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Avengers Endgame SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/7/19

We’ve all seen it, and now it’s time to talk about it! Adam, Will, and Norm go full spoilers in our review of Avengers: Endgame, talking about our favorite moments, the big revelations, questions unanswered, and the many scenes that made us cry. It’s a full hourlong spoilercast!

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29 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/7/19

  1. I am going to have to see this again, but I will have to make sure that no one is cutting onions in the theater this time…

  2. Re: Thor’s weight. I’ve heard similar complaints that it was a cheap joke, but honestly, I found that it is a realistic depiction of his PTSD. He’s someone who has always looked ‘godlike’, but the awful things he has been through have finally caught up to him… failing to save his mother, his father, his brother, and failing to balance his duties in Asgard and his relationship with Jane.

    He spent all his life being the hero, but every time that heroism mattered, he let the people closest to him down… failing to save everyone (by not going for the head).

    And after that, losing his cool on Thanos’ garden planet by behading him in a rage, and it still not helping anyone.

    I love that they kept him heavy, struggling with the drinking, and very, very glad that they didn’t cheap out and do the magic weight loss (which I was expecting every time he was on screen). Every character quips at him at first, but they then see how fucked up he is, and that he is struggling to stay standing, and they let him be. Like Tony’s reaction during the aether discussion showing his empathy as a fellow drinker.

    This all builds up under Thor’s arc, that he has spent his life trying to live up to Odin’s image, instead of being himself and focusing on his friends and family. His body is part of that. He is no less powerful with a belly, and doesn’t need to magic himself a six-pack to kick ass.

    And yes, Tønsberg is a real town, and was in fact one of the earliest towns in Norway (founded by vikings in the 9th century), but looks absolutely nothing like its depiction in Endgame.

    The Endgame location looks much more like Scotland/Shetland/the Faroe Islands, whereas Tønsberg looks like this today, basically, low-lying farmland:

    The “Norway” of Ragnarok was a sandstone cliff unlike anything found in Northern Europe, and the Tønsberg of Captain America was more akin to Lofoten (which is in Northern Norway, Tønsberg is in the very southern part). 🙂

  3. Quite theater at the end for us, everyone just sat there. In silence.
    Also though, Iron Man working on his suit in the darkness, was a nice “last scene”.

    I was 100% on board with Thor and his depression. Just total up all his loss (everything).

    I’ll take a A-Force movie please.

  4. CRAP NORM! you’re amazing for catching all of that. @

    This was too good to hear what everyone had to say.

  5. have to say I love Norm’s take on the funeral scene the grateful universe that tony stark created.. beautiful said Norm

  6. how long after you saw the movie did it begin to fall apart due to logic and to much thinking abut things that did not need deep thoughts ?? LOL

  7.   Also, he is still worthy, as all people suffering from ptsd are, his delight at Mjölnir still marking him worthy is a high point for sure.

  8. For sure, Thor’s joy at that moment, and at Steve grabbing it during battle was my favourite parts of the whole movie.

  9. To build on what someone else mentioned, and certainly one of the most heartfelt parts of the conclusion (to me at least) was the post-credit audio of a hammer on an anvil… which sounded like Tony building the first suit in the cave while being held captive… essentially the moment where he was becoming Iron Man. Loved that moment of sound in a black theater, it gave me goosebumps again even after the movie ended.

  10. I don’t know who that imposter is but that IS NOT Valkyrie! I recall them trying to justify this by saying she was “a” Valkyrie but then make her ruler of Asgard?!? So in WW2 Sargent York gets made supreme commander of the allied forces? Perhaps in phase 4 some one will direct being less interested in making a political point to get an oscar and more sticking to comic.

  11. Well I don’t know. The Asgardians are reduced to a handfull the size of MCU Tønsberg. If the decimated Asgardian Army can only be represented by one of his high ranking officer, that kind of make sense, no ? That’s the point of view of someone not familiar with the comics though.

  12. I’ll try to put to words what is going through my head. Even if Marvel and their cinematic MCU wished to say they killed off the REAL Valkyrie in the destruction of Asgrad, or wanted to say she was snapped, it does not work. If Captain America did what he is supposed to have done, then at the end of Endgame those snapped would be back. And again, if Capt. America did get the stones back to their place then in fact, Asgard is not destroyed. Thanos had the power stone before Asgard was destroyed so for the stones to be back in place before Thanos had them the time line would be back to pre-fall of Asgrad. At least that is where I’m at right now. They still wont get a penny of my money off the Rag film.










    Norm, I think it isn’t that Bucky talked to Old Cap, (as I think Will mentioned that wouldn’t work in their version of time travel anyway), I think it is just supposed to be that after all these years as friends, Bucky KNEW that’s what he would do. That’s why he said goodbye like he did, why he wasn’t worried when he didn’t show, and why he wasn’t surprised to see him. It’s also why he knew that if he didn’t show up saying “BUCK!” It wasn’t him he needed to talk to first.

    My 2 cents.


  14. All the Valkyries except for the one you seem to dislike so much (I wonder why that is) were killed by Hela in her original uprising against Odin, as shown via flashback in Ragnarok. When Thor realizes who/what she is on Sakaar, he is surprised, as they were gone before he was born and he himself has never met one in person.

  15. Oooh, nice try Kim but if you have ever seen any Valkyrie comics you might get why. I’m sure we all know where you would like to take it but, soo sooory. Your explanation may be true for the Rag but that is another reason to dislike it as that would make it a very big departure from the comics as I know them. A completely, newly fabricated story from the sounds of it.

  16. I must admit the fat Thor thing did feel like it went on just a touch to long. I’m just wondering if Disney has the rights to Dune. I could see Thor going off with the Guardians, getting involved with the spice trade, and becoming Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

  17. Great podcast guys! Just my 2 cents…

    There may not have been an end credits scene, but if you did stay, you will notice that the last sound bites before a complete fade to black are the noises of a hammer striking iron., which puts me in mind of the first time Tony made his suit in the cave…..

  18. I agree with you that Bucky did not talk with Old Cap but he knew from their close friendship. My thought on how the paradox would be corrected is the following. After Cap returns all the stones and the hammer, he then lives out his life with Peggy. As he starts to live in this new time it becomes his present, meaning that he will not be able to affect the events that happened in any of the MCU past. Then the timelines converge on the day that he has to meet Falcon by the water, syncing our present with Cap’s future. In basic terms, Cap creates his own time bubble that allows him to live out his life with Peggy.

    In regards to Tony getting to have his say with his non biological father Howard, did you notice the confusion on Tony’s face when his father said he was expecting? That’s because, I assume, Howard is referring to Arno’s birthday and how it does not match up with adopted Tony’s birthday. Godkiller Armour? Celestials?
  19. Everything in the MCU is a newly fabricated story. There are a few arcs here and there that are directly inspired by the comics, but most of it deviates significantly. Getting caught up on the depiction and backstory of a single character seems a little strange. Were you up in arms when Tony created Ultron instead of Hank Pym? When Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch got their powers from the mind stone, rather than from being mutants? If you want the comic story and characterization, they’ll always be there.

  20. Yes, yes, but none of that is equal to what they did with Valkyrie. They did not say Ultron was from some far off planet. They did not say Quicksilver began as Howard the Duck drinking bad bourbon or that Scarlet Witch did not know (her brother) Quicksilver because he lived and died eons before her so they never met. It is clearly obvious the Russo’s made every intent of going with the complete antithesis of the established Valkyrie just to go about their merry SJW way. IMO the Russo’s thinking is dated but not so in TV and Hollywood I guess. I mean, it is oversold, Jimmy Olson, Iris West, Valkyrie, and then add the Russo openly gay character and the Valkyrie imposter pushing for a lesbian love scene. How about keeping it pg13? And if you want new characters in new stories, create them.

  21. So, when “5 years later” appeared on screen everyone voiced it internally as Spongebob’s french narrator right?










    During their early confrontation, Tony rips off his arc reactor / nano-suit tupperware and gives it to Steve. He tells him to put it on and go hide.

    It was such a fantastic 1st act set up that I was convinced was going to be a 3rd act payoff. As soon as Cap’s shield cracked during the end battle I thought “THIS IS IT” and was waiting for the nanos to come and fill out the rest of the shield.

    Imagine Cap swinging Mjolnir in a half wrecked IM nano suit with that shield… the embodiment of all 3 Avengers fighting Thanos. ARrrrggghh!!! I’m ok, I’m ok now.

    So am I the only one who thought this was going to happen and was left utterly disappointed by this missed opportunity?

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