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Appreciation for Editors – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/5/19

How often do you get to feel a totally new physical sensation? Will shares stories from his recent trip to Chicago for ORD camp, including discussions on imposter syndrome and welcoming newcomers into group conversations. Plus, we talk about the underappreciated role of editors in TV and film.

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15 thoughts on “Appreciation for Editors – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/5/19

  1. Star Trek Discovery is worth watching twice, but watch the whole series each time. First time through, some character’s actions seem ‘out of character’, and then the second time they make more sense because you know them a lot better.

  2. Great Gene Hackman film with everyone in it was “A Bridge to Far”. I mean everyone from James Caan to John Ratzenberger. Sean Connery, Michael Cain, friggin Elliot Gould. I mean everyone.

    Great movie about a bad military plan.

  3. Good books on cutting video

    Walter Murch In the Blink of an Eye

    Karel Reise and Gavin Millar The Technique of Film Editing

    Edward Dmytryk On Film Editing

    In one of these there occurs a favorite quote, attributed to either Eugène Delacroix or Renoir (I am paraphrasing and possibly misremembering):

    “Learn your craft, it won’t stop you being a genius.”

  4. Are you watching “Counterpart” on T V? It’s realy good!

    It’s a spy thriller, with a bit of sifi. Wins awards.

    j. k. simmon’s first reading of the script…came to that first surprise; and got a jolt just reading it….

    you can catch it on “on demand”, the movies cost money, but tv is free…. Watch it starting from year one; episode one, and watch all 18 episodes…O.D. on it….

  5. Norm commented on wanting to see a film with re-translated dialog for the subtitles, rather than just having to read the english script. There actually are some films where this is an option, specifically I’m reminded of the original (1995) Ghost in the Shell. It’s a weird script to begin with, and the english dub of the film was made for a mainstream theater release, not just anime fans, so they made some significant alterations to try and make it more accessible (changing out metaphors from japanese culture for more universal ones, stuff like that). The subtitle track is a much more direct translation, and definitely makes certain scenes read differently.

    It’s not quite the back-translation that was being discussed, but a related and interesting sample point that sprang to mind, so I thought I’d share.

  6. I really tried to like the first series, it had all the pieces for a great show (good casting, interesting characters etc.) but the overall plot line was a let down for me. It’s almost as if it was trying too hard. I didn’t appreciate the almost R rated content, don’t get me wrong, I like blood, gore and copious use of the F word as much as anyone, but not in Trek, it is just so out of character for the franchise and I think used for shock value rather than to add to the narrative. My view is if you are going to use the F word, use it all the way through and make it proper R rated. “Engage that muthaf***er”, “not the f***ing dilithium crystals again” or “sh!t, that earl gray is too f***ing hot”, that sort of thing.

    On the flip side, I thought the first episode of the second series was excellent – much better than the whole first season combined, although the teaser trailer for the rest of the season doesn’t fill me with hope. The casting on Pike seems to be spot on though, can’t wait to see how the character develops.

  7. I’ll be watching too, when the second series comes out in New Zealand (most likely, I’ll see it on Blu-Ray). I think all of the Star Trek series have their flaws, so I’m not too worried about a few bum notes.

  8. for a quick laugh the anniversary edition of Monthy Python’s Quest for the Holy grail has some scenes (knights of ni for example) that are subtitled back to English from Japanese. Probably only funny if you like MP too begin with though.

  9. I have to agree with Will about Star Trek Discovery. I started watching Discovery and The Orville at the same time, and I found that I liked The Orville more. It took me a while to realise why, and that is that the Orville spent it’s first few episodes on character development. In just a few episodes you learn about the entire bridge crew, most of engineering, and the doctor. There are characters on Discovery’s bridge that I couldn’t tell you who they are or what they are doing there. (Like that silver/black character, who I’m assuming is an android… but don’t really know. Oh, look at that, a long Google search tells me that’s Lt. Commander Airiam, the USS Discovery’s Spore Drive ops officer. Well, you learn something new every day.)

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