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That’s a Good Gasket – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/21/19

Kishore guests this week and joins Adam and Will in discussing thermal mugs, microwaving grapes, and the book Ball Lighting by Cixin Liu (author of the Three Body Problem). Plus, getting emotional about math and Apollo footage.

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8 thoughts on “That’s a Good Gasket – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/21/19

  1. In your podsurvey, you could have used an “Other” text box on most of your questions..
    E.g. the “which sports do you follow”…
    What about all the sports us Europeans and internationals follow…
    Is the survey meant mostly for the US based audience?

  2. I have experienced “Ball Lightning”!

    When I was a child, in Vancouver BC; During a big lightning storm, a rare event…I saw, and touched, ball lightning!

    Being that I was five years old, and it was the first big storm, with flashes, and booms; I was in bed with my parents.

    A glowing red orb, (about 2″ in diameter, and glowing brightly), came through the wall.

    Reaching out and pointing, I said,”whats that”! My father said,”It’s ball lightning go to sleep”,

    It then turned, and came towards my finger. When it touched my finger, two things happened!

    It exploded…a big explosion…a big burst…But absolutely silent!!!!

    It gave me a shock…that I woudn’t experience again; until years later, when fooling with a spark coil!!!!

  3. I produce my own music for my Podcast. Many podcasts and broadcast shows end up using GarageBand loops. Hey Adam, maybe your boys can produce music for TESTED. Royalties rolling in for the college fund.

  4. I don’t know if ball lightning is real. But my great-grandmother reported experiencing it in her kitchen when I was a child. She first told my grandmother, who then asked her to recount the story to me on our next visit.

    It supposedly came through either the wall or the window-pane, moved erratically for a couple of seconds, then flew into the sink and dissipated on contact with the supposedly grounded metal of the plumbing. She described it as white, with sparks emitting, about 15-20cm in diameter.

    It (somewhat suspiciously perhaps) has all the hallmarks of a ball lightning sighting, entering through the solid material, moving around relatively slowly, and then making an exit through metal/water.

  5. I really don’t think Zoujirushi is any more fragmented than Kitchen-Aid or Oxo or any other company that makes food related products.

  6. So, if ball lightning is real, where are security cam, dash cam, phone cam videos?

    I have a friend that believes in UFOs and I had to ask him, where are the convincing videos? Because the ubiquity of recording devices has made it unfortunately clear that Blacks are indeed targeted by police, fireballs are real, etc. But no UFOs, no ball lightning, no big foots (feet)….

  7. I’m not saying there is solid evidence, but a group of chinese scientists managed to accidentally catch a spherical lightning charge (not necessarily the same as “ball lightning”) on hi-speed video a few years back, and they also captured it on spectrographs.

    This data showed that its composition did not match the minerals of the surrounding lighting strikes (which were mostly ionized nitrogen). This lends credence to one theory, which is that ball lightning is the result of lightning strikes evaporating minerals in the soil, and then these slowly burning through oxidation before the charge can dissipate. Apparently, applying large electrical charge to silicon has been demonstrated in lab experiments to create luminous balls that persist for seconds and interact with surrounding objects.

    There are some more details under the ‘Proposed Scientific Explanations’ and ‘Direct measurements of natural ball lightning’ headers in the wikipedia article:


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