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Mechanical Keyboard Musings – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/14/18

This week, we chat about good customer service encounters, Adam’s hunt for a bluetooth mechanical keyboard, drones at the Olympics, and William Gibson books. Plus, we convince Will to take a chance on The Good Place, trying to stay away from spoilers as best we can (albiet unsuccessfully in the end).

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14 thoughts on “Mechanical Keyboard Musings – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/14/18

  1. The slamhound is from Count Zero…recently re-read the sprawl trilogy, and in my mind it really does still stand up. The timing may be off from a when it takes place, but it is really a wonderful commentary on some of the societal pitfalls that we may come up against.

  2. I know this is a US based site, but I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone comment about how much they hate Trudeau yet. There seems to be a lot of anger towards him from my fellow Canadians.

  3. For a mechanical keyboard, Adam should get a Varmilo VB87m. It works via Bluetooth 4, which is not always consistent with Windows, but has never given me a single issue with my Mac.

    He can choose his switches based on what feel he wants, but I’d guess Cherry MX blues if he’s trying to approximate the feel of an old buckling spring or beam spring keyboard.

    And it’s only ~$140, which isn’t bad for the mechanical keyboard world.

    Edit: I’m seeing it’s a bit hard to find right now. I’d be willing to part with mine if Adam wants it. It has Gateron clear switches, which are very light, but I could replace the switches with whatever he wants, so feel free to reach out if you guys are interested.

  4. No comments on “how much they hate Trudeau”? I’m Canadian as well and I don’t agree. Trudeau is very well liked and will likely be in office for years. Perhaps a little bit of Trumpian wishful thinking?

  5. Lately my favorite episodes are the ones where the guys talk about customer service stuff, complaining about apple products, and the like. Something about the “light” episodes feel more like I’m hanging out with them

  6. adam did you get the whip that the whip co. made for you out of para cord? we would love to see it and see if it cracks or not.

  7. Shower thought: you guys should make your Tested block-heads into artisan keycaps 🙂 “That’s my keyboard, it has my face on it!”

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