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Unlicensed Art – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/12/18

We record this episode on Adam’s wedding anniversary, and talk about the traditions of gift giving between partners. We also dive into a discussion about licensed and unlicensed pop culture art and the place for garage kits in the fan community. Plus, Adam has a new shirt! (Which yes, is available in a beautiful off-white color!)

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8 thoughts on “Unlicensed Art – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/12/18

  1. in case one of my comments about wanting to make a mold of my cosmonaut garage kit before i build it may have sparked abit of this debate (which i doubt) but who knows. I didnt want to make the molds for selling purpose, just for myself and maybe family or in case i goof up one of the kits.. if i was gona sell the kit i would sell the original and keep the low grade home mold for myself but im not even sure if im morally ok with that. I may not come across as the most academic mind especially online due to my poor grammar but i have had very good ideas that i wish i got patented or made people sighn non discloses because watching someone els steal your idea and get rich off of it hurts.. I find whenever i have a good idea eventually someone els comes out with it before me perhaps because ideas are often based on your era of technology and culture and chances are if you have a brain spark someone els is having the same exact one so if you want the money or the fame the race is always on. sometimes i wonder if someone may have over herd me talking about an idea to loud or if there are no truly original thoughts either way remember if you think you got something good its worth putting everything you got into making your idea secure as fast as possible whether that means using all your savings to hire a lawyer to get the patent out because failing and losing a few grand hurts alot less then waiting around for someone to help you along and losing millions.

  2. Well this was fun series of tangents! Adam, congrats on your anniversary. My brother’s anniversary is also Sept. 11th, but he has been married for 42 years.

    My youngest child had folks steal their art off of both DeviantArt and Tumblr. It is very much a pain, especially since my kid now uses commissions to help pay rent as a graduate student.

    Wow! Fun and games with down! I use old tennis balls to help fluff up the down. When the comforter wears out (holes!) I turn it into pillows. I like small squishy down pillows under my neck, especially since they pack small for trips. What I do is sew up the pillow fabric with down proof fabric (caution, the “ticking” sold at fabric stores is often not down proof), then I was the comforter. I do not put it in the dryer, but put wet down into the pillows because they don’t fly around. Some do escape, which is why I do it outside.

    The last time I did that we were having work done on the house. The carpenter saw the errant feathers and told me it looked like I was plucking chickens. He did like that I was recycling down. Which is kind of a family tradition. My parents were given huge pillows from relatives that had come from the geese on their family farm. My mom created new pillows by cutting each down by half.

    Unfortunately after a while the down does break down. The pillow made from the remains of the Frostline Kit comforter I made in the dorm in 1977 is very hard and crunchy.

  3. First off, Congratulations Adam and Mrs. Savage. My wife and I did something similar having a memorable anniversary. 11/11/11 seemed like an easy one to remember. We even went for the 11am appointment.

    Second, I usually use share my digital media for props. No matter what “license” I release it under there’s always someone who will 3d print it and sell them, usually on Etsy or eBay. This has kept me from sharing most of my files for free and the files I do share for free is because I don’t believe anyone would care to sell them.

  4. Adam, I heard you were coming to the New York Maker Faire! Come see my Totoro at my “Cosplay – Large and Small” exhibit.

  5. “The 25th anniversary material is lube!” – Wil Smith

    I’m sorry, out of all the wonderful and salient conversation that was going on, that’s my biggest take-away hehehehe

  6. wtf why wont it let me delete my post i wrote it at like 4am rambling now im looking back at it and it will only let me reply to it.. it wont let me edit or delete

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