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The Difference Between Art and Craft – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/1/19

We’re just days away from our annual trip to New York Comic Con, and the entire team is on deck prepping for the convention. Adam talks about his wonderful trip to TwitchCon to host the cosplay contest, the bummer of his car’s break-in, and a special trip to the San Diego pier. Plus, some varied recommendations in books and games!

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15 thoughts on “The Difference Between Art and Craft – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/1/19

  1. “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry” it’s part of the LoadingReadyRun streaming network on Twitch (Ask Will), and they put their VODs on YouTube.

    BTW if you’re going to do streaming you HAVE TO invest in a good moderation team. They’re essential to a good community. Will probably has a few connections with some great ones through Kate Stark.

  2. I’ve recently been seeking out other makers, crafters and artists on twitch too, for a bit of company in my office/studio. A few that I found are:

    dwuff – South African artist. She and her husband are lovely folks I have met at the artist ally section of the local cons. Also they wrote a comic book Cottonstar.

    Others I have found that seem interesting but not watched much of are:

    TimberAnew – Woodwork and carving

    BanzaiBaby – woodwork and games

    WoodworkingMasterclass – woodwork

    SasquatchShop – Woodwork

    TockCustom – Cosplay

    scanlime – Electronics, robotics, reverse engineering, etc

    Hopefully I’ll be streaming from my office/studio soon too – unakarlsencreator

  3. I think a Tested twitch stream would be amazing! I love being able to have real-time making videos on in the background while I work on my own projects.

    Something about the parallel-play aspect really helps me keep my momentum steady.

    So glad you’ve asked people to mention the channels they enjoy! The only channel I knew about has steered away from making so I’m excited to check out the recommendations!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship streaming on Twitch. It’s great when the right people show up, and interacting with fellow enthusiasts while doing what I love is great. I’ve never been able to keep a schedule with it, either because I’m currently working on a client gig, and can’t show what I’m currently doing because of secrecy, or I’m working as a compositor and away from my studio (I still do a few films a year, I still enjoy it and it’s hard to turn down that movie money). Between the schedule, my total obscurity and the occasional ass hat the shows up just to be a dick (which just ruins your day, even though you know it shouldn’t) my channel has never really got any traction. It’s fun when the conversation gets going, and you can share your interests and enthusiasm, it’s heartbreaking when you’re belittled, or working your ass off for an audience of no one. Especially when there’s a jar of peanut butter with 100 viewers :-/

    That being said I would like to shout out to some of my favorite channels:

    Paul Pape Designs
    Adam Kreutinger
    Tock Custom
    I Like To Make Stuff
    Evil Ted

  5. I primarily use Twitch for non-gaming streams. Here are a few of my favorites.

    cnotbusch (sculpting)

    PaulPapeDesigns (props, sculpting, etc.)

    maddy (digital and traditional painting)

    maxgrecke (digital painting)

    etckid (improvisational music made with viewer interaction)

    mediocrefilms (comedy)

  6. The title and recent Smithsonian content reminded me of the Renwick Gallery. It is the Smithsonian crafts museum with some cool and weird content. Last time I was there they had an exhibit of knitted super hero costumes. At Christmas time they decorate the top floor in a way that looks appropriate for the period the building was constructed.


  7. I’d love to see a Tested Twitch-stream. I imagine it’d be a bit like the Octoberkast stream and its hilarious chat, mixed with a ODB.

    Thanks to everyone sharing their favourite streamers, as someone who is not a Twitch user, it is nice to see a bit of what is out there before diving in blind.

  8. That Matthew Broderick film (that Adam claims is awful which I completely disagree with) is Ladyhawke. Yeah, the swords and chainmail are the cheap kind, but it’s a great fun movie.

  9. Glad to hear that Adam is interested in checking out the Maker & Crafting section on twitch. It’s one of my favorite sections of the site to browse around in. Here are some recommendations from my many late nights browsing the creative side of twitch. Some of these are a bit niche, but I think Adam might find them interesting.

    • JapanesePrintMaking, run by Dave Bull, a craftsman making traditional Japanese wood prints in his Tokyo workshop.
    • SamuelSculpture, Finnish artist (English speaking), he makes beautiful wood carvings, some of which can be found on his Instagram account
    • Vulpsie, a great sculptor, she specializes in small fantastical animal figures. You can find images of her figures on her Twitter
    • Oh_bother, an engineer making all kinds of electronics projects.

    Then of course, there are the cosplay streamers, of which some of the judges and contestants at the twitch contest also part of.

    Lastly, though I’m not sure if this appeals so much to Adam, but others may be interested in the many programming streams, of which many are software developers or game developers. Heck, even Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram|Alpha streams design & coding session on twitch.

  10. Well that was a disappointing lack of commentary on the subject matter. I think there’s a lot to be said about the distinctions between art and craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is skillful manipulation of a medium, and art is finding and expressing a unique point of view. They are both to be admired whether they occur together or separately. Seems to me it’s worth some thought so you can recognize and appreciate each when you see it.

  11. I love the show. An ongoing frustration is that Norm’s face is constantly blocked by a mic or mic stand, can the camera or mic be rotated 10-15 degrees?

  12. i’d also love to see the occasional twitch stream. however, considering the pull of adam’s name alone, i guess you’d have to deploy a good number of moderators or else twitch chat will almost immediately become unuseable. twitch can be amazing, but maintaining a good community is, as everywhere else, constant work.

    speaking of SCP and video games, there’s also the free game SCP containment breach, which is one of the most terror-laden video games i have ever witnessed.

  13. Will’s video game Control? sounds a bit like a video game version of the real world place “Meow Wolf”, at least the one in Santa Fe. We spent 3hrs there this summer, and could easily spend 2x that time. Tested should go…

  14. It was unfortunate that the TwitchCon cosplay contest didn’t somehow showcase more of the behind the scenes work of the contestants and the hundreds of hours they spent putting their cosplays together. It would be worthy of a Tested mini series.

  15. Since Adam made the great point in his book that software developers are makers too. There’s a guy who twitch streams his work days with a record playing in the background. He works for Numenta and Nupic, they’re modelling their AI framework on the biology of the neocortex. Numenta does the neuroscience, Nupic does the software. So cool. https://www.twitch.tv/rhyolight_/videos

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