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Sword from the Space Stone – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/9/19

One week away from the Apollo 11 anniversary celebrations, we talk about fireworks, Tom Holland, Stranger Things, and the latest episode of Savage Builds. Adam’s excalibur is simply gorgeous. Plus, we lament the closing of the last hobby shop in San Francisco.

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12 thoughts on “Sword from the Space Stone – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/9/19

  1. tested needs to start a movement where online stores are required to charge more than brick and mortar stores charge. really surprised you didn’t talk about the july 4&5 earthquakes out there.


  2. I was replaying MGSV while watching Stranger Things 3, and it made me think about how awesome it would be to have Hawkins Indiana as a MGS mod. You are sneaking around Russians in secret weapons facilities spread over an open country, stealth is favored over all out combat, you communicate via radio with your support team…the mall has airducts, for petes sake!

  3. Interesting fact…Canada had a huge contribution to the Apollo project. Besides the number of former AVRO Arrow engineers that were hired by NASA, it was also a Canadian company that built the legs for the Lunar Module….or as Col. Chris Hadfield said on Facebook: “The first Apollo feet on the Moon were Canadian! (the landing gear was made in Quebec). “

  4. Sad to hear Hobby Co. might be closing, that shop was a godsend when I lived on 23rd and Geary, and I always ended up walking out with three times as much as I was looking for.

    I hope they are able to return after the remodeling, or find a new location.

  5. Though Tom Hiddleston is the lead, Norm was also right, Tom Hollander is also in Night Manager. I can see why Adam got his Toms confused.

    I also recommend it, it has Olivia Colman, Hugh Laurie, and a bunch of other great UK actors.

  6. I desperately wanted to love that store all throughout the many years I lived in the Richmond but they just never had a single thing that I wanted so I eventually stopped bothering to go in and ask. More recently they seemed to be focusing on slime supplies and fidget spinners so it’s saddening but not surprising.

    Hobby Town in Sunnyvale is pretty much all that’s left and they seem to place Tamiya and Vallejo orders like once or twice a year so I have to be possessed by tremendous optimism to drive out there.

  7. What was the Oakeshott sword book that you guys were referring to?

    I searched his books but can’t seem to figure out which one Adam was referencing.

  8. Oakeshott developed his typology over a couple of books. It’s basically an extension of Jan Petersen De Norske Vikingsverd and work by Wheeler. You should be able to get what you need from Record of the medieval sword and Sword in the age of chivalry.

    People interested in early medieval blacksmithing might want to check Blakelock & McDonnell’s work on knives – lots of good stuff in there about edges and technology. (A review of metallographic analysis of early medieval knives – 2007). Also Andrew Welton’s Encounters with iron (2016) that looks at spearheads as well).

    While meteoric iron is super cool, early medieval smiths would have more likely used bog iron, or smelted iron ore, possibly with some recycled Roman stuff as well – tricky stuff to work with, but some of the objects they made are amazing.

    *disclaimer – early med archaeologist, but I don’t specialise in edged objects

  9. If you have never visited Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro, you are in for a treat. Huge selection of plastic models, including some very high end large scale.

    J & M Hobby House down in San Carlos is one of the last old time, Mom and Pop stores with RC and plastic.

    I haven’t been to the new location of Berkeley Ace Hardware, but I understand they have continued their hobby department, albeit in a smaller footprint.

    All three are worth a look if you live in the Bay Area.

    Also, a run up to Sacramento and you can see RC Country Hobbies, the last big (supermarket size) hobby store in Northern California. If you are up that way, do yourself a favor and visit Viking Hobby in Carmichael; this is a small but loaded plastic and wargamng figure shop that has been around for decades. A nice selection of space, and their consignment area yields old, reasonably priced treasures on a regular basis.

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