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Planes, Trains, and Escape Rooms – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/6/18

Recorded before the Falcon Heavy launch and this week’s Star Wars news, the gang gathers to talk about safety belts on planes, the joy of trains, and Super Bowl movie trailers. Plus, an escape room recommendation for the Bay Area!

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12 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and Escape Rooms – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/6/18

  1. I do enjoy travelling by train, and prefer the sleeper car over night to the morning flight if it works out with scheduling. Haven’t done a really long journey yet. My longest distance-wise was probably Beijing to Shenyang, which is 700km, so about 100kms longer than SF to LA. It is a much faster ride though, four hours. I’d love to do something like Moscow to Beijing one day.

  2. i took the zephyr train last year, and if you are on a budget like me, don’t worry about the sleeper car. i payed 120$ for a single ticket from chicago to san fransisco and it’s just perfect. the view is exactly the same.

  3. If you want to know about plane seats then talk to Recaro or ZIM. Also I can only disagree on plane food, sure some of the stuff coming out on foil trays are disastrous and barely edible, a lot has been invested, especially in business and first on providing a good dining experience this combines with the seat manufacturers to ensure the table is at a comfortable height for eating. Check out the Skytrax world airline awards and you can see who you’ll get a decent meal with.

  4. Fusion 360 seems to be a very popular 3D design software. I believe there may be a free version as well. Bill Doran also has some tutorial videos on how to use it (Nuke Cola Blaster is one.) Plus I am sure you would be able to call him for a hand if needed.

  5. Fusion 360 hands down. Tried for years to get the hang of 3d design apps. 1 week with Fusion 360 and you are all set. Free for students teachers and academics.

  6. Another thumbs up for Fusion 360. It’s not perfect (what is) but is user friendly enough to do simple things quickly and has the power to do more complex models once you get the hang of it. I love that it has CAM built in, so I can export gcode straight to my CNC. I also use it to export .stl files for my 3d printer (via Simplify3D).

    I have used Inventor, Solidworks and ProEngineer etc. for 3D through work and if money was no object I would use these but for hobbyist, small, self contained projects Fusion seems to be just as powerful with very minor compromises. I am not a “cloud” person, but having my designs auto save and just be there on different computers has been a good experience overall.

    You can also import Mcmaster Carr parts straight from their catalog! (There is a little window that pops up where you can browse their website, it’s a little clunky so I usually have a second browser open and just cut/paste the part number) – great for screws, bearings. etc.

  7. Zodiac Aerospace is another seat manufacturer. When I worked for Cessna they designed and built they’re own seats, I imagine that’s not uncommon for smaller companies. Seats have actually changed over time. Mostly they get thinner to increase the number you can pack in, and lighter to reduce fuel burn.

  8. If you like train travel, then you have to come to Scotland and travel on the West Highland line from Glasgow to Mallaig. Voted the best railway journey in the world several times – several parts of it are used in the Harry Potter movies… and Trainspotting 1 And 2!

  9. Adam, Norm, and Will.

    I’m incredibility excited to see what you guys come up with designing a digital prototype. I’m a mechanical design engineer professionally and love making 3d models, so that speaks to me on a personal level. I could not speak more highly of Autodesk Fusion 360. One of the ways I could see you utalizing CAD is when you need to get something made in high quanity and need to hire it out. Fusion 360 allows you to make quick drawings and export your model as something a machine shop would use to program there machines (Step Files). As madcatandco had mentioned, McMaster-Carr has so many of there parts available for download as step files that can be incorporated into your designs.

    Its interesting to see Adam’s process on one days builds. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “I would have done that exactly the same way” but 3d printed it insted of traditional mechaning methods.

    Cant wait!!

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