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The Suitcase Episode – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/28/18

Adam, Will, and Norm are all back this week to hear about Adam’s visit to NASA JPL for the InSight landing, our Thanksgiving celebrations, and a spoiler-filled discussion about episode of The Americans featuring a suitcase.

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16 thoughts on “The Suitcase Episode – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/28/18

  1. the spoiler starts at 26 minutes. since i’m only at season 2 i stopped watching at that point. can someone let me know when the spoiler stops? then i’ll re start watching at that point.


  2. Yes, Mars 2020 will use the skycrane system. The whole point of the skycrane was that previous rovers had multiple failure modes when it came to driving the down off of the landing platform that would have been even worse with the bigger MSL rover. A bigger rover would have required a bigger platform and would have been to big to use the airbag system that was used for pathfinder and the MER rovers so the platform would have required tankage and landing gear which would have left the rover elevator quite high off the ground requiring really long ramps. The skycrane neatly avoided those issues. The same engineering issues exist for 2020 so there is no reason to change it.

  3. what experience we have with unconditional basic income doesn’t seem to support your estimation. (src: a general overview presented by advocate scott santens, researching the idea for the last 5 years; all the data linked at the basicincome subreddits wiki)

  4. I see it here in Australia, areas of cities with generations of people on unemployment benefits, (no real time limits apply to our unemployment benefits )family payments , we have a very generous support payments for all (some benefits are dependant on income) , and some abuse it as a lifestyle , choosing not to contribute to society , but to abuse the system.

    And with both our counties in so much debt , how can this be paid for , you can tax only so much before it collapses, you can’t tax businesses out of existence, and I for one have never been payed for work by a poor man.

  5. I left this site 2 years ago because of politics and I clicked on it today to see if that had changed and sure enough, about 6:30 in, the Socialism re-surfaced. Buh-bye! (Again

  6. My son was 4 or 5 when he saw his first commercial… while in the hospital visiting mom who was pregnant with his brother. His reaction was a puzzled look and to ask mom, ” …is the movie over?”

  7. The measurement inaccuracies really bugged me so I have to correct them. Mars at its absolute closest is about 4 minutes away, not 2. Also it’s about 40 million miles away, not even close to billions. Billions of miles away would put mars on the edge of the solar system.

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