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Muppet Fans Talking – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/23/18

Adam recaps his trip to the M.A.R.S. conference, where he interacted with robot dogs, met an infamous rocket scientist, and shared his love for costumes. We also geek out about the new documentary Muppet Guys Talking, about the amazing performers behind all of our favorite muppets. We highly recommend it!

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10 thoughts on “Muppet Fans Talking – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/23/18

  1. The Powers of Ten film was narrated by Phillip Morrison.

    His 1987 PBS Ring of Truth series is also on YouTube, and worth watching.

    Not on YouTube — that I can find it — is his Bronowski Memorial lecture — Termites to Telescopes, but the text of his talk is floating around. Its a quick and rewarding read.

  2. You guys we’re doing good until you hit the 16 minute mark and started talking about gun control….I’m disappointed not because of the way you think but because you wont talk about the other aspect of what is going on ie Mental Health . If the kid in Florida wanted to go kill people in that school and couldn’t get a gun do you think he would have just said ” oh well , I’m clearly wrong on this whole matter”? As intellectuals I’m disappointed because you’re being led like sheep down a political hole that has never found bottom, look at it and talk about the real issue.

  3. Found the film – hosted by Eames Office – the channel has versions in Mandarin Chinese, German and Japanese.


    Yeah — that’s the Powers of 10 film. The thing I was recommending, and that I said I cannot find on YouTube (or elsewhere on the web) is the lecture Phillip Morrison gave as part of the Bronowski Memorial Lectures. I got the title of that wrong: Termites and Telescopes. There is a slightly abridged (and weirdly autocorrected) version of the transcript here


    In it, Dr. Morison touches on some the themes Adam discusses earlier in this podcast.

  4. When the Powers of Ten film is mentioned at 27:20, I initially thought you were talking about another film, Cosmic Zoom (https://www.nfb.ca/film/cosmic_zoom/). Its concept is similar, but was made nine years earlier by the National Film Board of Canada.

    While perhaps technically less impressive (it relies on animation instead of photo-realistic images), I personally find the use of music instead of narration helps to better underscore the beauty of the universe and our place within it.

  5. I’m going to have instant regret for replying to politics on the internet,
    especially on a tech site. But in the spirit of opening a conversation and having
    an avenue away from the social-media echo chamber…

    If the kid in Florida wanted to go kill people in that school and couldn’t get a gun do you think he would have just said ” oh well , I’m clearly wrong on this whole matter”?

    To answer your question, I think yes.

    The united States of America isn’t isolated in the severity or quantity of
    mental cases per person than any other 1st world country on the
    planet. This does contradict the amount of children who are shot and killed while
    attending primary and/or high school in other 1st world countries. To add
    to the statement, the average clinically diagnose-able mental disorder per person
    per country for Australia, New Zealand, and America is 1 in 4 people. This may
    be a very small sample too pull from, but in Australia and New Zealand between Jan
    1996 (there have been no incidents ever, but this is when gun laws became
    restricted in AUS)
    and Mar 2018 a total of 0 children have been shot and killed
    by the act of being in school to learn. This would lead me to believe that
    mental illness isn’t causality.

    I’m never going to change anyone’s opinion by commenting on the internet, but to me, I can’t image anything worse
    than standing at the door every day waiving as your child gets on the bus/walks
    to school and you have no idea if that will be the last time you see them
    alive. Not everyone who shoots children at a school has a mental disorder, but they do all have access to guns.

  6. Hey Tested team, regarding the “project” to setup a Muppet/Puppet testing studio using the available gear and puppets, but needing someone who “knows” to help with the process.

    May I nominate Mary Robinette Kowal? Author, voice/audiobook actor, and puppeteer, with experience in both TV (on-monitor) and live (no-monitor, so “backwards”) puppeteering. Also she’s an excellent person.

    on twitter.

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