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Best Day for Museums – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/10/19

When are the best days to visit museums without big crowds? We discuss our strategies to go to attractions during the holidays, talk Dickens Fair, and gush over a recent build. Plus, we also decide on the spot to jump into a mini-Spoilercast for the most recent few episodes of Watchmen. Skip the end if you haven’t seen the show yet!

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11 thoughts on “Best Day for Museums – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/10/19

  1. Steve McQueen’s son actually recreated that car chase scene from Bullit recently. They featured the scene, as well as filming it, and making the replica Mustang on Fast and Loud this past season.

  2. Places to go when others usually don’t:
    1. Ski resorts in summer are great – usually really pretty scenery, very uncrowded, though some are catching on and becoming convention-hosting places
    2. If you want to be pampered a bit so you can focus on an introverted project (eg, writing) take a trans-atlantic cruise – they’re usually cheaper per day than normal and also usually less populated because of the combination of longer cruise (2 weeks) and a lack of port calls.

  3. the movies that made me, might be my new favorite series even more so than the toys that made me. Dan Akroid’s breakdown of Ghost Buster’s is fantastic.

  4. I’m not sure of when the quietest day to visit would be, but the Hobbiton set in New Zealand is superb and it’s a must-visit. It’s so well organised that despite the larger amount of visitors it doesn’t seem crowded.

  5. It’s sad, but I recommend visiting the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania sometime other than September.

    I used to service the fire equipment at Shanksville Fire Co. and would visit the old memorial in the middle of a weekday in March, when there were only myself and the volunteer guide at the site. The silence, the cold wind, and the isolation made it hauntingly beautiful.

  6. Museums etc – way too many to list, but quick take:

    The Roman ruins under Barcelona. Not highly visited, but huge and really well presented. It gives you just a glimpse of what is beneath your feet in the Gothic Quarter and lets you see it in a deep-time perspective.

    Herculaneum is not only less crowded than Pompeii, but it is also (in my opinion) better preserved and far more interesting. Entrance is above the excavated city which gives a really fantastic view.

    In Paris don’t miss the Musee des Arts et Metiers – it’s not crowded and is full of brilliant artefacts and models relating to science and engineering. The models alone are worth the visit, but the whole place is fantastic

    Orkney is genuinely spectacular and worth a visit, but do the big tourist spots first thing in the morning before the cruise ship buses get there. Even better, go to the Shetlands which are more remote, are stunningly beautiful, and have loads of archaeology and amazing wildlife.

  7. Oh! Forgot – the archaeology museum in Athens is stuffed full of fabulous, breathtaking things INCLUDING the antikythera mechanism which has to be one of the coolest objects in the world. No one seems to go there because it’s far away from the Acropolis. For the same reason, the Pnyx hill is a lovely walk and is usually pretty free of tourists. Possibly the least visited historic site in Athens is Plato’s Akademia – my taxi driver hadn’t heard of it and insisted on standing guard when I visited because it’s in a pretty notorious park.

  8. Hi Norm, I’ve worked for Disney the last few years and there’s definitely a few holidays where the parks aren’t so busy. Thanksgiving day, New Years morning, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are all not too bad crowd-wise. Though less-busy days sure are getting fewer and farther between!

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