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The Tested VR Project – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/15/19

We’re joined by Tested producer Joey Fameli and special guest Eric Cheng this week to discuss filmmaking and storytelling in virtual reality and the making of our Tested VR video series. Adam shares the story of our first experiments making VR video, and what we found so compelling about the process and playing in this new format.

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12 thoughts on “The Tested VR Project – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/15/19

  1. I understand this is available for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. What are the chances this will be available for the Oculus Rift? I know the Rift systems have more power than the Go/Quest, so (he says having done mobile and computer development, but not specifically Oculus development) it *should* be easier to port up to the higher powered machines than it would be to port down.

  2. Thank you guys for experimenting and being on the cutting edge of technology with VR and 360 videos!!! It was incredibly immersive watching Adam’s sword sheath build in the shop and listening to his artifact story at the podcast table, I found myself staring at the sheered sheep’s wool clippings on the floor and wood chips and mesmerized by the masks and helmets hanging above Adam’s display shelves. Both experiences we never get to see in the standard videos.

  3. Inspiring discussion. I’d like to capture some stereo 180 footage of my childhood home before it’s sold. Any thoughts on how to mount VR180 to a gimbal to do a slow moving walkthrough? Would be great to see Adam’s cave that way.

  4. I’m not in the market for a VR headset or a PC gaming to start with – so I’d be more interested to see the series on cardboard or plain video if possible…

  5. 58 Eric mentions the importance of previewing 360 video in headset. I couldn’t agree more. I can’t tell you how many 380 or 180VR videos I’ve seem with incorrect stereo disparity, off level horizons, unwarped graphics, or that have excessive movement, all which rip me out of feeling present in the scene. These videos are probably fine to watch on a tablet, phone, desktop, but certainly not comfortable in headset. That said, Tested’s VR experience is technically perfect and great for viewing in headset 🙂 Loved it in my Quest.

  6. Lovely podcast and awesome VR App. Haven’t watched everything yet but I also liked the ‘hidden’ videos.
    I’m so glad Adam asked a question I had since receiving my Quest about faking 6dof.
    Those Facebook 3D pictures already do a decent job. Because you only need it for your natural little head movements.

    But another idea/question I have is:
    Going back to the first Matrix movie and bullet time setup. The software was interpolating/prediction the images in between the camera’s. Maybe after so many years that interpolation-power has increased enough to be used for faking 6dof. Weird idea maybe, but who knows…

  7. Thank you guys for all of the amazing insights into the practicality of 180 vs 360 VR video! I’m curious, has anyone filmed VR180 on a drone? I would love to lay on my bed (on my stomach) and look down over the edge as I fly over incredible landscapes.

  8. No real questions, but a couple comments: I think it’s awesome that you’re working at better storytelling in this VR medium, but when you address some of these fundamental questions like “How do you do a closeup?” I think you have to take into account the viewer’s user’s new environment – maybe there’s a “Magnifying glass” button that flips you to a second feed, or a ‘magnifying pane’ that can be dragged around the view and shows the high-res feed or something. I don’t know what the standard viewing tools are, but just like the rest of the medium, I’m sure they’re in flux – so realize they may change or need to change as well.

  9. I also need to know, HOW COME NO RIFT???

    I expect the answer may have to do with resolution, but you also go on about how it’s the content that’s the important thing. So bring the content to the install base that got VR started !

  10. A load of archaeologists (at least in the UK) are so excited about VR and all of its applications. I have friends developing virtual site tours and all sorts of stuff. But this gets me super buzzed because of how it gives insight into how makers make, which is so brilliant when we try to understand makers in the past. I have resisted a VR headset up ’til now, but it just got added to my wish list. . . and I’m also already mentally writing up a research proposal

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