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The Sideways Connection – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/9/18

Kishore joins us this week to recap our adventures at New York Comic Con! From Adam’s incognito floor walk in a new spacesuit replica to the cosplayers we met and collectibles we purchased, we had a blast at the east coast’s biggest pop culture convention.

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17 thoughts on “The Sideways Connection – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/9/18

  1. A message to Adam from someone outside of the USA

    Political opinions are like bumholes

    Everyone has one and the world is a much nicer and better place if we don’t get them out in public.

  2. You are obviously ignorant to the importance of this issue, but being from outside the United States, there is no way you can have the same perspective on the problems we’re living through.

    Let’s keep this place a civil, neutral ground – if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  3. So… regardless of your political opinions, telling someone else to refrain from speaking their personal truth strikes me as pretty questionable.

    Also, I feel like “the world is a much nicer and better place” if people keep their mouths shut is either ahistorical or takes a far-too-narrow view of who the “everyone” is that things are better for. If people kept their opinions to themselves, women wouldn’t have the right to vote in the US. If people kept their opinions to themselves, we’d probably still have slavery. If people kept their opinions to themselves, we wouldn’t know who Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King Jr were.

    You don’t need to agree with Adam, and I don’t need to agree with you, but don’t tell people to keep it to themselves.

  4. There is a time and a place for showing people your bumhole

    A website about making isn’t it

    And this doesn’t mean that I agree or disagree with Adam

  5. Let me cast my vote for the “don’t stop speaking up about politics”-side.

    FFS, with what is happening now, anyone who has a platform and stays silent is complicit.

  6. Bravo … you obviously have a better understanding of what it means to be a United States citizen than a good number of the people in this country, blue state or not.

  7. #1 – superhero cos-play at NYCC — new york is the original home of DC & marvel comics and several of the “smaller” comic companies. most of the comics at one point or another are set in NYC or NYC rip off.

    #2 – THE GREAT DEBATE was awesome, it was one fo the few panels I was able to attend – hope to see it next year as well.

    #3 PLEASE VOTE – if you do not democrats might win 🙂 LOL

  8. +1 to this.

    for one, we had adam talk about the necessity to vote, and how a consequence-heavy political decision affected his mood on a con, while discussing that con trip. to call that ‘political opinion’ is questionable to begin with.

  9. Weird. We spent about a minute out of a 35 minute podcast saying go vote and that last week was difficult for us. And all the comments are about that 1 minute. I expected more comments about cosplay and space suits.

  10. Sadly, politics is like an over
    charged lithium battery getting chewed on by a sewer rat. You know something
    bad might happen, but you don’t know what to do. That uncertainty makes people
    nervous, and nervous people act out in odd ways. (I’m guilty of it too, from time to time)

    But since
    you brought it up; Space suit podcast? Helmets on or off? I just must know, and
    it’s too bad you couldn’t do a broadcast from Barstow Ca since it looks a
    little like Mars down there.

  11. I think a lot of us, US citizens or not, felt the same way last week. You touch a nerve you’re going to see comments 🙂

    That being said, I think *all* podcasts moving forward should be suited up, be it space suit or otherwise. It is a shame that those costumes are just gathering dust between cons 😉 bring ’em out!

  12. Basically I am just sick of politics

    It has become so extreme as if you don’t vote the same idiot as I vote for WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE AND YOU WANT TO SEE THE DEATH OF EVERYONE AS YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!

    There is a place on the internet for having a dung fight with screeching monkeys

    Its called twitter

    P.S. Its called twitter as it is full of twits

  13. I really treasure all the methods and processes that I’ve seen on Tested. Without qualification, I can say that the crew at Tested do a superb job. The explanations are clear, concise and well thought out.

    I also am very particular on who I go to for political opinions. I tend to go to Constitutional experts. I do not go to Tested for political opinions or observations.

    Because of the introduction of politics beyond my control, I have chosen to drop my Premium membership for the moment. Since I value Tested opinions about “Make” subjects, I will reconsider my membership at a later date.

    With a heavy heart, Jim Cook

  14. Regarding the diversity of NYCC.

    Tested needs to visit both SFCC in Oakland and East Bay CC in Concord.

    I loved seeing all the different folks, younger, older, Black, White, Brown, lots of families, lots of ladies.

    I spent the day at both just wending the halls smiling at everything.

  15. While we’re griping…

    I listened to a couple of episodes back to back on my commute today, and they pushed me over the edge. Maybe I’m just feeling cranky.

    I really enjoy listening to the conversations on movies, books, TV, etc. and I also love the science/technology/Mythbusters talk when it comes up.

    I don’t enjoy politics and political hand-wringing, name dropping, or pretentious conversations about how “objects” of pop culture ephemera are “important” or “delightful.” I’m also a little sick of the con and cosplay talk. The former is like looking at other people’s vacation photos (but all they did was go to the mall) and the latter is a bunch of middle aged dudes in Halloween costumes; it’s really not my scene.

    Just my opinion, and obviously it’s not my podcast and nobody’s making me listen, but as a listener since the first episode, I wish the focus would shift a bit.

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