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Tooling and Tool Collecting – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/26/19

We welcome back to the podcast Zach Radding–maker of awesome things and build contributor to Savage Builds! We talk about some of his favorite tools, injection mold tooling, and the kind of prototyping work he does for companies. Plus, Adam recaps some of his adventures on the set of The Expanse, and Norm lists his favorite things from DesignerCon!

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4 thoughts on “Tooling and Tool Collecting – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/26/19

  1. Olive Kitteridge is great, if you are catching up to “old” miniseries you should definitely check out The Young Pope. It’s both the weirdest superhero origin story, a study on radicalism, Jude Law’s gift to humanity, and all around obsessive, fun, campy, poetic filmmaking.

  2. For desktop wire EDM there is a specialize machine available for
    drilling very small holes in gasket materials for diamond anvil cells that are used to study high pressure mineralogy. The link is http://www.betsa.fr/edm.html It is expensive, with very limited
    capabilities, and for a very specific application, but it could possibly be modified. There may be more versatile
    options on the market, but I have limited knowledge of what else might be available.

  3. regarding the cliffhanger plot’s roots:

    the core figures of the 1970s climbing scene in yosemite’s camp 4 are called the stonemasters. one of them, john long, is credited as providing the motif of cliffhanger’s plot. another one, ron kauk, is one of the climbing doubles. (wolfgang güllich, probably the world’s best sports climber at the time, doubled stallone shortly before dying in a car crash later in 1992)

    the crashed plane in yosemite was carrying ~1 million dollars worth of marijuana, coming from colombia, and climbers became aware of it via one of their girlfriends working at the park switchboard. there’s a sequence about the whole story in valley uprising, a documentary on rock climbing in yosemite over time. (it’s leaning a bit heavily into the mythicising stonemasters angle, but it’s still a fun watch.) all in all, yosemite rock climbers in 1977 smoked a lot of weed with a fuel aftertaste, and were suddenly and uncharacteristically free of fiscal trouble. apparently, some even financed houses from the whole affair.

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