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The Rise of Star Wars – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/16/19

Adam’s out of town filming for a show, so we’re joined by Tested’s Jeremy Williams to talk about the news out of Star Wars Celebration, including the teaser for The Rise of Skywalker and a first look at the Mandalorian! What did you think about the footage?

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13 thoughts on “The Rise of Star Wars – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/16/19

  1. My recommended 80s Fantasy Film list for Will:

    The Dark Crystal
    NeverEnding Story
    Return to Oz
    Princess Bride

  2. I was able to make it out for Celebration this year, it was fun time… There is rumor that this was the last year that ReedPOP had the contract… Don’t know if anyone here could shed more light on that. I will say it felt like they had their act together more than Orlando.

    You guys hit the big three for sure, and the Mandalorian was definitely the highlight of the event for me, it feels more true to the original trilogy to me, I am excited for that series, and rumor has it that they will do a week to week release of episodes, not a binge drop like Netflix.

    Other highlights were:

    Sitting in on a 3D printing panel with Gordon Tarpley called “Printing and Designing an Empire: Opening new realms of Star Wars Cosplay” other members of the panel included Sean Fields, Jon Weger, Matt Long, and Sean Cho. It was short, but great.

    And meeting a model maker that has been in the special effects and prop building community for many years, a gentleman named John La Valley, he had worked on the Fifth Element, Star Trek TNG, and Apollo 13 to name a few. He now works with EFX. It was a real treat to hear stories of his model building experiences and to see some of his personal works, he is a Star Destroyer expert!

    If you are into the Clone Wars series, the trailer for that was cool, they are going to use experimental clone force 99 AKA “Bad Batch” which I had not heard of before, but some how channeled a little bit in my cosplay build for me and my cousin

  3. Bad Batch Comment I had made:

    Overall had a great time, not sure I’ll be able to make it next year in Anaheim, but I am really hoping to see Tested there! You can see more on instagram: bpd1011010100001101

  4. I’ll love to here your comments on the droids and animatronics panel


    the last part of it was awesome!

    2 more things. on the time location subject, JJ and Katheleen K. said that there was a substantial amount of time pased between Ep8 and Ep9 (not like what happened in the last movie). they didn’t said exacley how much time though.

    And, to meke something clear, does 20 years of “darkens” that Norm talked about… that was no darknes at all! Lucas, with Filoni, worked a lot developing The Clone Wars series. Not my favorite, but it had a lot of good stories and characters.

  5.   those panels are the kinds of things we wish were streamed too. Sounds awesome, and thanks for repping the new shirt!

  6. First of all… I am on board with he name of the forest moon of Endor being called “Steve.”

    Second – I made the assumption that the Death Star remnants were on Yavin IV… I was made aware that Yavin IV is Poe Dameron’s homeworld and at his age would have meant he was a small child when the Battle of Yavin took place. This could mean anything – or nothing. Did they travel back to Yavin because of Poe or his family? Maybe the characters discover there is something about the first Death Star that can help them and that’s why they go there… Too many possibilities.



  7. Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t hear you guys talk about the fact that they’re using at least some practical (in-camera) model VFX (matchmove, motion control, etc.) for The Mandalorian. It sounded like the show is making use of a combination of practical effects and CGI, depending on the number of shots needed, sequence complexity, and likely budgetary and production schedule considerations.

    I don’t know if these can be called “studio scale”, as the models I saw images of appeared much smaller than the old school models built for the OT, but they’re definitely marrying new technologies like 3D printing, internal LED lighting for ship models (and, presumably, external LED studio lighting), modern motion control with digital motors and computer interfaces, digital camera technology instead of film cameras (Dykstraflex), and I’m sure a lot more that wasn’t discussed.

    This is HUGE news. It’s the first time practical studio scale model effects have been used in a Star Wars film in many, many years. Favreau even mentioned going back to the OT to studio how Luke’s X-Wing moved (which would likely encompass not only principles of ship movement relative to scale models, but also principles of camera movement…made more realistic by physical limitations, and avoiding crutch mistakes enabled by freeform CGI).

  8. Thanks for adding to the discussion during the panel! It was great to have you there. It would’ve been amazing to have a longer format panel for sure. But we were very grateful for the opportunity to share things that we love with others. Hope to run into you at another event soon.

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