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Cities in Film – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/29/19

We gather in the cave early this morning to record before Adam heads to set, and are joined by Jen Schachter, who’s working with Adam on his new show. We chat about Jen’s move to San Francisco, favorite places to eat, and the city as it appears in film. Plus, Norm recaps a visit to the Cirque du Soleil show Volta and what he learned about that production! Find more of Jen’s projects at https://www.jenschachter.com/

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13 thoughts on “Cities in Film – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/29/19

  1. Jen is back! Yes “how many trucks” is a daily conversation for our production crew. But I’d rather be slammed in my shop building than moving a semi’s worth of road cases.
    Can’t wait to see what this new production is Adam.

  2. I’ll recommend a couple of movies filmed in La Plata city (argentina)

    The first one is the well knowed 7 Years in Tibet, that have a few scenes filmed in La Plata train station.

    But the most important one in La Noche de los Lapices (the night of the pencils), based on a series of abductions perpetrated by the last militari goverment in Argentina, the darkest age in the history of my country.

  3. I’d like to recommend Brewster McCloud for a look back at Houston in the late 60s. You might want to pair it with Robocop 2. It was filmed in Houston.

  4. Is Adam going to release signed versions of his book? I’m trying to decide to pre-order the book yet or wait.


  5. Awesome to see that Jen is still alive after the big move. She’s an inspiration to makers and an incredibly talented person.

  6. Jen, Eats for breakfast! Best Huevos Rancheros on the planet. Up on Clement street and 2nd Ave. They also serve some nice fancy toast.

  7. Norm a film, filmed and set in my home tome of Melbourne Australia is “Malcolm” (1986) still my favorite Australian film.

  8. I went to an Cirque du Soleil audition once (tour job). Being from Quebec I’m very proud/fascinated by this company. They told me that every single person is helping on those setups and repack jobs. Even if it’s not in your skill set, you can help somewhere.

    Talking tourism, if you have good ideas, go write those on a forum question I did some weeks ago! https://www.tested.com/forums/off-topic/863526-san-francisco-tested-members-travel-tips/

    I’m visiting at the end of May ! 🙂

  9. When Harry met Sally – The beginning was shot on the campus of the Univ of Chicago (south-side, on the lake). As they drove out of the city to NY, they drove north on Lake Shore Drive to Evanston and Wisconsin. Taking the long way …..

  10. The Right Stuff

    The scene at the bar where the astronauts swim in the pool with the underwater windows was filmed in MIllbrae (near SFO) , at the El Rancho Inn. They used to have “mermaid” shows there way back when.

    Speaking of The Right Stuff, by all means read the book. Not to take anything away from the movie, but the book is a far richer and rewarding experience.

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