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Past Homes We Remember – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/6/19

This week, we discuss the idea of eligibility of digitially distributed films for the Academy Awards, Adam’s search for a new camera, and the weird architecture of homes we used to live in. Plus, Norm finally finishes The Americans and we talk about series finales for our favorite shows!

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8 thoughts on “Past Homes We Remember – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/6/19

  1. As someone who teaches kayaking, and has paddled thousands of miles and kayak camped in Alaska, I have two things to say. 1) I have long wished there was a podcast like this, and of this quality for the outdoor industry. Would love to hear more outdoor related content. 2) if you guys buy a kayak at dicks and use it to go kayak camping I am never listening or watching again!

    Highlander was shot on the roof of Silvercup studios, in Long Island City and was the first thing shot there when they opened the studio. The silver cup sign was leftover from when the building was a bread company. Silvercup bakeries. (I worked in production in NYC in the 80’s/90’s.)

  2. My first home-away-from-home was a 12 square meter room sharing a kitchen and bathroom with four others. Yellow wallpaper throughout, and not a single 90-degree angle from any wall to another. It felt like everything was tilting just slightly.

    The apartment was right above a grocery store, and the owners had a bandsaw in the back yard for cutting meat. That was often my sunday alarm bell.

    When I lived in London a few years later, we initially stayed for a while in an apartment that had shag carpet on the floor of the bathroom. You definitely didn’t walk there without footwear.

  3. You guys seem to be confused about Steven Spielberg’s history in Hollywood. He didn’t come up through film school like Scorsese and Lucas and, while he was later friends with Lucas, he was not part of that crowd. Spielberg applied but was not accepted into film school and came up through television, moving to LA, starting as an unpaid intern at a studio and working his way up. Coming up through television and changing over to feature films, he would definitely see a difference between the two. He isn’t biting hands that fed him by being critical of works intended for (streaming) television being in Oscar contention, as was asserted in this podcast.

  4. Past homes … when I went to college in the early-mid-80s at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM, most of my time there, I lived in the Val Verde Hotel, which this year turns 100 years old. Several hotel rooms were joined together to form apartments. I lived in three different ones, some high school friends who followed me to Socorro lived in another one, and the two girlfriends that I had while at Tech lived in two other ones. So, I was familiar with most of the apartments there.

    The two apartments that stood out were the “Penthouse”, which was a two-bedroom apartment that took up the entire third floor (the top row in the photos), and the “Spiral Staircase”, which had three bedrooms on the ground floor, but the entry, kitchen, and dining area were on the second floor and the floor were connected by a spiral staircase.

    This is a photo of the front of the Val Verde in 2017.

  5. I wholeheartedly recommend the 5D Mark IV. Having recently moved to one from a Canon 80D, there is just something magical to what comes out of that camera. That being said, I want to throwout a out-of-left field recommendation for an alternative, the Fujifilm X-T3.The design is something unique in the camera world. If you love those tactile controls, I don’t think there is a better camera out there.

    I would love to see more photography content and have been loving the recent toy photography series. Norm, bring back the comic con photography!

  6. Just watching this as i’m catching up on my Still Untitled and you’re absolutely right, I listen while editing photos. It’s a great podcast for doing creative work to as i’m always picking up bits and pieces that get fed into the work i do.

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