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American Idol Surprise – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/7/18

TV’s our big topic this week as we discuss a recently posted list of the top 100 television episodes of the 21st century. Adam also shares stories from his trip to the TCAs, tales of old media storage, and a surprise trip to the American Idol finale.

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17 thoughts on “American Idol Surprise – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/7/18

  1. Adam has actually told the American Idol surprise story before! It was just as enjoyable to listen to the second time, I love that he and Julia did that.

  2. For me it would be the M*A*S*H final episode if it was all time.

    I havent seen any of the ones they listed though, not good with drama shows

  3. M*A*S*H* Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen seconded here. No TV show has ever hit me with all the feels like that one.

  4. Speaking of odd pairings… I worked at Columbia House one summer in college (remember the 20 CDs for a penny) and occasionally we moved to the VHS area to pull orders. We used to compare the strangest combinations that people ordered. Two examples that stuck in my brain: 1. Weekend At Bernies & Apocalypse Now 2. Schindler’s List & Porky’s.

  5. Agreed, the Blackadder finale is a fantastic piece of television, and definitely in my top 3.

    Blackadder is the first tv-show I watched start to finish, and I remember the absolute shock of the final scene for my 12-or-so year old self.

    Sadly I suspect it might be too niche for a list like this. It had a huge impact on those who saw that show, but it didn’t reach as wide as, say M*A*S*H which in many ways toed that same line.

  6. “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” while a Twilight Zone episode in technicality, it is actually the one episode not actually shot for the series. It was a short film, French in origin, based upon an Ambrose Bierce story and shot with almost no dialogue.

  7. Your talk of doing a panel/podcast/stream of the room picking the best TV episodes reminded me of the podcast The Incomparable (theincomparable.com), which occasionally does episodes where they have many guests and the pick their favorite/the best of something in a draft format (each person picks in turn, no repeats). They recently drafted their favorite quotes from The Simpsons: https://www.theincomparable.com/theincomparable/410/

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! i like Will sometimes. “Is it the one where they just did a lot of stuff and then nothing happens in the end?” Lost was the worst. I’ll put in a vote for The Walking Dead 3.12 “Clear.” That episode encapsulated what is best about the show.

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