will most likely be there for a while. if she even manages to get out. she caused some serious damage to her body. and now im home alone for the foreseeable future. im trying not to fall into that same spiral, but damn is it difficult.

    i dont mean to get heavy, it just feels nice to get it out somewhere.

  4. If you find that you want to talk, let me know. There are a lot of little things that you can do to help yourself right now. Although I cannot offer medical advice, I can give you some examples of things others have found helpful when fighting against their suicidality. (((hugs))) if you want them.

  5. I watched and would like to hear thoughts on the ASTARTES fan made shorts out for Warhammer40K. Five parts and altogether only about 15 minutes. Part 5 was pretty cool.

  6. One film that Adam has brought up on several occasions but which neither Norm nor Will had seen (at least at the times of mention) is In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar-Wai, so I’d enjoy getting everyone’s take on that.

    Outside of feature films, I’d be interested to hear their take on the series Devs, which airs its finale tomorrow night if I’m not mistaken.

    Also, now that I think about it, I don’t think they ever did anything about The Expanse s4. I’d like their take on that one, too.

  7. I have really enjoyed your spoilercasts of the new Star Wars movies. Unless I missed it, you haven’t done one on The Rise of Skywalker yet. Please do this movie next!

  8. Guys! You have been talking about movies with long takes. How about one of the movies with the longest take ever. In fact, the whole movie, 138 minutes long, is ONE SINGLE TAKE!

    It’s called Victoria! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4226388/

    And because there are no takes, the whole movie is super tense. Edge of your seat, nail bitingly tense! Well worth watching!

  9. Edit to add: Sorry to keep piling on suggestions but I am abuzz with a film I saw last night on Hulu–Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Apropos of Tested, it does involve making (portraiture) and delves into an experience that influences a character’s process and artistic vision. But beyond that, it’s simply one of the most achingly beautiful and moving films you will ever see.

  10. Hey, have you thought about doing a still untitled episode in vr chat? Could maybe bring a tiny bit of normalcy back to see you all sitting around a table recording, even if it is as 3 avatars.

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