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Adam Goes to Camp – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/28/20

Adam and Will return from a weekend away at ORD Camp, an annual gathering of curious folks from different walks of life to share ideas and learn uniquely interesting topics ranging from taxidermy, spacesuit design, and juggling. Let’s hear some of their highlights from this unconference!

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8 thoughts on “Adam Goes to Camp – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/28/20

  1. In this context, the goal of calling out mansplainers is to ensure everyone gets equal time, if they want it. If you’re in a four person conversation, you should be talking 1/4 of the time, unless you have some actual expertise.

  2. I mean, if you want to tell people not to talk over each other, fine I guess?. Although I think it’s a bit condescending to tell grown ups how they should talk in private conversation. Especially what exact percentage of the conversation they should take up. Some people talk more, some people talk less. But that aside, why call it “mansplaining” and not just “interruption”? It implies that it’s only men who can have strong opinions about subjects that they are no experts in, and that women are free from this “sin.” Also, wouldn’t it be sexist if it was called “womansplaining?” It would, wouldn’t it?

  3. and I have to respond to Adam’s comment, “few things tasted as good as those scrambled eggs on Sunday morning after being up all night”

    I started watching Tested around 2013, when I was in medical residency. After doing overnight call (30 straight stressful hours), I would go home around noon, make a GIANT omelette, lay in bed and watch 30 minutes or so of “This Is Only A Test”, and then fall asleep. Few things tasted as good as those eggs. I will always be grateful to you because you guys and those eggs were the light at the end of many long tunnels.

  4. Enjoyed the conversation about juggling. Juggling clubs don’t have to be expensive – you can make your own very satisfactory set for less than $5 with mostly recycled materials and a few basic tools. Check out detailed instructions from the Green Club Project: http://kingstonjugglers.club/gcp/.

    A few years ago my cousin asked for juggling clubs for Christmas after losing a set his parents had given him a few years prior, and they opted not to buy him another set to help him learn to take better care of his things (and that clubs are not cheap, if he decided to buy his own). I hated to see him missing his clubs (and always enjoy passing clubs with him when we get a chance) but didn’t feel like dropping the cash for a new set, so I looked around the internet for a way to make clubs. I made him a set with the Green Club Project instructions, and liked them so much that I proceeded to make myself a set as well, which I now prefer to my Cirque du Soleil brand clubs. The Green Clubs have a nice spring handle, and it’s easy to customize the size, weight, balance, etc. to your own preferences. Best of all, it makes clubs accessible to lots more people (especially kids). The hardest part for me was finding three 2-liter soda bottles (without buying them, which would defeat the purpose of using recycled materials). Spread the word!

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