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From Fall to Fan Fusion – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/28/19

Adam watches Endgame again, goes incognito at Phoenix Fan Fusion, and teases the new Neal Stephenson book he’s reading as we get together for a tangent-heavy podcast this week. Plus, we talk screenplay rewrites, Battle Angel, and Booksmart!

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4 thoughts on “From Fall to Fan Fusion – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/28/19

  1. I had the same experience as Adam watching Endgame for the second time. I cried a lot more and was more affected. It’s such a wonderful movie. Also, the first time was the midnight showing on opening day, so incredibly packed, and the second in a basically empty theatre so it was easier to focus and get into it more.

    (The opposite of a misanthrope is a philanthrope(ist))

  2. The production of Solo began before Disney even bought Lucasfilm. It was written and rewritten and in preproduction while The Force Awakens was getting its release, and they were on a high. Both The Last Jedi and Rogue One were so deeply in production by then that they couldn’t stop what they were doing, so at that stage there was no way to know what audiences would respond to, and they still only had their own inside observations to go by in making the films all work. When you’re that close, and working in a blinded bubble, there’s no way to know if your decisions are going to succeed or fail or why.

    There have only been four Star Wars films out of Disney, with only one “controversial” one, and only one “failure”. That’s just not enough to cast judgement on whether their approach is working or not. Even what happens with The Rise Of Skywalker is not likely to have been shaped in reaction to clamouring fans. There needs to be at least six-to-eight-to-ten movies out of their stable before we can really analyse with any confidence.

    Disney’s reaction right now is to move the Anthology films into Disney+ (and potentially expand them into limited TV series format) so the budgets can be manageable and some of the pressure can be taken off.

  3. You may be right about Solo being written that early but I can confirm it did not enter official preproduction until a while after Rogue One wrapped. TLJ might have even been wrapped by that point too. Since it’s largely the same crew going from one film to the next, they’ve been knocking them out pretty fast one at a time – but they will (and they have) changed their plans at the drop of a hat regardless of what stage of production a film is on.
    Totally agree with you though that it’s way too early to judge the ‘success rate’ of Disney’s Star Wars. We’re yet to even have the first TV show and that will open up a whole new avenue of content.

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