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That One Actor’s Name – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/16/18

From Hotel Artemis to Ant Man and the Wasp, we catch each other up with a bunch of films we’ve seen recently, in theaters, at home, and on planes. It’s a potpourri of quickfire movie reviews. Plus, our impressions of the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man! Way to bury the lede!

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6 thoughts on “That One Actor’s Name – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/16/18

  1. Yeah it’s not the right stuff and I am a super space nerd but I had a few problems with it. I read the book and there were hints of issues with his wife at the time but why did I need to feel like Neil really wanted to get out of the house to avoid her more than anything? The dark and broody nature sapped the life out of you and the film a bit in my opinion. In the book, Neil was giddy when he landed on the moon and pissed off the ground controllers because he didn’t grab a rock and put it straight in his pocket as a contingency sample for if he had to leave right away. He also wanted the camera right away and took snaps the whole time because of the excitement. There is a reason there is no great shot of Neil on the surface (except a partial one of his back in one pic) and that was because he was excited and hogged the camera a bit. Yes Buzz should have said “Hey let me take one of you too real quick.” but that didn’t happen. A few other things but I nerd.

  2. You nailed it. For me, there are two iconic pictures of Neil on the Moon. This one, which is a picture of Buzz that just captures Neil in his face shield’s reflection

    And this one, which shows so much emotion.

    This is a man who clearly is exhausted in every way that you can be, has had the eyes of the world on him for days, weeks, and years. There’s joy in knowing he’s done the thing he’s been working toward for a decade, and that they finished the most difficult part successfully.

    It’s also the only picture of Neil with what looks like a genuine smile, but that’s maybe just me.

    The other thing that we didn’t talk about at all, is that this film picks up just about at the moment that The Right Stuff ends. I didn’t pay enough attention to it in the theater, but did they do the same thing here that Spielberg did with The Post (and All the President’s Men) and make an unofficial sequel to an older film?

  3. Absolutely , The apolloarchive.com site has every roll of film from the flights and many training rolls uploaded and most have notes attached as to who took or is in the pic. The smile shot is a set of 4 shots right after they returned to the LM. Two are of Neil and the other two are of Buzz. Neil seems to be a better photographer in a lot of ways and that shows throughout. I’m not sure but assume they didn’t have fill flash ability with the Hasselblads to get the right balance needed to pull these shots here off as they tried these pics in front of the LM windows with rough blurry results. 1969’s version of the selfie moment was a bit of a fail from inside the ship. Again though, they were both smiling and having fun and not very broody. I really think the film could and should have showed that more.

    I love looking through those photos for the little things. This is a zoom of the second shot of “Aldrin saluting the flag” In this shot, even with the gold visor down, you can see his face looking at you. Which is telling of how pretty intense the sun really was if you have seen one of these helmets in person. Such a set up shot and yet no shot of Neil by the flag? I think Neil was very humble.

  4. If you want a feel good movie with a slightly different perspective on the moon landing, look no further than “The Dish” (2000) starring Sam Neill and a bunch of actors that you would recognise if you grew up watching Australian soaps. No flashy CG, definitely no sweeping exterior shots, but I actually welled up a little hearing *just* the audio feed as Armstrong takes that first small step.

    Plus the school orchestra absolutely nail the US national anthem!

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